How does your city measure up to the national average?

National average burglary rate 3.76 per 1,000 people

National average home value $269,000

National average home insurance cost $1,211 year

CityAvg. home valueBurglaries / 1,000 homesAnnual insurance cost
Broken Arrow$212,7862.66$2,059
Midwest City$209,8325.81$1,562
Oklahoma City$202,6175.56$1,995

Popular Questions about Homeowners Insurance in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, the average cost of home insurance is $1,885 annually, which is a bit higher than the national at $1,211 per year. Some of your biggest threats are fires (105/per year) and tornadoes (62/per year). Both of these can affect your homeowners insurance pricing and make your rates go up. 

Each homeowners insurance policy will come with limits specific to your needs, but there are standard coverages that apply. Your Oklahoma home policy will have protection for your dwelling, other structures, personal property, medical payments to others, liability, and additional living expenses. Common losses that are typically included are fire, theft, vandalism, severe weather, and natural disasters. 

In Oklahoma, you won't be mandated to carry homeowners insurance by law. However, a mortgage or lender will require proof of coverage. With Oklahoma having 638,506,000 home insurance claims paid in one year alone, the proper insurance is necessary to avoid financial ruin. 

Your Oklahoma home insurance rates are calculated using several risk factors. Check out what carriers look at when figuring your Oklahoma homeowners coverage:

  • Past losses
  • Dwelling value
  • Coverage selected
  • Local risks

Each carrier will offer different policies and some might work better for your situation than others. The most used and highly rated insurance companies in Oklahoma should be considered when comparing with a trusted adviser. Foremost, Safeco, and Progressive insurance companies are competitive options and have fast service in Oklahoma.

Yes, Oklahoma has roughly 442 independent insurance agencies to choose from for home insurance. Each has multiple carrier options so that you get the most affordable protection on the market. 

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