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Residents of the Mount Rushmore State who own and use trailers may benefit from purchasing an appropriate trailer insurance policy. Whether you have a large trailer that you use to transport livestock to the South Dakota State Fair in Huron or a smaller trailer that you use to take your ATV to and from the Black Hills National Forest, a suitable trailer insurance policy can help you keep your finances secure. Although this insurance coverage is not mandatory, it may be worth your while to review a variety of trailer insurance policies and quotes in South Dakota.

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Number of Trailers Registered in South Dakota

  • Number of trailers registered in the U.S.: 21,541,490
  • Total number of trailers registered in SD: 152,896
    • Commercial trailers: 47,248
    • Light farm trailers, car trailers, etc.: 63,084
    • House trailers: 41,218
    • Federal government-owned trailers: 31
    • State, county and municipal government-owned trailers: 1,315

Why Consider Trailer Insurance in South Dakota?

If you own a trailer, you have increased liability risks when you are driving with it behind your vehicle. You may misjudge a turn, hit another vehicle while changing lanes or even have an incident where the trailer detaches from your vehicle while you are driving. In each of these cases, you would be responsible for any property damage or personal injuries you cause. You may already have coverage through your auto insurance policy, or through another type of policy such as boat insurance if you have a boat trailer. However, this coverage may be somewhat limited. If you have invested a lot of money in your trailer or worry about liability risks, trailer insurance can provide you with all-inclusive coverage.

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What Types of Trailers Are Covered?

Trailer insurance provides South Dakota’s trailer owners with extra liability coverage while also providing them with a way to protect the investment they have made in the purchase of their trailers. Trailer insurance can cover all types of trailers, including these:

  • Travel trailers: Non-motorized camper trailers, including pop-up style and fold-down trailer tents
  • Utility trailers: Open-topped trailers frequently used to haul equipment such as lawn-care tools or other large, heavy items such as ATVs and motorcycles
  • Livestock trailers: Large, enclosed trailers designed specifically for the safe transport of horses, cattle and other livestock
  • Cargo trailers: Enclosed trailers; used to carry things ranging from luggage to equipment; and protect cargo hauled in them because they are enclosed
  • Boat trailers: Trailers designed specifically for towing watercraft to and from the water
  • Auto-hauler trailers: Low-riding, flat-bed trailers most frequently used to tow race cars, although they can tow any kind of automobile
  • Dump trailers: Cargo and utility trailers; typically used for industrial or farming purposes, and allow the operator to hydraulically unload its contents.

What Kinds of Coverage Can Trailer Insurance Provide?

Trailer insurance may be part of your auto, business, ATV, boat or other insurance policy. Or you may purchase trailer insurance as a separate policy. This coverage will typically include a few different options, such as the following:

  • Liability coverage: This option provides extra liability coverage in the event that your trailer causes major damage or injuries to others.
  • Collision coverage: This option covers collision-related damage to your trailer, regardless of fault. This includes collisions with both moving vehicles and stationary objects.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This option covers non-collision-related damage to your trailer. This may include damage caused by severe weather, fire, falling objects, theft, and vandalism.
  • Contents coverage: This option covers the items you are towing with your trailer if they sustain damage while in transport. If you are transporting livestock, this coverage may be vital to compensate you for injury or death to your animals while they are traveling in the trailer.
  • Roadside assistance coverage: This covers the specialized towing and assistance necessary if your trailer becomes stuck in the mud, has a blown tire or has any number of other problems while on the road.

How Much Does Trailer Insurance Cost in South Dakota?

If you own a small utility trailer, it is possible that you already have sufficient coverage through your auto insurance policy, although some insurers will require you to purchase an additional rider for a nominal fee. Larger trailers, such as horse trailers and pop-up campers, will need to have specialized insurance if you wish to have full coverage for them. The cost of trailer insurance can vary significantly according to a number of factors, including these:

  • The type of trailer you own
  • The trailer’s size including its length and width and weight
  • The trailer’s make, model, year and purchase price
  • Whether you will be using the trailer for personal or commercial purposes or both
  • How much liability coverage you wish to purchase
  • How much other coverage you wish to purchase
  • Where and how you store your trailer when not in use
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Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

South Dakotans Can Easily Compare Trailer Insurance Quotes

If you are thinking about purchasing a trailer insurance policy, you may find yourself with a lot of questions about such things as how much coverage you need, which policy options are right for your particular situation and how to get quotes. Independent insurance agents in our network can help you get your answers. These agents can also use their relationships with several different insurance providers to help you find an ideal policy at a competitive rate. Our agents have offices throughout the state, so it should be easy to find an agent conveniently located near you. 

Contact a local agent to get more information and to start comparing trailer insurance policies and quotes in South Dakota.

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