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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
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San Antonio, the second largest city in Texas and seventh largest in the U.S., is most famous for the San Antonio River Walk and the Alamo. For all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts, the city also supports off-road trails along the San Antonio River, greenways and city parks. As in other major cities, San Antonio public works crews, businesses and individuals use UTVs (utility task vehicles) and ATVs to perform daily work. If you own an off-road vehicle, consider the benefits of protecting your investment and insulating yourself from legal action with good San Antonio, TX ATV insurance.

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San Antonio ATV Insurance Costs

Expect everything from rates to available policy options to vary depending upon the type of ATV you own and the way you use your vehicle. A low-risk, basic plan may run as little as $100 a year. More complete coverage may cost a few hundred dollars a year.

If you use a UTV in your landscaping business, your coverage needs will be different from those of a San Antonio resident who tows an ATV a few weekends a year to a nearby trail such as the ones in Hidden Falls Adventure Park.

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ATV Statistics

  • There were 400,000 ATVs in use in 1985. Today there are over 9.2 million.
  • 27% of all ATV accident fatalities are children under the age of 16.

ATV use comes with its risks. The state of Texas urges all riders to take safety courses and follow manufacturer’s guidelines when operating an off-road vehicle. Because ATVs can be dangerous and because they tend to be attractive to younger and less experienced riders, many insurers consider ATVs risky to cover. Taking approved ATV safety courses may reduce your insurance rates. In any case, these courses may be required for younger riders on public land in Texas.

Common Types of ATVs in San Antonio

Not all ATVs are the same. The Greater San Antonio area is host to recreational, work-related and convenience-oriented varieties. Recreational riders may enjoy off-road trails for hunting, while ranchers and farmers may use them in place of less agile equipment. Some people use ATVs simplify to travel. Look at these different types of ATV:

  • UTV: Utility task vehicles are generally larger than ATVs and have more horsepower, space and features. They are an efficient solution for many public and private work crews.
  • Three-wheelers and four-wheelers: Insurance companies rate these ATV variations differently. The three-wheelers tend to be more dangerous on the road. Four-wheelers tend to be more expensive due to their on- and off-road capability.
  • Side-by-side vehicles: These vehicles can be quite large and can carry several passengers in addition to the driver. These vehicles resemble a cross between a golf cart and a Jeep.
  • Segway: These vehicles are individual people movers. You can find them in large office complexes, college campuses and tour operations.

What Does San Antonio ATV Insurance Cover?

Local residents have their choice of quite a few ATV insurance companies, policies and coverage options. This list includes coverage options you may want to discuss with your local agent:

  • ATV collision coverage: Pays for damage to your vehicle if you are in an accident
  • ATV comprehensive or "other than collision" coverage: Pays for damage caused by things such as fire, wind, flood, theft and more
  • ATV bodily injury and property damage coverage: Pays for damage or injuries to property or to another person
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: Pays for damage caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist
  • Medical payments coverage: Pays for medical expenses related to an auto accident
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San Antonio ATV Insurance Quotes

You will have plenty of San Antonio ATV insurance options to choose from in this fastest growing large city in America. You may find it challenging to select the best policy and coverage options, but a local Trusted Choice member agent can evaluate your unique personal or business situation, suggest sensible policy options and help you compare a variety of rates from multiple companies.

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