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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
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San Antonio, TX, is most famous for the Alamo, but its second most famous attraction is the downtown River Walk. Visitors can purchase tickets for a boat ride or even paddle their own canoes down the San Antonio River, which flows through the city. The law does not require individuals to purchase boat insurance, but it’s certainly a good idea to protect your boat investment with the right type and amount of coverage.

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Why Consider a Boat Insurance Policy?

In addition to the local river, the area has a number of Hill Country lakes that are only a short drive away from water sports activities like fishing boat trips wakeboarding. While boating is a relatively safe pastime, it can have risks:

  • State boat accidents, 2010: 152
  • State boating-related injuries, 2010: 136
  • State boating-related deaths, 2010: 27

If you cause an accident and you do not have insurance, you are responsible for the damage or injuries you may cause, and you will have to pay to have your own craft repaired. An injured party, even one of your own passengers, could also sue you. This is why many watercraft owners in San Antonio choose to get boat insurance coverage.

What Does San Antonio Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat plans will vary because of differences in the insurance company, type of boat, and the personal preferences of the owner. Different policy options may cover liability, injuries, property damage and more. Here are some common types of coverage:

  • Boat property damage liability: Covers damage to your property
  • Personal injury liability: Covers damage or injuries to another person
  • Property damage coverage: Covers your boat and equipment stored inside the craft
  • Towing coverage: Covers towing your boat. Can include both on-water and roadside assistance
  • Medical payments coverage: Pays for injuries and hospitalization for you and your passengers
  • Uninsured/underinsured boaters: Coverage in the event an uninsured or underinsured boat owner causes an accident that you are involved in

Save on Boat Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

San Antonio Boat Insurance Costs

  • Depending on your coverage, insurance for personal boats may cost less than $1 a day.
  • Average personal boat insurance cost estimate: $300 to $500 a year.
  • Typical boat policies include these deductibles: $250 for property damage, $500 for theft and $1,000 for medical payments.
  • Liability limits may start at $15,000.

Here are some factors that may affect your own costs and policy choices:

  • Type of boat: The make, model, size, and value of your boat will have an impact on the coverage you need.
  • Whether you tow or store your boat: You will have different coverage needs if you tow your boat rather than have it near the water where you will use it.
  • Other insurance policy coverage: Your other insurance policies, such as your homeowners insurance or auto insurance, may already provide coverage for your boat, although this coverage may not be adequate. Bring your policies with you when you consult with a Trusted Choice member agent in your area.

Compare Boat Plans and Prices with an Independent Insurance Agent in San Antonio, TX

Finding the right company and coverage can save you money on your policy, and it can really save you if you ever get in a boating-related accident. A local member agent of the Trusted Choice network can give you competitive San Antonio boat insurance quotes and insurance coverage options.

For assistance finding the right coverage for your boat, contact a member of the Trusted Choice network today.

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