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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert Written by Ann Herro
Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
Written by Ann Herro

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All-terrain vehicles are popular around the far west Texas city of El Paso. Texas Parks and Recreation even maintains public trails on public lands like San Felipe Park. Many El Paso area institutions, worksites, and businesses make constant use of ATVs and UTVs. Individual and commercial ATV owners need to consider the risks of using these popular vehicles. El Paso, TX ATV insurance is the best way to protect the vehicles and those using them.

Where can ATV owners find good insurance at a fair price? A local independent member of the Trusted Choice® network can provide answers to your insurance questions. These agents are local to the El Paso area, are familiar with the region, and can provide truly personalized service. One of these agents can help you compare multiple El Paso ATV insurance quotes from a variety of companies. Contact a local member agent today to help you find the right ATV policy at a reasonable price.

El Paso ATV Insurance Costs

As with any other vehicle policy, premiums will depend upon several unique factors. The type of vehicle you own, the way you use it, and your driving history will all impact your El Paso ATV insurance cost. Basic coverage for low-risk use may be available for as little as one hundred dollars per year.

Some El Paso residents store their ATVs and then tow them for recreational use. Others may use ATVs or UTVs for a business or public service. These different types of operators, with different uses for their machines, will choose different coverage. Coverage and costs will also be different based upon whether you operate your vehicle on public or private land.

A local Trusted Choice member agent can help you by evaluating your unique needs and suggesting sensible and affordable policy options.

Unique ATV Risks

There is always a risk when operating any sort of motorized vehicle. By their very nature, ATVs and UTVs can be more dangerous, since people typically operate them over uneven, unpaved terrain. To its credit, the state of Texas does support ATV use by offering operator training and public ATV trails. Regardless, injuries continue to be an issue. Insurance companies must keep track of injuries, fatalities, and property damage in order to accurately determine how much to charge for various types of coverage.

  • In the time period between 1982 and 2011, there were 612 reported ATV fatalities in Texas
  • Children under 16 years old accounted for 144 of those ATV fatalities.

It’s important to recognize that age is a significant factor for your El Paso ATV insurance. Since no driver’s license is required to legally operate an ATV, many people neglect to inform their insurance company that children under age 14 will be using the vehicles. Some insurance companies provide for such use and others do not. Your Trusted Choice member agent can help with these concerns.

Common Types of ATVs in El Paso

One thing that makes ATV coverage more complicated is the fact that there are several different types of vehicles with different intended uses. Consider these common styles of all off-road vehicles and their uses:

  • UTVs may perform the functions of trailers or various types of work vehicles like plows or tractors.
  • Three-wheelers and four-wheelers can be treated differently. Some insurers consider three-wheelers less stable and more risky. Still, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Division emphasizes there is also risk of rollover with four-wheelers.
  • Side-by-side vehicles hold multiple passengers and present unique insurance concerns.
  • A Segway is a people mover that is becoming more common in green areas and around college campuses including the University of Texas at El Paso.

El Paso ATV Insurance Coverage Options

Different El Paso residents will have different coverage requirements. These are the primary areas of coverage concern that you should consider:

  • ATV collision insurance
  • ATV comprehensive insurance
  • ATV bodily injury and property damage liability coverage
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
  • Medical payments coverage

El Paso ATV Insurance Quotes

Even though ATVs may seem like simple machines, finding the right ATV coverage can be complicated. You can make the task of choosing coverage options and finding a good insurance company simpler if you contact an El Paso member of the Trusted Choice network. These independent agents can answer your ATV policy questions and find you the right coverage for your needs and budget. Find a local member agent today to make sure you are fully protected.

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