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Nestled comfortably on the Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey offers an abundance of popular attractions and outdoor activities. This coastal state also has its share of floods caused by hurricanes and flood surges, so it is important for NJ residents to understand the importance of New Jersey flood insurance. With 10 coastal communities facing the turbulent and unpredictable Atlantic Ocean, many who reside in this area need to protect their homes, possessions, vehicles and businesses with flood insurance. 

An independent insurance agent in our network can help. One of these agents can provide you with affordable New Jersey flood insurance quotes to compare so you can find a policy that protects you financially in the event of a flood. Contact an agent today to get the coverage you need.

Recent New Jersey Flood Statistics

  • 10 inches of rain fell on average in recent years.
  • There were 18,945 flood claims during that time.
  • The total claim amount paid was $628,066,232.

What Is Flood Insurance?

Standard homeowner's policies do not provide coverage for flooding. Flood insurance is a separate and specialized form of insurance provided by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and available through independent agents. Flood insurance policies can cover your home, vehicles, and business. 

Some New Jersey flood insurance policies will also include personal property, while others may not. Be sure to check your policy details, and if you have any questions about your coverage, speak with an agent. Most flood insurance policies will cover the following flood causes:

  • Weather events such as hurricanes, heavy rain, and tidal surges
  • Natural events such as rapid snowmelt and rain runoff
  • Erosion caused by currents or uncommon water cycles
  • Mudflows and mudslides as defined by the NFIP

How Does National Flood Insurance Work?

The NFIP began in 1968. The program is administered by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The NFIP also uses the services of over 90 insurance companies to provide New Jersey flood insurance coverage as a result of flooding from flash floods, hurricanes and winter storms. The premiums charged by insurers are set by FEMA and can vary according to the following variables:

  • Building construction type
  • The location of the residence or business in a flood plain
  • The land upon which the house or business is constructed

Save on Flood Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Else Should I Know About Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is required in flood risk areas. If you are not sure if this applies to your local or community, you can check the flood maps provided by FEMA or contact an independent agent in our network to see if you are required to carry this coverage for your home or business. FEMA flood plain maps show every area in New Jersey and list flood plain areas as 10-year, 30-year, 50-year, and 100-year flood plains. This determination is based upon records of how likely a flood is to occur in that area. Flood plains are based on the land's elevation, slope, and proximity to water sources.

The NFIP provides coverage limits up to $250,000 to restore or replace your home to its pre-flood condition. You can also purchase higher coverage amounts, but you will pay a higher premium for your policy. There is a 30-day waiting period after you make your first premium payment before a flood policy takes effect, so make sure you have flood insurance in place before the next flood warning.

What Is Not Covered by Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance will not cover:

  • Water damage caused by a burst or leaking pipe
  • Water damage caused by a sewage backup.
  • Furnishings in your basement, including wall finishing, furniture, and electronics

Since every home policy is different, be sure to read your policy and ask your agent if the property damage portion of your policy is enough to cover damage or loss of your personal possessions.

Where Can I Find Flood Insurance in New Jersey?

The cost of flood insurance may vary, so you are best advised to speak with a local independent agent in our network in order to get started reviewing New Jersey flood insurance quotes. Your independent agent can access policies and options from many different insurers and help you find a policy that meets your particular needs. 

Contact an agent today for help finding a New Jersey flood insurance policy that will protect you financially in the event of flood damage.

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