Popular Questions about Homeowners Insurance in Oklahoma

The average American homeowner pays $1,211 per year for home insurance, but in Oklahoma, the average annual cost is significantly higher at $1,885. This can be attributed in part to the high risk of severe weather damage to homes in this state.

Even though home insurance costs in this state may seem like a lot of money, having this coverage is vitally important because hazards like storms, tornadoes, hail, fire, and burglary can cause expensive losses to Oklahoma homeowners who are not insured.

Your home insurance gives you a backup plan in case a disaster strikes in your neighborhood. Whether it's a fire, hailstorm, tornado, or a rash of burglaries, you can rest assured that you are covered when you have a suitable Oklahoma homeowners insurance policy. 

Here are some of the ways that your home insurance policy can protect you:

  • Pays to Repair or Replace Your Home and Your Belongings
    • Example: A lightning strike causes a tree to fall onto your house and it damages a structural wall as well as a significant amount of property.
  • Pays for Someone Else's Injuries or Property Damage When Its Your Fault
    • Example: Your dog gets loose and tears up your neighbor’s prize-winning rose garden.
  • Pays for Temporary Living Expenses When Your Home Is Damaged
    • Example: You need to stay in a hotel while your house is being repaired following a damaging tornado.

We can’t be 100% certain, but last year alone, insurance companies paid out more than $638 million worth of home insurance claims just in the state of Oklahoma. That's a lot of unfortunate events happening to Oklahoma homeowners.

Insurance companies calculate home insurance costs based on the likelihood that something bad will happen. The more likely it is that a harmful event can damage your house, the more expensive your home insurance policy will be.

These potential disasters are called "risks” or “exposures.” Let’s take a look at how risky Oklahoma is compared to the rest of the country.


The burglary rate in Oklahoma is significantly higher than the national average. Be sure to protect your property by keeping doors and windows securely locked, keeping entryways well-lit and unobstructed from view, and installing a home security system. Taking extra steps to safeguard your house can often result in reduced prices on your homeowners insurance.

  • Average number of burglaries per 1,000 homes in OK: 6.81
  • Average number of burglaries per 1,000 homes in the U.S.: 3.76


Damaging weather events, such as severe storms and tornadoes, can wreak havoc on residential properties in this state. In 2013, a nearly 2-mile wide twister was on the ground for about 39 minutes. It caused more than $2 billion in damage.

Be sure that your home insurance provides all the coverage you need to fully rebuild and replace your property before disaster strikes.

  • Number of federally declared disasters since 1953: 171
  • Most common causes of disasters in the state: Wildfires, severe storms, and floods
  • Average number of tornadoes per year in the state: 65.4
  • Amount paid in home insurance claims in 2016: $638,506,000

Home Values

The estimated cost to rebuild your home will play a large role in how much your home insurance costs. In Oklahoma, the average home value is lower than the national average. This helps to keep insurance rates affordable despite the many weather-related risks in this state.

  • Average home value in OK: $137.400
  • Average home value in the US: $188,900

When it comes to homeowners insurance, no single insurance company is “best” for everyone. That is why independent agents compare policies and rates from multiple companies to find you the coverage that is best able to meet your particular needs and budget.

Yes! There are currently 442 independent insurance agents in Oklahoma who are ready to help. 

Did you know that independent insurance agents can work with several different insurance providers to find you the best rate for coverage? That way, you can buy a policy that meets all your coverage needs at a price you can afford.

How does home insurance work?

Find the Best Homeowners Insurance in Your City

How does your city measure up to the national average?

