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Written by Meg Stefanac
Written by Meg Stefanac

Financial blogger and business owner, Meg Stefanac, has more than 15 years experience working in the financial services industry and enjoys helping individuals make solid financial decisions. Meg has extensive experience writing about insurance and finances and is a key contributor to TrustedChoice.com.

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You may be more likely to associate the “Big D” with skyscrapers than mobile homes. However, the latest census reports that over one percent of local housing comes from this type of factory-built housing. That number is well over 5,000. If you live in a local manufactured home, you can find assistance with your Dallas, TX mobile home insurance right here in this city too.

A local member of the Trusted Choice® network is available to help you select the right coverage and compare multiple Dallas manufactured home insurance quotes. These TX independent agents work for their customers and not a specific insurer. Contact a Trusted Choice member agent right away to find personal service and competitive prices.


Manufactured Home and Insurance Coverage Prices

  • Average local mobile home price, 2009: $46,245
  • Average Texas homeowners insurance premium: $1,560
  • Estimated cost of new mobile home insurance vs. home insurance: 50% of the cost for a similarly sized traditional house
  • Estimated cost of mobile home insurance: $1,200 for a $100,000 valued home

In order to find out how much your own coverage should cost, compare a number of quotes from Dallas mobile home insurance companies. There are several factors that can potentially impact your own rates. These include the home’s age, condition, and location within the city. A Trusted Choice member agent can provide a range of quotes based on your unique circumstances.

Dallas Mobile Home Insurance Discounts

You may be able to lower your rates by qualifying for policy discounts. Many major insurers offer lower prices to their customers who make improvements that lower their risks. Some of the more common strategies for improving safety and security that can help you qualify for discounts include:

  • Installing a burglar alarm
  • Installing a fire alarm
  • Adding perimeter fencing
  • Installing bolt locks on all doors

Even paying through automated billing can help you to earn a discount on your premium. A local independent agent can help you find other ways to lower your rates.

Mobile Homes Compared to Traditional Homes

  • Texas mobile homes as a ratio of all housing units, 2008: 7%
  • Local homes as a ratio of all housing units: 1.2%
  • Number of mobile homes in Dallas, 2010 census: 5,639
  • Average manufactured home building costs per square foot, 2006: $40
  • Average traditional home building costs per square foot, 2006: $100

The entire state of Texas relies upon mobile homes for about seven percent of total housing. Although this type of housing only accounts for a little over one percent in Dallas, it is likely to be more popular in suburban and rural areas than large metropolitan areas.

Modular Homes vs. Manufactured Homes

A modular home is constructed on a residential building site with the same local building code specifications as a traditional home. Modular homes must be attached to a permanent chassis or foundation. The home sections are pre-constructed in a factory and delivered to the site for assembly. For these reasons, insurers tend to equate modular homes to traditional houses when developing home insurance coverage.

A mobile or manufactured home is built inside the factory and delivered to a home site. Some may be delivered in sections to accommodate transportation. The complete home may or may not be permanently anchored. Often, other structures such as a garage or storage shed will be built around it.

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Get Mobile Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Mobile Home Insurance Types

A typical mobile home insurance policy is a package of protection that contains basic coverage like property and liability insurance. You might also be offered extra policy options. Some of the typical types of coverage you can expect in your policy include:

  • Owner’s liability: This covers you against claims by others in case you are responsible for another person's injury or property damage.
  • Property damage: This covers your actual home and possibly other structures on your property.
  • Home contents: This covers the contents of your house. This includes your clothes, electronics, furniture, and appliances. Some items may required additional "riders."
  • Medical payments: This can help pay medical bills in case a resident is injured for a covered reason.
  • Loss of use: This can help you find temporary lodging if you have to relocate, and is typically an optional coverage that you can add to your policy for an additional fee.

You might also require additional types of Dallas mobile home insurance for complete coverage, such as flood insurance. Provided by the National Flood Insurance Program and offered through insurance agents, this coverage can protect you financially against water damage from floods. As your local independent agent about any additional concerns, you may have. For example, if you conduct a business out of your home, you may need additional coverage.

Dallas Manufactured Home Insurance Quotes

Shopping for the right mobile home insurance starts with reviewing your options. You will want to work with an agent to compare several different Dallas manufactured home insurance quotes in order to make sure you are getting the best coverage for your needs and budget. Typical "captive" agents represent one insurance company and they will only present information from that firm.

However, a local independent agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you compare prices from multiple insurers and select the right coverage for your unique needs. Contact a local member agent today for help with your Dallas mobile home insurance.

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