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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
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San Antonio, TX is the second largest city in Texas and the county seat of Bexar County. Ten of the Texas Department of Transportation’s most congested roadways are located in Bexar County. To relieve congestion, the city has invested in rapid transit service, park-and-rides, and a new trail system to encourage hiking and biking to city areas. If you need to navigate around this busy metropolis, be sure to buy the right San Antonio, TX car insurance.

To find the right coverage at a fair price, contact an independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network. These local agents can help you compare San Antonio auto insurance quotes from multiple companies and provide personalized insurance advice and service.

Texas Car Insurance Costs

  • National average cost per year: $1,311
  • Texas average cost per year: $1,449
  • 17th most expensive premiums in the U.S.

While the average price for Texas auto policies is higher than the national average, you will not know how much your own coverage should cost until you compare rates across multiple local insurers. A number of factors, like age, claims history and vehicle type, will affect your San Antonio auto insurance quotes.

City driving conditions will also influence your car insurance rates. San Antonio is the base for the largest military concentration in the U.S., is home to major corporations,  and is a tourist destination for more than 20 million visitors a year. The city has the highest density of vehicular accidents and pedestrian injuries.


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Texas Car Insurance Requirements

  • Bodily injury liability: required
  • Property damage liability: required
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): not required
  • Uninsured motorist: not required
  • Minimum liability limits: 30/60/25
    • Coverage up to $30,000 per accident for one person
    • Coverage up to $60,000 per accident for all persons
    • Coverage up to $25,000 per accident for property damage

Naturally, San Antonio residents are required to buy a policy that contains Texas minimum liability levels. There are stiff penalties for failure to carry
the required insurance coverage. First offenders face fines of $175 to $350;
subsequent offenders are subject to fines of $350 to $1,000, impoundment of their vehicle, and license suspension.

Texas Uninsured Motorists

  • National uninsured motorists: 12.6%
  • Texas uninsured motorists: 13.3%
  • Average vehicle repair cost in Texas: $2,434

San Antonio also has a towing program. The police could impound your car if they stop you for a traffic offense and they find that you lack insurance. You may have to pay towing and storage fees in addition to other fines before you can reclaim your vehicle. You will also have to show proof of insurance. The city hopes to reduce the number of uninsured motorists while raising revenue for city funds.

If you are worried about getting into a car accident with an uninsured driver, you might want to consider adding uninsured motorist coverage to your auto policy.

Number of Thefts in Texas

  • National vehicle thefts (per 1,000 registered vehicles) : 2.94
  • Texas vehicle thefts (per 1,000 registered vehicles): 3.28

San Antonio’s rate of car thefts has fallen over the last 10 years, but it is still high. San Antonio ranks #40 on the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s list of stolen car hotspots in the United States. The city ranks #4 in Texas, a state with a higher than average rate of stolen cars.

Auto thefts have been a problem on the University of Texas at San Antonio campus. The college has issued some auto theft prevention tips that include locking your car and never leaving a second set of keys hidden on your vehicle. The college also recommends that car owners use auto alarms.

Comprehensive auto insurance can compensate vehicle owners for damage and losses due to stolen or vandalized vehicles.


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Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Compare San Antonio Auto Insurance Quotes

San Antonio has made great progress toward improving its record as one of the most dangerous driving cities in America, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Do not rely on word of mouth when it comes to choosing San Antonio car insurance.

When you're looking for insurance, a Trusted Choice network agent can get you the information you need and help you select the coverage you want. Contact a local Trusted Choice agent for competitive quotes, answers to policy questions and professional advice.

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