Alexandria, VA Car Insurance: What You Need to Know

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Written by Emily Colosimo
Written by Emily Colosimo

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Alexandria Virginia Car Insurance

Just a short drive away from the nation’s capital, Alexandria offers that small-town charm with big-city amenities. Whether your commuting to work, running errands, or even heading to George Washington’s home, having a top-notch car insurance policy is a good investment to protect yourself against poor drivers.

An independent insurance agent can help you design a policy that meets your coverage and price needs. Chat with an agent to get started on your car insurance coverage.

How Much Is Car Insurance Going to Cost in Alexandria, VA?

  • National annual average: $1,548
  • Virginia annual average: $1,005
  • Alexandria annual average: $1,133

You’ll tend to pay more in Alexandria than the state average. Your exact quote will differ from one insurance company to the next based on the insurer’s formula and what exact factors they look at. Some elements that an insurance company might investigate are:

  • The age, value, make and model of your vehicle
  • Your credit score
  • Your driving history
  • Your occupation, marital status, and age
  • The amount of liability insurance you choose

It’s always a good idea to comparison shop before you purchase your policy. An independent insurance agent will do this step for you. They work with numerous insurers to find the best quote, with an affordable price. They’ll even help find out if you qualify for discounts, such as:

  • Loyalty discount: Insurance companies apply the discount after a predetermined period of having insurance through them, and it may increase over time the longer you remain a customer.
  • Multipolicy discount: If you buy two or more policies together, like car insurance and homeowners insurance, you may be eligible for a bundling discount.
  • Good driving discount: You may qualify for this if you’ve maintained a clean driving record that is free of collisions and moving violations, or if you opt in to tracking programs.

Talk with an independent insurance agent to find out more about how you can save money.


Save on Car Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Minimum Insurance Requirements in Alexandria, VA

If you get into an accident, you’ll need minimum coverage of $25,000 for bodily injury per person, with a maximum of $50,000 per incident. You'll also need coverage for up to $20,000 for damage to another person’s property.

Liability Coverage

Your car insurance liability coverage will cover legal costs resulting from a car accident. There are two types of liability coverage that your policy must include:

  • Bodily injury: If you are found to be at fault for an accident, this will protect you against the expenses that occur because of injuries sustained by the others involved.
  • Property damage: This will cover damage that you caused to the vehicle or property of others if you are found to be at fault.

In Alexandria, you are also required to have uninsured motorist coverage. If you get into an accident with someone who is not insured, this will help pay for any damage that is sustained, whether it be physical or to your property.

Additional Car insurance Coverages in Alexandria, VA

It’s a smart idea to include additional coverages in your policy so you can feel secure on the road.

  • Comprehensive: This can be used to repair your vehicle if it is damaged by theft, fire, vandalism, or broken windows, or even if you get hit by an animal.
  • Collision: If you get into an accident with another vehicle, this will cover repairs to any physical damage to your car.
  • Roadside assistance: If you accidentally lock yourself out, run out of fuel, or just need a jump start, this coverage will pay for the assistance that you need.

When you get into an accident, bills can start adding up fast. With the right coverage, you won’t need to worry about any financial loss. Chat with an agent to find out what coverage options are best for you.

What Is the Auto Theft Rate in Alexandria, VA?

On average, you’re a little more likely to have your car stolen in Alexandria than in the rest of the country.

  • National auto theft rate per 1,000 vehicles: 2.29
  • Alexandria auto theft rate per 1,000 vehicles: 2.41

It’s important to make sure that you are covered in case your car gets stolen or broken into. The only way you’ll be covered is with comprehensive coverage. 1 in 65 people have a chance of this happening in Alexandria, so make sure you are protected.

How Can You Easily Find Car Insurance in Alexandria, VA?

An independent insurance agent will help you find an affordable car insurance policy with the coverage you want. They’ll comparison shop for you, show you multiple quotes, and you’ll decide. Chat with an independent insurance agent to get started finding your high-quality car insurance policy.

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