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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
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Maine is the perfect place to get a taste of the great outdoors, from the thousand miles of coastline to some of the largest stretches of forest in the nation. While some all-terrain vehicle owners carry ATV insurance in Maine, many riders riding the trails are uncovered, leaving them vulnerable to liabilities. If you want to enjoy riding your ATV and don't have coverage yet, contact your agent right away to get quotes on ATV insurance.

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Why Do You Need ATV Insurance?

  • Between 1986 and 2011, there were 136 ATV-related deaths in Maine.
  • In 2011 alone, there were 327 ATV-related deaths in the United States and more than 107,000 emergency room visits.
  • All operators under 18 must wear a helmet.
  • All operators under 16 must have a safety-training certificate.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen on ATVs in Maine. Whether it's an accident involving other riders, wildlife or vehicles, it's important to have the protection of an insurance policy in place to help shield you financially.

Lack of coverage can result in financial loss if your ATV is stolen or damaged or if you are involved in an accident, particularly if you are at-fault and the accident results in serious injuries to another person. Whether you use your ATV for trail riding, hunting or agricultural purposes, having insurance is an important step toward protecting your finances and your investment.

Many people assume that their homeowners insurance will provide them with all the coverage they need for an ATV. This coverage is usually very limited and may only be applicable if the accident, theft or damage occurs while the ATV is on your property. The coverage option that is going to provide protection in the majority of situations is a four-wheeler insurance policy that covers the machine specifically.

What Types of ATV Insurance Are There in ME?

No matter which type of ATV you operate, you can find an insurance policy that covers it. Here are just a few examples of ATVs that an ATV insurance policy can cover – most of these are four-wheeler types:

  • Utility ATVs (also known as UTVs)
  • Sport ATVs
  • 3-Wheeled ATVs (3-Wheeler)
  • Side-by-side ATVs
  • Children's ATVs

ATV insurance can protect your finances in the event of loss, damage, an accident, injury or theft of your vehicle. There are a few different types of ATV insurance, so when looking for ATV insurance quotes in ME, it's important to know which type of insurance you're looking for:

  • Liability coverage will cover the costs of bodily injury and property damage up to a determined amount if you cause an accident. It will also cover the cost of your legal fees if someone sues you.
  • Collision coverage will pay for repairs to your damaged ATV after an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage is optional. It will provide protection if your ATV is stolen, or damaged by fire, vandalism or severe weather.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, also optional, will help cover your costs if another rider causes an accident and that rider has no insurance to pay for your expenses.
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How Much Is ATV Insurance?

There is no steadfast rule on prices when it comes to ATV insurance quotes in Maine, however, there are factors to consider:

  • The make/model of the ATV
  • The type of riding it will be used for
  • The ages of riders
  • The top speed of the ATV
  • The area where it will be ridden
  • The value of the ATV
  • The value of any equipment on the ATV

A good ATV insurance quote will consider all these factors.

How To Get ATV Insurance in Maine

Whether you need more information on your existing policy or you are looking for new ATV Insurance, Trusted Choice® member agents are there to help you find the best quotes and options based on your finances and your vehicle.

Contact your Trusted Choice agent for more information.

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