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What You Need to Know About Maine Homeowners Insurance

Find the right homeowners insurance policy for you.

The state of Maine is one of the most diverse geographic places in the US. If you stand on the beach, you might see the Atlantic Ocean or a thick pine forest depending upon which way you turn. Inhabitants are packed tightly around major population centers but are also spread very sparsely through forested and rural areas.

The state is incredibly diverse, so generalizing about the price of Maine homeowners insurance is difficult. A new house and property in Portland will probably cost more to insure than an old isolated cabin in the forest. How can you figure out if you are buying the right coverage at the right price? It is important to compare Maine home insurance quotes and policy options. You can contact a local independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network for personalized assistance with all of your insurance needs.

  • National yearly premium average: $1,132
  • Maine yearly premium average: $811
  • 42nd most expensive premium in the US

As you can see, the average cost of insuring homes in Maine is lower than national average. Remember that homeowners insurance rates are based on many factors including location, rebuilding cost in your area, and particular risk in the place you live. Your premiums may be higher or lower than the average cost in Maine – so shop carefully!

Use our independent agent matching system to find the best insurance plan in your area. You tell us what you’re looking for, and our technology will recommend the best agents for you. Any information you provide will be sent to only the agents you pick. We do not sell to third parties.

What Does Maine Homeowners Insurance Cover?

A good agent can help you go over the details of your coverage. In order to understand the Maine home insurance quotes you get from your agent, it may help to understand some typical hazards in Maine. Consider these figures which will help you measure the risks in Maine as compared to the rest of the United States:

Number of Catastrophes in Maine vs. the Nation

  • National number of catastrophes: 19,033
  • Number of catastrophes in Maine: 159
  • National number of tornadoes: 1,233
  • Number of tornadoes in Maine: 0
  • National property damage from weather: $5,511,270,000
  • Property damage from weather in Maine: $3,690,000

While tornado damage in Maine is non-existent and the overall number of catastrophes in Maine put it in the bottom half of all states, Maine residents still need to be concerned about protecting their homes against flooding. You should also know that typical Maine homeowners insurance policies do not provide flood coverage. You can elect to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program to make sure your house and property are covered against water damage.

Number of Thefts in Maine

  • National average for burglaries: 37,814
  • Maine number of burglaries: 6,483

Even though Maine has a low theft rate, in the bottom quarter of all states, residents still need to protect themselves against the possibility of theft and burglaries in their neighborhoods.

You may want to consider installing anti-theft improvements in your home, like a burglar alarm, to help you save money on your homeowners policy. A local independent agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you determine what type of property insurance you should buy.

How Can Home Owners Find The Right Policy?

Get the best policy for your needs at the best price. Independent agents from the Trusted Choice network work with multiple insurance companies. Your agent can compare coverage and prices from several different companies to find the perfect match for you.

You might not have the time to gather several different Maine home insurance quotes, and you might wonder which coverage is best for your house and property. A good independent agent can answer your questions and do most of the work for you.

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