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Written by Candace Jenkins
Written by Candace Jenkins

Candace Jenkins is a licensed insurance advisor with over a decade of experience. She is also a writer and loves to write on all things insurance. Candace writes for on a continuous basis and is here with the facts about all your insurance inquiries.


The city of Richardson, Texas is known for its diversity and college feel. It houses the University of Texas at Dallas and is one of the main cities in Collin County. 

If you live in this young college town, then your home needs insurance protection. An independent insurance agent has access to dozens of carriers. Connect with an independent agent and walk away with great coverage. 

Do Richardson, TX Property Crimes Impact Your Home Insurance?

Yes, crime rates in every city are accounted for by the insurance companies and impact your premiums. The safer your city is, the less you will have to pay for coverage. 

Burglaries per 1,000 Homes in Richardson, TX: 

  • National average: 4.69
  • Texas average: 5.34
  • Richardson average: 3.64

Since Richardson has a lower burglary rate, your homeowners insurance cost should be less. If you are the victim of a home break-in, the last thing you want to think about is if you have coverage. Your independent agent can do an insurance analysis so you can be sure your exposures are insured. Any stolen items should be accounted for and covered by your personal property insurance limit. Contact your Richardson agent for home insurance quotes.

The Cost to Insure Your Richardson, TX Home

The insurance companies have specific criteria they use when determining your rate. The cost of your home policy will differ from anyone else's because it's rated on an individual basis. Let's look at what carriers use to rate your home insurance: 

  • Replacement cost : How much it would cost to replace your home if a total loss occurs. This is different from the market value. 
  • Coverage: The amount of coverage it takes to insure your home correctly will account for a portion of the premium.
  • Loss history: The number of home claims you've reported in the past will also determine your rate. The more losses you have, the higher your premiums will be. 

Home Insurance Average Premiums:

  • National annual average: $1,173
  • Texas annual average: $1,991
  • Richardson annual average: $1,228

Your premiums may or may not be close to the city, state, or national averages. Since your coverage and rating factors are specific to you, they can be higher or lower. To get exact pricing, connect with your independent agent. 


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Disasters in Richardson, TX and Your Home Insurance

Disasters in the state of Texas are frequent compared to other states. What's known as Tornado Alley is also home to wildfires and flooding. If you live in Richardson, TX, then it's best to prepare for the worst. Let's look at the catastrophe numbers in Texas:

  • Number of federally declared catastrophes since 1953: 254
  • Most common disasters: Wildfires and residential fires
  • Number of tornadoes per year: 146.7

Most Common Disasters in Richardson, TX: 

  1. Storms 
  2.  Hurricanes
  3. Floods

Get with your local agent to discuss how your home policy will respond to storm and hurricane damage. If your current homeowners insurance doesn't have proper coverage for these disasters now, it might be time for a new policy. 

Flood Insurance in Richardson:

Flood insurance is a separate policy from your homeowners insurance. Since flooding is one of the top three common disasters in Richardson, you should get coverage. Discuss your flood zone and how to obtain a FEMA-approved flood quote with your independent agent. 

Insurance Coverage Your Richardson, TX Home Needs

A typical homeowners insurance policy will come with automatic coverages that are tailored to your specific property. Let's look at some of these home policy coverages:

  • Dwelling: Will cover the replacement or repair of the home itself. 
  • Personal property: Will pay for damaged or stolen personal belongings.
  • Other structures: Will pay for the replacement or repair of your detached garage or shed. 
  • Additional expenses: Provides coverage in the event you have to rent another home due to a loss.
  • Perils: If you have an HO3 policy form, you will usually have fire, hail, wind, lightning, and theft coverage.

Discuss these standard coverages with your local agent. Your home insurance should have coverage for the most common claims reported in your town. Take a look at the top five reported claims in Richardson, TX:

#1 - Wildfires and residential fires

#2 - Flooding and water damage

#3 - Hurricanes and tropical storms

#4 - Burglary and other property crime

#5 - Severe storms and lightning damage

Use a Local Independent Insurance Agent in Richardson, TX

When working with an independent insurance agent, you get the best of both worlds. They work with several carriers so they can save you time and money on your home policy. 

A local independent agent knows the exposures in your town and can make sure you're adequately insured. Go to and connect with a Richardson independent agent to get started.

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