National average burglary rate 4.69 per 1,000 homes

National average home value $188,900

National average home insurance cost $1,173 year

CityAvg. home valueBurglaries / 1,000 homesAnnual insurance cost
Broken Arrow$212,7862.66$2,059
Midwest City$209,8325.81$1,562
Oklahoma City$202,6175.56$1,995
  1. $166
  2. Oklahoma City, OK Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. The average monthly cost of home insurance in Oklahoma City is $166.
  4. Homeowners insurance rates in can vary significantly from one homeowner to the next. Your actual rate will be based on factors like the size, value, and location of your home; the age of your roof; the materials used in your home’s construction; and even your credit score.
  5. One of the most expensive hazards faced by homeowners in Oklahoma City is tornado damage. This risk of a tornado in this city 253% greater than the national average. Take for example the F5 twister that touched down just 6.3 miles from the Oklahoma City city center in 1999. It caused more than $1 billion in damage to area homes and businesses. Homeowners insurance can help you repair and replace your home and belongings and can even help you pay for a hotel if you are temporarily displaced while your home is being repaired. 
  6. Contact a local independent insurance agent for help ensuring that your property insurance coverage levels are high enough.

  1. $158
  2. Tulsa, OK Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. The average monthly cost of home insurance in Tulsa is $158.
  4. Because your homeowners insurance is completely customized to your home and other considerations, your monthly premium may be higher or lower than this average. Insurance companies consider your home’s size, value, location, and other factors to determine your monthly rate. 
  5. Tulsa has a very high crime rate when compared with the rest of the state and the nation overall. It is therefore important that you take precautions like using deadbolt locks to help secure your home. Fortunately, your Tulsa homeowners insurance covers you against property loss and damage to your home if you are the victim of a burglary. If you have burglar alarm installed in your home, you may even qualify for a discount on your home insurance premiums.
  6. Talk to a local independent agent to learn more about this and other potential discounts.

  1. $183
  2. Norman, OK Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. The average monthly cost of home insurance in Norman is $183.
  4. Of course, what you may actually be expected to pay may differ from this average amount depending on the specific risks associated with your home. Your rate will be calculated according to factors like the size of your home, the crime rate and weather risks in your ZIP code, the age of your roof, your credit rating, and more. 
  5. One of the most devastating things that can happen to a homeowner is a residential fire. In addition to severely damaging your house, a fire can lead to a total loss of your personal belongings, including furniture, electronics, clothing, and precious items. Whether the fire is the result a wildfire or an accident in your home, your homeowners insurance has you covered. This insurance cannot bring back your irreplaceable items, but it can give you peace of mind in knowing you can afford to rebuild and replace as necessary.
  6. A local independent agent can help you make sure that the coverage levels in your Norman homeowners insurance policy are high enough to fully cover all of your property against a total loss.

  1. $172
  2. Broken Arrow, OK Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. The average monthly cost of home insurance in Broken Arrow is $172.
  4. Your house is not likely to be the same as your neighbor’s. While everyone in your neighborhood faces the same crime and weather risks, there are many more variables in play when it comes to calculating home insurance rates. Your premium will also be based on factors like the size and value of your home, the age of your roof, your claims history, and the size of your deductible. Your monthly rate for Broken Arrow homeowners insurance may therefore be higher or lower than this average.
  5. Homeowners in Broken Arrow have a significant risk of damage caused by severe storms. These storms can often bring damaging winds and lightning to the area. Fortunately, storm damage is covered by your homeowners insurance. However, if torrential rains cause flash flooding, the resultant flood damage is not covered. For this, you will need a supplemental flood insurance policy.
  6. In addition to finding you the best and most affordable home insurance policy, a local independent agent can help you review your flood risks and can assist you with securing a reasonably priced flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

  1. $213
  2. Edmond, OK Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. The average monthly cost of home insurance in Edmond is $213.
  4. There are a lot of large, high-value homes in Edmond, and the extra cost to secure these properties significantly raises the average rate for coverage in this city. Not all Edmond homeowners will pay the same for home insurance. Your monthly rate is based on the crime  rate and weather risks in your ZIP code, the size and value of your home, the building materials used in your home’s construction, your claims history, and more.
  5. Hailstorms can be a problem in Edmond. Large hailstones can occur without warning, causing significant damage to your roof, gutters, siding, windows, and peripheral structures. Residents in this area have reported hailstones up to 2 inches in diameter. When you have a solid Edmond homeowners insurance policy, you can rest assured that your hail-damaged home can be returned to normal without you facing a large personal expense. 
  6. Consult a local independent insurance agent to learn more about how your homeowners insurance policy can shield you from financial losses.