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Finding affordable life insurance is much easier than most people realize. If you buy a life insurance policy at a young age, take good care of your health, and compare rates from multiple companies before making a decision on your policy, you’ll be sure to get excellent life insurance rates. But even if you are older, there are ways to cut costs.

We’ve provided a list of ideas below to help you save on life insurance. While looking for an affordable life insurance policy, make sure that you do not fall prey to a scam or buy the wrong product that doesn’t cover your needs. Keep a watchful eye out for illegal life insurance deals, since those looking for low-cost plans are some of the most vulnerable consumers.

Working with an independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network can ensure that you find the best insurance for your needs at an affordable rate. Whether you want to get a quote or find an agent, answers are just a few clicks away.

Signs That a Life Insurance Deal is a Scam

  • An agent or broker suggests you cash in your current policy to buy one that is allegedly a better policy (a scam known as “twisting”)
  • You are asked to trade in current annuities for new ones in exchange for a fast cash bonus (a scam known as “churning”)
  • An agent inflates your net worth in order to purchase a larger annuity than you truly qualify for, thereby receiving a larger commission

These and other dishonest practices prey on seniors and others who are seeking the best life insurance rates and value their money can buy. Unfortunately, some life insurance deals are not legitimate and are designed to benefit the agent, not the consumer.

Trusted Choice member agents sign a pledge of performance committing to quality service and integrity. They advocate for the consumer, not the insurance company, and can provide straight-forward, unbiased answers to your questions about life insurance plans and costs.

20 Ways to Find Life Insurance Deals, Discounts and Savings

To save on life insurance, determine if there are any adjustments you can make to your choices and lifestyle to make your policy as affordable as possible. Consider the following:

  1. Compare rates from multiple life insurance companies. The cost of life insurance varies considerably from one life insurance carrier to another. An independent agent in the Trusted Choice network can review pricing from multiple life insurance companies to find the best policy and rate for your needs.
  2. Choose term insurance vs. whole life. By its nature, term insurance is simply more affordable because it only pays out if you die within the set term. A permanent policy such as whole life, on the other hand, pays out when you pass away, no matter when that happens. While whole life is an excellent long-term strategy for many people, term life may be adequate if you are primarily interested in a death benefit to help your family cover expenses.
  3. Choose a shorter term. The key time to have life insurance is when you have young dependents. If you want to lower your life insurance costs, you might want to select a 15-year term versus a 30-year term, for example, if that will help your kids to get through the college years.
  4. Select a lower coverage amount. If you are not responsible for covering the costs of living for you and your dependents, you may not need a large life insurance policy. If your spouse has a job, you may not need to cover the entire expense of your mortgage or college tuition. You may want to look into investment vehicles that can provide additional survivor income.
  5. Lock in rates as soon as possible. If you are considering buying a life insurance policy, don’t delay. The best life insurance deals are available for those who are younger. However, the price you are quoted for a term insurance policy now, at whatever age you may be, is what you will pay for the full term. Also, if you buy when you are young, you may not have to qualify for life insurance again.
  6. Pay annually instead of monthly. The cost of handling your account and your payments is figured into your life insurance rates. Paying annually is one way to reduce these costs. If paying a lump sum annually seems prohibitive, consider paying quarterly.
  7. Don’t buy life insurance online. Life insurance companies very often send a field professional such as in-home health nurse to take your vitals. If you buy a policy online through a company that does not require a health exam, you will pay higher rates for the privilege because the insurance company is assuming a higher risk.
  8. Don’t buy a guaranteed issue life insurance policy unless it is necessary. As with many online life insurance policies, guaranteed issue life insurance does not require a medical exam. These policies are typically for those who have a difficult time qualifying for life insurance, or are afraid they won’t qualify. First, make sure you get life insurance quotes from several companies. A risk that one company considers a show-stopper may be viewed very differently by the actuaries at another life insurance company.
  9. Do not cash in your policy to buy again later. If you are strapped for cash, find other ways to save or obtain additional income before eyeing any cash investment in a permanent policy. Obtaining a new policy in the future will cost you far more than it did when you first bought your life insurance. If you develop a chronic condition, you may not even qualify. If you should die in the meantime, your heirs will not receive the benefit.
  10. Switch to a low-risk occupation. If you work in a job capacity or industry that comes with high risks, you may have a difficult time finding affordable life insurance, and may even have difficulty qualifying for coverage in the first place. If you are considering a career change and have the option to move to a lower-risk role without sacrificing income, you may be able to significantly lower your life insurance rates.
  11. Change your hobbies. Most life insurance companies today want to know about your activities, in addition to your occupation, age and overall health. If you enjoy extreme sports such as scuba diving or flying a small twin engine plane, you may have difficulty finding affordable life insurance. While you may not want to drop your hobbies to get cheaper life insurance, know that they may have an impact on your rates.
  12. Drive safely. Yes, even your driving habits can impact your life insurance rates. If you have multiple speeding tickets, traffic violations, or even worse – DUI infractions – your life insurance company may consider you as a higher risk candidate for coverage.
  13. Quit smoking. The number one thing you can do to obtain more affordable life insurance is to quit smoking. Life insurance companies know that smoking dramatically increases your risk of death and charge much higher rates to insure smokers.
  14. Improve your health. Improving your blood pressure, cholesterol and other measurable heart health indicators can also improve your life insurance rates.
  15. Request a combined health and life insurance quote. Some agencies specialize in both health and life insurance. Be sure to ask whether multi-policy discounts are available if you obtain your life insurance and health insurance coverage through one insurance company.
  16. Ask about government life insurance discounts. Sometimes government employees can qualify for certain discounts. Ask your independent agent to determine if discounts may be available.
  17. Ask about military life insurance discounts. If you have served in the military, you may be eligible for insurance discounts. Be sure to ask your agent whether these discounts are available.
  18. Ask about teacher discounts. Teachers are also often candidates for lower cost insurance premiums. Ask your agent whether you qualify for a discount on a life insurance policy.
  19. Take a medical exam. While it is possible to get life insurance without a health examination, you will pay more. The life insurance company is taking on more risk by giving you a life insurance policy without relying on exam records. Taking the exam will help you save on your premiums.
  20. Ask your agent about discounts. Independent agents can review your life insurance goals and provide guidance on the best life insurance policy to meet those goals and the best price. Your agent can also browse several different life insurance companies to determine what discounts are available.

If you are seeking help in your quest for affordable life insurance, find an agent now. A Trusted Choice member agent can research rates tailored to your needs and profile and help you find the right life insurance for your budget.

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