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The Land of Lincoln certainly has its share of open space on which to use your all-terrain vehicle. There are lots of recreation areas in Illinois, including and state parks where many residents from Skokie to Springfield and from Chicago to Carbondale can enjoy off-road vehicles.

As a responsible ATV owner, you know the value of having insurance to protect yourself and your assets. It’s important to understand some basics about Illinois ATV insurance so you can be a responsible rider, whether you ride a three-wheeler, four-wheeler, UTV or dune buggy. For more detailed information, meet with a local, independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network who can help you compare Illinois ATV insurance quotes from a variety of insurers. Contact an agent today to get started.

  • 60 children under age 16 died in ATV accidents in Illinois from 1982-2007
  • There were 202 deaths in the state from ATVs from 1982-2007
  • Since 2008, there have been 57 reported ATV-related deaths
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Is ATV Insurance Required in Illinois?

ATVs are generally not used on state roadways, so Illinois does not require insurance on all-terrain vehicles if you are off-roading. However, Illinois does have a law that says if you use your ATV on any highway, roadway or traffic right-of-way, you are required to have proof of minimum insurance on that ATV. Failure to carry insurance on your ATV subjects you to three months of a suspended license, a $500 fine and $100 fee to reinstate the license. While rates on ATV insurance vary, having insurance on your all-terrain vehicle or UTV will cost you less annually than paying this hefty fee.

How Much Does ATV Insurance Cost in Illinois?

Since ATV insurance is not a required policy, getting concrete information about the rates can be difficult. Plus, there are many factors that go into determining an ATV insurance rate because not all drivers or ATVs are the same. You can get specific information about your situation when you speak with a member agent in the Trusted Choice network near you.

Some factors that affect an ATV insurance rate include:

  • The age, gender and driving record of the primary operator• Other frequent drivers of the ATV and their ages, genders, and driving records
  • The city or town you live in
  • The size and engine power of the vehicle
  • The age of the vehicle
  • The insurance record you have (if you’ve filed many claims in the past, you may have a higher premium)
  • How your ATV is used (For example, do you use it as a business vehicle, or do you use it recreationally?)

All of these factors combine to create the insurance quote that is best for you. Generally, you’ll find some rates as low as $100 annually to as much as $400 per year or more.

What Does ATV Insurance Cover in Illinois?

While ATVs are different from vehicles like cars and trucks, the coverage you can get with an ATV policy is very similar to a standard auto policy. The basic items include:

Bodily injury liability: This pays for injuries and medical bills of those hurt in an accident in which you were at fault. Coverage limit is represented by two numbers – the smaller number is the limit per individual in a single accident, and the larger number is the limit per occurrence regardless of the number of individuals involved. For example, if your limits are 15/30/10, no more than $15,000 would be paid for any one individual’s bodily injuries, and no more than $30,000 would be paid for all injured parties (the 10 is a limit of $10,000 for property damage).

  • Property damage liability: This pays for any damage to a vehicle or property you cause in an accident. It is your coverage limit per occurrence, regardless of how many objects or vehicles are damaged.
  • Comprehensive: This pays for any damage to your ATV caused by falling objects, weather events, or if you hit an animal while you are riding. This part of your policy may also cover theft or vandalism to your ATV.
  • Collision: This coverage pays for damages to your ATV in an accident involving one or more vehicles. Collision coverage pays to repair your vehicle, or gives you replacement cost for value of the ATV if you suffer a total loss.
  • Uninsured motorist: This coverage compensates you in case of a loss due to an accident caused by an ATV operator who is not insured. As ATV insurance is not required when you ride off-road in Illinois, this might be the most important coverage to carry.
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Where Do I Find the Best Quotes for ATV Insurance in Illinois?

ATV insurance rates can vary widely based on where you live in Illinois, the type of ATVs you own, your age and gender, and other factors. You could do a search online for quotes, but there are so many companies to look into that the process can be very time consuming. Keep in mind that many of the online algorithms produce quotes that may not exactly cover your situation.

If you contact a local independent agent in the Trusted Choice network, you’ll get a clearer picture of your insurance options. Your agent can assess how you use your ATV, find quotes from a number of companies, and give you “apples-to-apples” comparisons of Illinois ATV insurance options in your ZIP code so you have the best information available.

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