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Fires are one of the most terrifying things that Mother Nature can send your way. A thousand-acre wildfire can start from a simple tailpipe spark, and a house fire can happen from something as simple as oil in a pan. 

When fire damage occurs, you need to have the right fire insurance policy in place in order to protect your assets in Florida. Lenders require this insurance to be in place in order to protect their investment and yours. Read below to find out more about getting quotes and necessary coverage from an independent insurance agent.

Florida Fire Statistics

  • There are more than 209 fires a day in Florida.
  • More than two-thirds of fire fatalities in Florida occur in people 40 and older.
  • The top causes of fires are unattended stoves, faulty wiring, careless smoking, children playing with matches/lighters, and heating devices left unattended.

Fires can get out of control quickly, and much of the resulting damage is not visible to the naked eye. Smoke damage can pass through an entire home in mere minutes, leaving clothes, furniture, and draperies tarnished with odors. Additionally, the heat caused by a fire can melt wiring and plastic items quickly – even in rooms untouched by the blaze. 

If a fire department is called in, the material they spray to quench the fire can destroy possessions. Even a small fire can cause catastrophic damage, which is why it's essential to have sufficient fire insurance in place.

How To Get Fire Insurance Coverage in Florida

Fire insurance is typically part of many policies you probably already own. Below is a list of insurance types that typically offer fire insurance coverage within the policy:

  • Homeowners insurance: If you have homeowners insurance, you have coverage in case of fire, storm, and other named disasters. One very important factor to remember is that you need fire insurance with enough coverage to cover your home and belongings. If you've recently upgraded your home or your home has increased in value, you should take a second look at your homeowners insurance policy to make sure the coverage is adequate.
  • Renters insurance: Unfortunately, your landlord's policy does not cover damage to your belongings. Having renters insurance in place will protect your assets while you rent. The majority of renters own more than $20,000 in belongings. Without renters insurance, those items could be lost to fire.
  • Car insurance: A comprehensive insurance policy, often required by lenders, covers your car in case of a fire or other disaster.
  • Business insurance: Your business insurance policy provides coverage for disasters such as a fire. However, just like homeowners insurance, you must make sure your coverage is adequate to cover your entire business.
  • Boat/ATV/snowmobile insurance: Just like car insurance, if you own recreational vehicles, a comprehensive insurance policy is the only way to get coverage against fire.

Getting Fire Insurance Quotes in Florida

Fire coverage is part of other insurance products like homeowners or auto insurance, so the cost will depend on what you want to insure. When it comes to getting fire insurance quotes, make sure you are familiar with the following:

  • Type of asset
  • Age of asset
  • Value of asset
  • Location of asset
  • Desired coverage limits
  • Desired deductibles

Insurance companies use all of these factors, plus asset-specific inquiries, to determine your individual policy quotes.

Could Your Insurer Deny Coverage for a Fire in FL?

When it comes to getting a fire covered by fire insurance, there are a few circumstances where an insurer will deny a claim. Below are a few examples of non-covered incidents:

  • Homeowner refused to call 911.
  • Homeowner neglected to have fire equipment such as a fire extinguisher or smoke detectors in the home.
  • Homeowner was negligent in caring for the home.

Save on Fire Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Fire Safety Tips

Below are some general fire safety tips, plus guidelines on what to do in case of a fire:

  • Never use unapproved cooking/heating devices indoors.
  • Install smoke detectors in every room.
  • Plan and practice an emergency exit plan.
  • Never leave a fire unattended.
  • Do not smoke in your home while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Update any old wiring.
  • Train children on fire safety.
  • Have fire extinguishers available in every room.
  • When a fire occurs, exit the area immediately and call 911.
  • Do not go back into a home that is on fire, even a small fire.

Are There Discounts Available on Fire Insurance in Florida?

The majority of insurance policies are eligible for discounts. These may include the following:

  • Multi-policy discount
  • New customer discount
  • Loyal customer discount
  • Security system discount
  • Good driver discount
  • Good credit discount
  • Industry/professional affiliation discount

Each insurance company offers its customers different discounts, so be sure to inquire about any discounts you may be eligible for.

How To Purchase Fire Insurance in Florida

When it comes to securing the right amount of fire insurance coverage, it's important to have an industry professional by your side to help get you the best coverage at the right price. Our agents are always available to help you choose coverage, suggest policy modifications, and even help you file a claim.

Contact your local independent insurance agent for more information on getting quotes and coverage to protect yourself and your family from the devastation of a fire.

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