Marketing Consultant Insurance

A marketing consulting firm needs the proper coverage against losses due to possible lawsuits, business shutdowns, professional errors, and other costly disasters.

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Marketing consultants provide expert advice and assistance to other businesses. As a marketing consultant, you may help with developing marketing objectives and plans, sales forecasting, new product introductions and pricing, and marketing strategy and implementation. But whatever the specific services you provide, you're ultimately responsible for handling the needs of multiple clients at the same time, meeting tight deadlines, making recommendations, and carrying out plans. As such, your business must be equipped with the proper marketing consultant insurance to protect it against losses due to numerous risks like lawsuits and vandalism.

An independent insurance agent can help you get set up with the right kind of insurance for marketing consultants. They can shop and compare policies from the special markets for insurance consultants and present you with only the best results. But first, here's a breakdown of marketing consultant insurance, what it covers, and more.

Why Do Marketing Consultants Need Insurance?

Without business insurance, your marketing consulting company could face potentially hefty financial losses after any number of risks. Specifically, marketing consultants have to consider the impact that the following types of risks can have on their business:

  • Customer or employee injuries caused by the business premises
  • Damage, destruction, or theft of company property
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Third-party or employee lawsuits
  • Professional negligence and errors leading to lawsuits
  • Damage to a client’s property

Each of these risks and more can be addressed with a comprehensive marketing consulting insurance policy. Without this coverage, a business can face serious consequences, including bankruptcy.

What Does Marketing Consultant Insurance Cover?

Mass marketing insurance consultants need policies tailored to meet the unique risks faced in their industry. You might choose some or all of the following types of coverage to complete your marketing consulting insurance policy:

  • Commercial property insurance: This covers your business's property, including its buildings, equipment, inventory, etc., against theft, damage, or destruction by many listed perils, including lightning and smoke.
  • Commercial general liability insurance: This covers your business against losses related to third-party lawsuits for claims of bodily injury or personal property damage caused by your business's premises, operations, etc.
  • Business interruption insurance: This can provide a continued revenue stream and continue to pay various expenses like employee wages and business rent during temporary closures due to covered disasters like break-ins, fire, and more.
  • Cyber liability insurance: This provides coverage in the event of a data breach or cyber-attack involving your business by covering the costs of notifying affected clients as well as for public relations and forensic costs.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance: This provides coverage if you or an employee injures someone else or causes property damage while driving a company vehicle, and can also pay to repair or replace company vehicles that get stolen, vandalized, etc. 
  • Commercial umbrella insurance: This increases your business's existing liability coverage limits to $1 million or higher, which can be greatly beneficial in the event of a major lawsuit.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance: This coverage is typically required for any business that has employees and pays for lost wages and medical expenses for workers who get injured or ill due to the job or workplace.
  • Computers and media coverage: Also called electronic data processing insurance, this pays for lost data and related lost income if your computers or network get damaged by theft, vandalism, viruses, or malware. It may also pay for loss of data or software and physical damage to computers or hardware.

An independent insurance agent can help you build and complete your marketing consulting insurance policy the right way, leaving no gaps in coverage.


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Why Marketing Consultants Also Need Professional Liability Insurance 

In addition to the previously mentioned coverages, marketing consultants also need professional liability insurance to respond to claims of errors, omissions, or oversights in the professional services they provide. This coverage protects you, your employees, and your firm if you get sued for professional negligence. 

Clients may sue you or your business for claims of errors in your completed work that caused them harm in some way, even financially. A professional liability policy pays for your legal defense, including attorney fees, court expenses, and any settlements or judgments that you must pay. Without professional liability insurance, your marketing consulting firm is vulnerable to lawsuits that could possibly lead to severe financial hits for your business.

How Much Does Marketing Consultant Insurance Cost?

The cost of a marketing consultant insurance policy can vary based on a number of factors. These can include such things as:

  • The size and location of your business
  • Your business's annual revenue
  • The number of employees and company vehicles you have
  • Your business's prior claims history
  • The types and amount of coverage you need

An independent insurance agent can help you find the most affordable marketing consultant insurance available near you.

An Independent Insurance Agent Can Help You Find the Right Marketing Consultant Insurance

An independent insurance agent knows which business insurance companies offer marketing consultant insurance. They can shop and compare policies and quotes from multiple carriers for you, ultimately finding the best blend of coverage and cost. And down the road, your agent will be there to help file business insurance claims for you or update your coverage as necessary.

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