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With over 180,000 residents, Newport News is the fifth biggest city in the state. With a mostly young professional population, excellent public schools, and great outdoor activities, it’s no wonder so many people call this suburban city home. 

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a current homeowner who wants to save some cash, an independent insurance agent will help you find an affordable, high-quality homeowners insurance policy.

What Determines Your Homeowners Insurance Rate in Newport News, VA?

  • Age of house and roof: As your home ages, it tends to become more susceptible to damage from weather, or just deterioration. If your home is older, you’ll more likely have a higher rate.
  • Home security: Updated home security systems will help reduce your premium, plus add a layer of protection for your home.
  • You: Your claims history, credit score, and marital status may all be factors in the price you pay for your premium.

There are a lot of small factors that will create the premium rate for your Newport News homeowners insurance policy. They are calculated based on the amount of risk you bring to the insurer. Chat with an agent to find out what other factors may be used for your rate.

How Much Is Homeowners Insurance Going to Cost in Newport News, VA?

Here's some information on average prices of homeowners insurance premiums:

  • National annual average premium: $1,217
  • Virginia annual average premium: $1,051
  • Newport News annual average premium: $966

Newport News has some of the most affordable home insurance policies in the state. It’s always a good idea to comparison shop before you purchase. You’ll get an expert when you work with an independent insurance agent. They’ll help design your policy for what you are looking for, without breaking the budget.


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What Will Your Home Insurance Cover in Newport News, VA?

Virginia has over 240,000 homes at risk of being impacted by a category 3 hurricane, ranking it sixth in the nation for the most homes at risk. Hurricanes cause $38 million in yearly property damage across the state. Purchasing a top-notch home insurance policy is a smart investment to protect your assets.

Your homeowners insurance policy provides coverage to repair or replace your home in the event of:

  • Damage from fire or smoke
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Falling trees
  • Damage from weather events like lightning, wind, or hail

It’s important to note that your home insurance policy won't cover damage caused by floods. Newport News definitely has a history of flood water damage, especially because 42% of the city is water. So purchasing a flood insurance policy is a good idea. You can talk with your agent to discuss your risks.

What about Liability Insurance in Newport News, VA?

Your homeowners insurance policy has a personal liability section that protects your assets if a visitor gets injured. This also protects your if someone else’s property is damaged by you or a family members because of an accident .

  • If your cooking at the holiday party makes your guests ill because of food poisoning, your homeowners policy will cover the medical bills.
  • If you're playing golf and accidentally hit someone with a golf ball, your homeowners insurance policy will step up to cover the damage.
  • If playing catch, and you accidentally throw the ball a little too hard and it smashes through your neighbor's window, the damage will be covered.

Your home insurance policy will have a coverage limit. So if you exceed that amount you’ll then become responsible for the rest of the bill. You may want to consider purchasing an umbrella policy that will take care of extra costs that surpass your home policy limits. An agent can help you work through your options.

Is Your Personal Property covered in Newport News, VA?

  • National burglary rate per 1,000 homes: 3.76
  • Newport News burglary rate per 1,000 homes: 3.88

Your homeowners insurance protects the contents for your home if they are destroyed by a covered disaster, or if you have a break-in. This includes cameras, laptops, jewelry, and furniture. If you own any extravagant items, you can talk with an independent agent to find out if you need additional coverage.

How Can You Find a Home Insurance Policy Easily in Newport News, VA?

An independent insurance agent can do this task for you. They’ll get to know what you're looking for and your budget, and show you multiple policy options until you’ve found the right one. Chat with an agent today to start protecting your home.

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