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Mobile and Modular Home Insurance

Whether you bought your Virginia mobile home for the convenience of community living or the inexpensive nature of mobile homes, or you have retired and are looking to downsize your residence, a mobile home offers many appealing aspects to you as a homeowner. And you should consider mobile home insurance to protect your home. Before you search for manufactured home insurance quotes, there are a few things to keep in mind.

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Virginia Mobile Home Statistics at a Glance

Whether you bought or are looking to buy your mobile home in Lexington or in Richmond, much like traditional homes, the value of mobile homes varies depending on their location. No matter where you choose to live, one of the advantages of mobile home ownership is that it's cheaper than paying rent but still offers the same comforts of home. That's why finding a mobile home insurance policy is so important: Your home is your castle and you want it protected.

According to a census, 5.8 percent of Virginians have chosen mobile home living, ranking the state 29th in the nation for mobile home ownership:

  • Average price for a mobile home in Orange County: $123,596
  • Average price for a mobile home in Lexington: $10,174
  • Average price for a mobile home in Hopewell: $33,572
  • Average price for a mobile home in Bridgewater: $97,342
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Why Is Mobile Home Insurance Different?

Due to the materials used in the construction of mobile homes, Virginia insurance companies treat them differently than they do traditional site-built homes.

Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, come fully assembled from a factory. Builders then anchor them to the ground at the destination site. Modular homes, on the other hand, leave the factory in parts, or modules. The builder then assembles the modules at a destination site onto a foundation. This makes them less likely to sustain the kinds of major damage that traditional mobile homes suffer from after severe weather events.

Mobile homes are made of lighter materials and, although anchored to the ground, they are prone to more damage from severe weather events than a home built upon a foundation. Due to these higher risks, Virginia insurance companies quote mobile home insurance a bit like they quote car insurance - the home tends to depreciate in value over time, not unlike a new vehicle driven off a dealership lot.

What Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

Like any homeowner, you face risks of damage to your property and liability claims should a guest sustain injuries while visiting you. This is where mobile home and traditional home insurance are similar. The structure of the policy and amount of coverage you need depend on the size and value of your mobile home, its location and other risks.

The basic types of coverage you will find in a mobile home insurance quote may include the following:

  • Liability coverage: Covers you if a visitor on your property is injured or if you damage someone else's property and you face a lawsuit as a result
  • Property damage: Covers any significant loss to your property that requires repair due to severe weather or another covered event
  • Personal property: Covers your belongings in case of a break-in or theft, as well as repairs or loss due to weather events or disasters like fires or tornadoes

What Will Your Manufactured Home Insurance Quotes Look Like?

The mobile home insurance quotes you receive from VA providers will depend on a number of factors, including these:

  • The value of your manufactured home
  • The coverage options you choose
  • The deductible you pick
  • The location of your manufactured home
  • Your credit history

Quotes to insure a more valuable Orange County manufactured home in an area of high crime will be higher than quotes to insure a Hopewell manufactured home in a low crime neighborhood. Because Virginia insurance providers use different factors to calculate your quotes, it's a good idea to shop around and compare several quotes from a number of insurance companies.

How To Find Mobile Home Insurance Quotes

A knowledgeable independent insurance agent in the network is always available to help you navigate the path to a comprehensive and affordable mobile home insurance policy. Our experienced agents can help you compare quotes, can suggest coverage options and can even assist you in filing a claim.

Talk with an independent insurance agent in your area to find the best mobile home insurance available in Virginia.

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