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While the roadways in Tamarac, FL may not get as busy as they do in larger cities, residents here still see their fair share of traffic. Any time you are sharing the roads with several other drivers, you have an increased risk of experiencing a motor vehicle accident. Whether you are merging onto the Florida Turnpike on your way to Miami, passing a slow-moving vehicle on McNab Road on your way across town or caught up in congestion on University Drive while out running errands, you are at risk for a collision any time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle. Fortunately, you can protect your assets by carrying a Tamarac auto insurance policy that meets or exceeds the state-mandated minimums.

You can save money by taking the time to look at policies and rates from a few competing insurance companies before you purchase any kind of insurance plan. Comparison shopping for car insurance is easy when you work with an Independent Insurance Agent. These independent agents can work with many different insurance providers to gather a selection of competitively priced Tamarac car insurance quotes that you can review together. That way, you can select an affordable policy that best meets your coverage and budgetary needs. Find an agent near you to get started.

  • National average cost per year: $1,311
  • Florida average cost per year: $1,742
  • 5th most expensive auto premium in the U.S.

Those who are shopping for Tamarac auto insurance may be disappointed to learn that the average car insurance rate in the state of Florida is significantly higher than the national average. However, the figures listed above can only give you an idea of how much you might expect to pay for your coverage. Your actual cost is calculated by each insurance company that you contact based on several different factors, including but not limited to such considerations as the following:

  • The approximate number of miles you drive your vehicle each month
  • The age, sex, marital status and driving history of all licensed drivers in your household
  • The amount of liability coverage you wish to purchase
  • The amount of your deductible
  • Your insurance claims history and credit score
  • Your qualification for any offered policy discounts

Each insurance company you contact is likely to quote you a different price for your coverage, so comparison shopping is a great way to find the policy that offers you the best value for your money.


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Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Florida Car Insurance Requirements

  • Bodily injury liability: required
  • Property damage liability: required
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): required
  • Uninsured motorist overage: not required
  • Minimum liability limits: 10/20/10: Coverage up to $20,000 for all persons injured in an accident, subject to a limit of $10,000 for one individual, and $10,000 coverage for property damage

The minimum requirements listed above are not applicable to all drivers in the state of Florida. If you have a DUI conviction on your record, for example, the state requires you to carry much higher minimum liability limits of 100/300/50. Other serious driving violations can also raise your coverage requirements.

Florida’s standard coverage requirements are rather low when compared with most other states. While these amounts may be sufficient to handle a minor collision like a fender bender, they are probably not high enough to fully cover you if you are responsible for a serious accident, particularly one that involves injuries. You may, therefore, want to request liability coverage at the highest level you can reasonably afford when you purchase your Tamarac car insurance policy. Your agent can help by providing you with quotes for different levels of coverage.


Save on Car Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Number of Uninsured Motorists in Florida

  • Number of uninsured U.S. drivers: 12.6%
  • Number of uninsured Florida drivers: 23.8%

Failure to carry car insurance that meets or exceeds Florida’s minimum requirements while driving is illegal and can result in the suspension of your driver’s license, license plates, and registration. These suspensions remain in effect until you pay a fine of up to $500 and provide proof of insurance coverage.

Despite this, residents of this state are the second most likely to be driving while uninsured. This puts you, as a law-abiding citizen, at risk unless you opt to include uninsured motorist coverage with your Tamarac car insurance. That way, if you are in a collision caused by an uninsured driver, your insurance company compensates you for your losses immediately and then pursues the responsible driver itself in an attempt to collect reimbursement. This insurance also covers damage and injuries when they are caused by collisions with hit-and-run drivers.

Number of Auto Thefts in Florida

  • National number of thefts per 1,000 vehicles: 2.94
  • Florida number of thefts per 1,000 vehicles: 2.48

Auto theft rates in Florida are lower than the national average, and the risk of car theft is even lower in Tamarac. In previous years, for instance, there were only 89 auto thefts reported in this city. That equates to about 1.40 thefts per 1,000 cars — less than half the average national rate. If your vehicle is stolen or damaged by vandals, you can receive compensation for your loss only if your Tamarac auto insurance policy includes other-than-collision coverage (also commonly referred to as comprehensive insurance). This insurance covers noncollision-related damage, such as that caused by falling objects, flying debris, floods, sinkholes, and fires.

Find the Best Tamarac Car Insurance Policy

Naturally, you do not want to pay more than is necessary for your mandatory car insurance coverage. However, if you buy a policy without first taking the time to get quotes from a few competing insurance companies, there is a good chance that you will end up overpaying. That is why savvy car owners in Tamarac turn to our agents for help when they are looking for reliable and competitively priced auto insurance.

Our agents make comparison shopping easy by contacting a variety of reliable insurance companies on your behalf and by providing you with a selection of customized auto insurance quotes that you can review and compare together. That way, you can be sure that the policy you choose offers the coverage you need at an affordable price. 

Find an agent with an office near you to learn more about your Tamarac car insurance options.

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