Popular Questions about Car Insurance in Virginia

On average, Virginia drivers pay $1,008 a year for their car insurance coverage. This is significantly lower than the national average cost of $1,311 a year. 

As a vehicle owner in Virginia, you can find the best rates for car insurance by comparison shopping. Independent insurance agents can help by getting customized quotes from multiple top-rated insurance companies for you. That way, you can be sure you are getting great coverage at a competitive price. 

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. If you are involved in a crash, here are a few of the ways that your Virginia auto insurance may be able to help.

  • Fix Your Car - Not required. We officially call this "comprehensive & collision coverage" and though it is not required by the state, it may be required by your lender.
  • Fix Someone Else's Car – Required/Min. $20,000. We officially call this "property damage liability."
  • Pay Your Medical Bills –optional coverage. We officially call this "personal injury protection" or "PIP."
  • Pay Someone Else's Med Bills – Required/Min. $25,000 per person; $50,000 per accident. We officially call this "bodily injury liability."
  • Pay For Uninsured Drivers – Required / Min $3,500. This is called uninsured motorist insurance. Your policy must include $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident worth of uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage.

In addition to what was mentioned above, auto insurance companies will typically offer other optional coverage such as gap insurance, towing and roadside assistance coverage, and rental car reimbursement. Talk to a local independent insurance agent to learn more.

Virginia is what is referred to as an “add-on” at-fault (or tort) state.

This means that the driver who causes the accident is responsible for covering damage and medical costs. However, if your policy includes PIP coverage, your insurance will provide the first line of coverage for your medical bills if you are injured in a collision, regardless of fault.

Interestingly, Virginia allows residents to opt to drive without insurance so long as they pay an annual $500 Uninsured Motor Vehicle fee. Paying this fee does not entitle these drivers to any type of coverage if they cause an accident. Rather, they will be expected to pay for any injuries or damages they caused out of pocket.

Even with this caveat, only an estimated 9.9% of drivers in this state are driving uninsured vehicles. This is well below the national average of 13.0%

There is no single insurance company that is the best choice for all drivers. The company that may offer the most value to you is not necessary the same company that is ideal for your best friend.

Independent agents compare policies and rates from a variety of highly rated insurance companies in order to find you the policy that best meets your coverage and budgetary needs.

Yes! There are currently 463 independent insurance agents in Virginia who are ready to help.

A local independent agent can work with several different insurance providers to help find a great car insurance policy at a competitive rate. Find an agent near you to learn more.

How does car insurance work?

Find the Best Car Insurance in Your City

How does your city measure up to the national average?

National average time spent commuting 26.9 Min

National average car thefts per 1,000 2.3 Year

National average car insurance cost $1,311 Year

CityCommute Time (Min)Auto thefts / 1,000Annual insurance cost
South Charleston16.61.78$1,573
St. Albans23.91.97$1,738
Teays Valley24.10.47$1,592
  1. $81
  2. Virginia Beach, VA Car insurance monthly cost
  3. The average monthly cost of car insurance in Virginia Beach is $81.
  4. Remember, this average only serves as a baseline. Your actual monthly cost could be higher or lower than this amount. This is because insurance companies take into account such things as your age, gender, occupation, and driving record as well as details about your vehicle when calculating your personalized quote.
  5. Whether you find yourself in a multi-vehicle collision on the Virginia Beach Expressway, or you hit a parked car in the parking lot at the local Harris Teeter, a good car insurance policy can cover your costs. By purchasing a policy that includes collision coverage, you can be sure that damage to your vehicle are covered, even if the accident is your own fault.
  6. Talk to an independent agent in Virginia Beach to learn more about how each car insurance coverage option can benefit you.

  1. $82
  2. Chesapeake, VA Car insurance monthly cost
  3. The average monthly cost of auto insurance in Chesapeake is $82.
  4. When calculating your actual rate, insurance companies will consider several factors including information about your vehicle, such as its make, model and year, and details about you such as your age, driving record, and sometimes even your credit score. This means your monthly cost could be significantly higher or lower than this average.
  5. One of the most crash-prone intersections in Chesapeake is where Dominion Boulevard meets Great Bridge Boulevard. However, accidents can happen just about anywhere, especially when driving conditions aren’t optimal such as during heavy rains or a snowfall. Whether you are sideswiped by a minivan on the Hampton Roads Beltway or your cause a minor fender bender on a residential street, a solid Chesapeake car insurance policy can cover your costs.
  6. Find an independent insurance agent near you to get more information.

  1. $90
  2. Norfolk, VA Car insurance monthly cost
  3. The average monthly cost of car insurance in Norfolk is $90.
  4. Of course, this is just an average. Your actual monthly cost could be higher or lower depending on a number of factors such as your age, driving record, and details about the vehicle(s) you wish to insure. Let an independent insurance compile a variety of customized Norfolk car insurance quotes so you can find the policy that offers the best value.
  5. Norfolk residents occasionally experience damaging hailstorms. One of the worst to hit this city occurred in 1997 when large hail caused about $10 billion worth of damages to area homes, businesses, and cars. Hailstones in excess of one inch in diameter can cause cracked windshields and unsightly dents on your car. This can be particularly frustrating if you just purchased a new vehicle. Fortunately, if your policy includes comprehensive coverage, your insurance company can cover the cost of repairs.
  6. Learn more about comprehensive coverage as well as the other optional coverage available to you by speaking with one of Norfolk’s experienced independent agents.

  1. $83
  2. Arlington, VA Car insurance monthly cost
  3. The average monthly cost of auto insurance in Arlington is $83.
  4. Because your Arlington car insurance rates are customized according to details about you and vehicle, your actual monthly cost could be considerably higher or lower than this average amount. Your driving record, the type of car you own, the amount of liability coverage you want, and the size of your deductible are just some of the many factors that can influence how your quoted rates will compare to this average.
  5. The more time you spend behind the wheel of your car, the more likely you are to be involved in a collision. Residents of Arlington have some of the longest commute times in the state. This extra time spent getting to and from work can translate to higher costs for your auto insurance coverage. If you work from home or use public transportation or carpooling, you may be able to get discounts on your premiums.
  6. Find an insurance agent in Arlington to learn more.

  1. $105
  2. Richmond, VA Car insurance monthly cost
  3. The average monthly cost of car insurance in Richmond is $105.
  4. However, you should take this average with a grain of salt. Your monthly cost could be higher or lower than this, since your Richmond auto insurance rate is completely personalized according to your driving history, vehicle information, deductible amount, and other details that are specific to you and the other drivers in your household.
  5. Can you imagine walking out of the local Food Lion only to find that your car has been stolen? As a resident of Richmond, where approximately 1,000 vehicles are reported stolen every year, this is a valid concern. That is why many people in this city choose to include comprehensive coverage in their auto insurance policies. In addition to covering losses related to vehicular theft, this optional coverage can pay for damage caused by other non-collision events like hailstorms, floods, and garage fires.
  6. Talk to an independent insurance agent in Richmond for help finding a great price for car insurance.