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New York State has an abundance of attractions and activities. From the scenic vista of Lake George to the majesty of Niagara Falls, residents of this state are never lacking for activities. If you live in New York and own your home, the one thing the one thing you have in common with all other residents is the need for homeowners insurance. If you live in a mobile or manufactured home, the specific coverage you need is a New York mobile home insurance policy.

A good place to begin is by speaking with an independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network to locate complete coverage with comfortable pricing. These local agents can provide you with multiple New York manufactured home insurance quotes that will protect your home and your possessions. Find an agent today to learn about your options.

New York and National Housing Statistics

  • The most recent data available shows the average property loss per fire in New York was $16,103.
  • During 2012, 4% of all U.S. residents lived in a mobile home.
  • In 2012, 35% of U.S. residents were renters and 65% lived in their own properties.

What Is New York Mobile Home Insurance?

Mobile homes are also known as manufactured homes. Insurance for mobile homes differs substantially from a standard homeowners insurance policy. A mobile or manufactured home is assembled in a factory. When completed, it is transported to a site and leveled. Owners often invest in strap anchors to provide extra security during high winds.

Mobile homes are treated differently by the insurance industry because they are constructed of lighter materials for ease of transport. Since they are typically not physically joined to the earth, there is a greater risk of damage. From an insurance perspective, mobile homes are treated more like automobiles, as they depreciate in value over time. Traditional homes, on the other hand, tend to build value with time, and homeowners insurance coverage must be adjusted accordingly.

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What About Insurance For Modular Homes?

Generally, a modular home is treated differently than other manufactured homes by insurance companies. The reason is that a modular home is attached to a fixed foundation even though it was manufactured in a factory in sections. The materials used in the construction of a modular home are also more durable, similar to the materials used to build a traditional home. Modular construction must comply with local and national building codes.

For these reasons, modular homes are very frequently insured the same as a traditional, site-built home. If you have questions about what kind of New York mobile home insurance you need, contact an independent agent in the Trusted Choice network.

What Kinds of New York Mobile Home Insurance Are Available?

The types of New York mobile home coverage that are available are similar to what you will find in a standard homeowners policy. The main difference is in how you have rated and the cost of the premium you would be charged. Prices are typically lower than they would be for traditional housing.

Mobile home insurance coverage is available for the following risks:

  • Liability: Protects you in the event you cause damage or injury to another person or their property due to negligence; also protects you if you are sued for slander or defamation
  • Property damage: Protects you if your mobile home is damaged and requires repair or total replacement
  • Personal property: Protects your personal possessions from loss or damage from named perils such as theft, vandalism, and fire
  • Medical payments: Provides coverage to pay for medical expenses if another person becomes injured while on your property

How Much Does Mobile Insurance Cost?

The cost of your New York mobile home insurance policy will depend on a variety of factors such as:

  • The market value, age, and condition of your mobile or manufactured home
  • The amount of coverage you choose for your possessions; certain possessions such as art, collectibles, extensive jewelry, and other items may require additional coverage known as a "rider"
  • Whether you purchase additional policies to cover risks not specified in the standard mobile home policy such as flood insurance
  • The amount of liability coverage you select
  • Whether you buy coverage based upon ACV (actual cash value) or the replacement value

Where Can I Find New York Mobile Home Insurance?

You can find affordable New York manufactured home insurance quotes simply by contacting a local member agent in the Trusted Choice network. These independent agents do not work for one particular insurance company and are free to check rates from many competing insurers. Contact a member agent today to find the most suitable coverage at an affordable rate.

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