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While most people automatically think about New York City when New York is mentioned, those that live here know there is much more to the state than the city that never sleeps. Eastern New York contains the Great Appalachian Valley and those living in northern New York can enjoy their summers on the banks of Lake Champlain. But no matter where you live in New York State, having health insurance should be a priority. It can be hard to know where to start, especially if you’re currently uninsured.

If you need help finding New York health insurance, consider working with an independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network. Your agent can help you compare New York medical insurance quotes and get the right policy for your specific needs. To find the New York health insurance plan that is best for you, contact a local member agent today.

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New York Health Insurance Statistics

  • 24.5% of the population is obese, one of the lowest rates in the country
  • 13.6% of the population is uninsured
  • Average employee premiums in employer sponsored plans: $947
  • Average cost per day of a New York hospital stay: $1,673

Buying New York Health Insurance

When deciding what kind of health insurance to purchase, it can be overwhelming. The first step in narrowing your choices is to determine whether you need individual or family coverage. If you work for yourself and have no dependents, individual insurance can provide the coverage you need.

However, if you have a family or are trying to start one, you may need a more comprehensive policy. You should also consider this form of coverage if you have a medical condition that requires regular treatment, like diabetes.

New York Health Insurance Plans

When trying to decide on a healthcare plan, you have several options. The most common plans are:

  • HSA or Health Savings Account: This is typically paired with a high deductible health plan (HDHP) and allows you to build tax free savings to use towards medical expenses. This is recommended for those who are healthy and independent.
  • HMO or Health Maintenance Organization: This policy works within a health provider network. You must go through a primary care physician for any referrals but your monthly premiums are a set amount.
  • POS or Point of Service: Your primary care physician operates within a healthcare network, but you have the ability to go out of the network if you wish. Keep in mind that you have to provide receipts for coverage.
  • PPO or Preferred Provider Organization: When you use healthcare providers within a certain network, you are charged a certain discounted price. You have the freedom to choose a healthcare provider outside of the network, but it may cost more.

Many employers offer these healthcare plans, but what if you are self-employed or your employer doesn’t offer health insurance? You can always buy private health insurance, but be sure to check out other options. New York offers Family Health Plus, which is a program for adults aged 19-64 who don’t qualify for Medicaid but still have no health insurance. Another option is Healthy NY, which offers comprehensive plans to workers whose employers don’t offer health insurance.

When you are considering your options, be sure to consider working with an independent agent. Independent agents in the Trusted Choice network who specialize in health insurance can browse dozens of plans and help you compare your options. Because of the many carriers they work with, they can often find better health insurance rates than you can get through an employer sponsored plan.

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Ready to Save On Insurance?

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

How to Compare a Range of New York Medical Insurance Quotes

An agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you with your family’s health insurance needs. Even if you have employer coverage, it can be helpful to speak with an independent agent and compare New York medical insurance quotes from several different providers. Your agent may be able to find a plan that is more suitable to your specific situation at a better rate.

Local member agents in the Trusted Choice network who specialize in health insurance are dedicated to finding the right healthcare policy for you at an affordable rate. Find an independent agent in your area today for help with your New York health insurance needs.

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