Washington Trailer Insurance

Protect Your Assets With Trailer Insurance in Washington

It is crucial to have peace of mind while on the road in WA.

The state of Washington is full of outdoor opportunities. From fishing, crabbing, and scuba-diving to mountain climbing and camping, the Evergreen state offers something for everyone.  However, many of these activities require a trailer to get the equipment you need to the location where you plan to use it, so many of the vehicles traveling the roads in Washington will be towing a trailer.

While a trailer is attached to your vehicle, your risks for an accident skyrocket. From losing control of the trailer, to other drivers, trailers can be dangerous -- which is why having trailer insurance in place is crucial to having peace of mind while on the road in WA.
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Trailer Facts and Statistics

  • Since 1975, 264 people have been killed by trailer-related accidents.
  • All trailers must be registered in the state of WA, and the cost depends on the type of trailer.
  • Accidents involving trailers have caused more than $14 million in property damage since 1975.

What Types of Trailers Can Be Covered by Trailer Insurance?

There are many types of trailers on the roads in Washington, and insurance companies offer coverage for most of them. The following is a list of the most common types of trailer that can be insured in WA:

  • Utility trailers
  • Cargo trailers
  • Farm trailers
  • Boat trailers
  • PWC trailers
  • Box trailers
  • Motorcycle trailers
  • Gooseneck trailers
  • Car trailers
  • Livestock trailers

There are other types of trailers, and if the yours isn't on this list, call your insurance agent to get a better idea of available insurance coverage.

What Does Trailer Insurance Cover in Washington?

Trailer insurance may be included in other policies you already have, such as boat insurance. However, many insurance companies require you to purchase trailer insurance separately. A typical trailer insurance policy in WA may include:

  • Liability coverage: Designed to cover the damages you cause during an accident. This coverage does not include repairs to your trailer, but it can work to help you pay for any legal fees or court costs related to the accident, as well as repair or replacement of the damaged party's assets.
  • Comprehensive coverage: May be required if you have financed the trailer, but this coverage is a wise investment even if you own the trailer outright. It is designed to help cover your trailer for damages stemming from "everything other than collision." This may include weather-related events, theft or arson.
  • Contents coverage: Designed to cover any assets you store or transport in the trailer.
  • Roadside assistance coverage: Unfortunately, emergencies happen. This can help you get the assistance you need, quickly.
  • Branch collision coverage: Large trailers, such as horse trailers or large camping trailers, can be damaged severely by low-hanging branches. This will cover those incidents. 

There may be other coverages available for your trailer, but speaking with an insurance agent is the best way to get an idea of what is best for you.

What Will My Trailer Insurance Quote Look Like in WA?

Trailer insurance prices vary depending on many factors, including:

  • Type of trailer
  • Length of trailer
  • Value of trailer
  • Age of trailer
  • Whether trailer is financed/owned
  • Location of trailer
  • What the trailer will be pulling
  • If anyone else will be using the trailer
  • Driving record
  • History of claims
  • Value of contents

All of these factors, plus many more, will help your insurance agent get a clear idea of your risks and the coverages you need in order to sufficiently protect you and your trailer, no matter what life throws your way.

Are Discounts Available on Trailer Insurance Policies?

Just like many other insurance policies, discounts may be available on trailer insurance quotes in WA. When shopping online or in person for quotes, be sure to ask about discounts, including:

  • New customer discount
  • Loyal customer discount
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Good driver discount
  • Paid-in-full discount
  • Lay-up policy discount
  • Claims-free discount

Each insurance company offers different discounts, so be sure to inquire about any discounts you may qualify for.

Get Your Trailer Covered in Washington

When searching online for trailer insurance quotes in Washington, it's important to have a professional by your side who understands your chosen hobby or activity in order to get the best coverage at the right price for you. A Trusted Choice® agent is always available to help you discuss coverage options, find discounts, or even file a claim.

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