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Aventura, FL is a growing suburb of Miami that offers all the amenities of a coastal paradise with the perks of big city living. Surrounded by tropical landscaping, you will find high-rise buildings, some of Florida's best shopping and quaint single-family homes in all price ranges. With numerous opportunities for golf, boating, and sightseeing, every day is an adventure in Aventura. If you choose to make your home in this little touch of heaven, make sure you are covered with the best Aventura homeowners insurance. 

Selecting the right Aventura homeowners insurance begins with a call to reliable Independent Insurance Agents. They know the unique challenges of living in coastal areas where flooding is a serious concern and hurricanes are always a threat. Our agents will guide you through the process of designing a home insurance policy that is customized for your unique needs. Best of all, our agents can quote from multiple policies so you can see all of your options and choose the plan that is right for your budget. 

  • National yearly premium average: $1,211
  • Florida yearly premium average: $1,951
  • 2nd most expensive premium in the U.S.

Florida home insurance policies are higher than the national average, but you can still find affordable coverage. Agents will work with you to find the best policies that offer comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. Your rates will largely be determined by where you live, the size and age of your home, and any special risks you may have like waterfront property or swimming pools. 

Number of Thefts in Florida

  • National number of burglaries per 1,000 people: 3.76
  • Florida number of burglaries: 3.38

While home intrusions aren't a major problem in Aventura, they still happen occasionally. You can take extra precautions to protect your home against theft by installing security alarms, closed-circuit cameras, and deadbolt locks. The best precaution is to choose an Aventura home insurance policy that includes coverage for theft. Then if your home is targeted in a burglary, you can be recompensed for any property that is stolen or damaged during the break-in. 


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Number of Disasters in Florida 

  • Number of disasters in Florida since 1953: 138
  • Number of tornadoes in Florida: 66
  • Amount of property damage in Florida: $210,240,000
  • 1 in 15 insured homes has a claim each year

Each year, residents of Aventura are faced with a variety of weather-related disasters. Living near the beach means a higher risk for wind damage and lightning storms, so make sure you choose a comprehensive home insurance coverage plan. By investing in the best Aventura home insurance, you will have peace of mind you are always protected if bad weather rolls into your neighborhood. 

What Are the Risks in Aventura?

Aventura has the same risks found in any coastal city, particularly hurricanes and flooding. Each year, 1 out of 15 homes files an insurance claim for property damage, so it's not uncommon for lightning, heavy rains and wind to cause serious damage. Aventura has experienced 231 tornadoes since 1950, with an average of four per year. Make sure you're protected against natural catastrophes with adequate Aventura homeowners insurance. 

Compare Aventura Home Insurance Quotes

As you search for the best Aventura home insurance, you will find that there are many options to consider. Experienced agents can explain your coverage choices and help you find the right policy to protect your home against theft and natural disasters. The Independent Insurance agents can offer quotes on multiple policies so you can see all of your options before you purchase any plan. This gives you the best chance to find the most comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. 

Contact an agent today to learn more about Aventura homeowners insurance rates. 

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