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Mobile Home Insurance Claims

Mobile homes, including manufactured homes, make up nearly nine percent of Maine’s residential dwellings. These homes allow more people to become homeowners by providing an affordable alternative to conventional houses, and they need the protection of specialized coverage known as mobile home insurance. If you own, or are considering owning, a mobile home in Maine, you need to compare quotes on a variety of policies in order to ensure that you are getting adequate coverage at a competitive rate.

ME Mobile Home Statistics

  • Average cost of a pre-owned mobile home: $61,430
  • Average model year of all mobile homes in the state: 2003
  • Average size in square feet: 1,135
  • Number of mobile home communities in the state: 134
    • Age-restricted communities: 12
    • Non age-restricted communities: 122
  • Average number of homes in each mobile home community: 94

Mobile homes are plentiful throughout the state of Maine. A recent U.S. census showed that more than 63,000 households in Maine are living in these types of residences. Gone are the days when mobile homes were cramped trailers. Today’s manufactured homes are spacious and attractive.

Mobile homes include both trailers and modular homes. Manufacturers typically build modular, or manufactured, homes in a factory, transport them by truck to their intended location, and then assemble and anchor them to the ground.

Most modular homes are much like traditional homes in that they are permanent structures built on foundations. Depending on your insurer, your modular home may be insured like a traditional home instead of a mobile home.

Inclement Weather in Maine Can Damage Mobile Homes

Maine has its occurrences of hurricanes, tropical storms, hail and heavy downpours. These inclement weather events have the potential to cause serious damage to manufactured and modular houses because manufacturers make them of lighter materials and because strong wind gusts can cause the anchoring mechanisms on these homes to loosen or break.

Fortunately, a mobile home insurance policy can protect your finances by compensating you for damage to your home in Maine. Your policy can even provide you with coverage for temporary housing until you repair or rebuild your home. When you're requesting quotes, just be sure the policy you select gives you the coverage options you want.

Hurricanes that Have Caused Property Damage in Maine

  • The Hurricane of ’38, September 21, 1938
  • Hurricane Carol, August 31, 1954
  • Hurricane Edna, September 12, 1954
  • Hurricane Donna, September 12, 1960
  • Hurricane Ginny, October 29, 1963
  • Hurricane Gloria, September 27, 1985
  • Hurricane Bob, August 20, 1991
  • Hurricane Irene, August 21, 2011
  • Hurricane Sandy, October 22, 2012

As a coastal state, Maine is subject to hurricanes. While these storms do not always make their way this far north, they do occasionally strike. Even if they become tropical storms by the time they reach Maine, the heavy winds and rains can wreak havoc on mobile homes. As temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean continue to rise, the risks faced by Maine’s residents increase.

Hurricanes and tropical storms usually cause widespread flooding. Unfortunately, mobile home insurance does not cover flood damage. Because these homes do not have basements, flood damage can cause a lot of very expensive personal property damage for mobile homeowners. For this reason, it is a very wise idea to supplement your coverage with a flood insurance policy. These policies are available through the federal government and provide affordable, guaranteed coverage against these disasters.

Mobile Homeowners in Maine Face Risk of Fire

Another consideration for mobile homeowners is the risk of fire. Although many people believe that mobile homes burn more easily than conventional homes do, manufactured homes built since 1976 and those upgraded to meet recent HUD standards are significantly safer than their earlier counterparts are.

Even with these safety standards in place, however, residents of mobile homes should be conscientious when it comes to fire safety. Space heaters, unattended candles and cigarettes, and even wildfires can lead to an uncontrollable inferno in your home. Be sure that you have working smoke alarms and that fire extinguishers are located conveniently throughout your home.

Develop an evacuation plan for yourself and your family. Make sure that everyone gets safely out of the home. Your mobile home insurance will cover the cost to replace your property, so you need worry only about your loved ones.

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2011 Burglary Rates per 1,000 Residents in Major ME Cities

  • Portland: 6.66
  • Lewiston: 10.58
  • Bangor: 7.54
  • South Portland: 3.24
  • Auburn: 8.68
  • Biddeford: 11.47
  • Augusta: 13.17

In the United States, the overall burglary rate is 7.13 burglaries per 1,000 residences. Maine’s overall burglary rate of 7.02 is slightly lower.

Statistically, burglars are more likely to strike mobile homes than conventional homes, so be sure to secure your doors with deadbolts and to have locks on your windows that are in proper working order. If someone burglarizes your Maine home, your mobile home insurance policy will provide compensation for property loss and damage.

Manufactured Home Insurance Quotes

When you are shopping for mobile home insurance, you may find contacting various insurance agencies to be time consuming and frustrating. A Trusted Choice® independent insurance agent can save you time and money by doing the comparison shopping for you. These agents are available to answer your insurance-related questions and to help you find a policy designed specifically for you.

Find a Trusted Choice agent in Maine to get more information and to start comparing manufactured home insurance quotes.

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