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Oklahoma's hot, humid summers make residents and visitors alike swarm to lakeshores. While Oklahoma may not be known for water, this state is home to more than 200 lakes. Some of the more popular activities on the lakes are speed boat racing, fishing and canoeing. With such a diversity of boats using the lakes, it's important to know the rules of water, along with having sufficient PWC insurance to protect yourself and your boat in case of an accident.

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Oklahoma PWC Facts and Regulations

  • There were 71 boating accidents, with more than 55 injured and 15 fatalities.
  •  Boating accidents caused more than $375,000 in property damage.
  • The top three causes of boating accidents in Oklahoma are alcohol, speeding and operator inexperience.

In Oklahoma, youth 12 and younger are not allowed to operate any PWC with a motor more than 10 hp. Any individual age 13-16 must complete a boater safety course before being allowed to operate a PWC. Also, any 13-16 year old operating a PWC must be within viewing range of an adult at all times. If the PWC is a two-seater or more, an adult must ride with the child in order to take control of the vessel in case of emergency.

While PWC insurance is not required in the state of Oklahoma, if you have taken out a loan to pay for the PWC, your lender may require you to carry insurance on it.

What Does PWC Insurance Cover in Oklahoma?

While they may be fun to ride, PWCs do carry with them a higher risk of an accident, due to their increased speed and small size.

PWC accidents can be the worst of all because riders are open to the elements and not secured. Whether it be a run-in with a dock, shore, or another boat, PWC riders get the full force of the impact, and boating accidents can cause lots of damage.

Beyond wearing a life jacket, the next best way to protect yourself is to have PWC insurance. PWC insurance can help cover the costs incurred due to an accident, and can protect you from hefty financial burdens an accident can bring with it. Here are just a few of the ways PWC insurance can protect you and your boat on Oklahoma waters:

  • Property damage: This coverage will help pay for damage to your boat, or damage to other person's property due to an accident.
  • Medical payments: If an accident happens and there are medical expenses involved for you or your passengers, this coverage will help pay for the medical treatment the other person needs.
  • Uninsured or underinsured boater: If you are involved in an accident, and the person at fault doesn't have insurance, you're stuck. Having an uninsured or underinsured policy will make sure that your boat is covered in case this happens.
  • Watersport liability: This coverage pays for any legal defense that you need to have in case you are sued as a result of operating your PWC.

There are other optional coverages to consider as well, such as:

  • Pollution coverage: If you are found at fault for polluting a body of water, this coverage kicks in to help cover the expenses incurred with rehabilitating the water and/or cleaning up the spill.
  • Towing and assistance: Helps you get back to shore if your PWC breaks down.
  • Wreckage removal: Most bodies of water have rules regarding wrecked watercraft. If your watercraft is unable to make it back to shore under its own power, or it has sunken, it must be removed. This coverage will ensure that you can get your boat out of the water.
  • Accessory coverage: This coverage will cover any additional equipment you may have such as life jackets, towables, GPS systems or trailers.

What Types of PWCs Are Covered?

You can insure any type of PWC. From stand-up PWCs, to four person and submersibles, any type of PWC can be insured in Oklahoma. When searching for PWC insurance quotes, be sure to note down the following information:

  • Make/Model of PWC
  • Where it's located
  • Where it's used
  • How it's stored
  • Age of riders
  • Driving record

All of these factors are considered when calculating a quote.

personal watercraft

Save on Personal Watercraft Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Discounts and PWC Insurance Quotes

While every company is different, there are typically many types of discounts available from Oklahoma insurance providers, such as:

  • Multiple Policy Discount
  • Safe Boater Discount (After completion of a safe boater course)
  • Multiple Watercraft Discount
  • New Customer/Customer Loyalty discount
  • Industry/Affiliation Discounts

It's always important to be protected on the water. Having a PWC insurance policy in place works like a life jacket, in that it will help keep your finances afloat in case of an accident.

How to Get PWC Insurance in Oklahoma

When searching for PWC insurance, a Trusted Choice® agent is always available to help answer questions, make sure you're sufficiently covered, and will even help you file a claim. Contact an agent today to find out how your PWC can be insured. Head out to Oklahoma's beautiful lakes knowing you are protected.

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