Military & Veteran Home Insurance Discounts

Find out how to save money on your home insurance if you're in the military or a veteran.

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Female soldier is excited to be home with her family. Find Military and Veteran Home Discounts.

If you're in the U.S. military or are a veteran, you could save a lot of money on your home insurance premiums. Many home insurance companies offer discounts for active or retired military members, and if you're not already earning this discount, you could be missing out on some serious savings.

An independent insurance agent can help you add military and veteran discounts to your home insurance if you don't have them already. They can also help you find any other home insurance discounts you may qualify for. But first, here's a closer look at military and veteran home insurance discounts.

What Are Military & Veteran Home Insurance Discounts?

If you’re a current service member or veteran, many insurance companies offer special discounted rates on your insurance, including home insurance. These discounts may be available to your spouse or children as well, but that’s usually more common with car insurance and life insurance than home insurance.

Unlike other insurance discounts that can be more complicated, military and veteran discounts are typically pretty simple to calculate. They work a bit like a coupon where a certain percentage, such as 5% or 15%, is deducted from your total insurance premium bill each month. That adds up to big savings each year.

How Do I Get Military & Veteran Home Insurance Discounts?

As long as you or a close family member serve or have served, military and veteran discounts are some of the easiest home insurance discounts to get. Here’s how:

  • Prepare your paperwork: You’ll need to provide documentation of your name, rank, and dates of service to the insurance company. Save some time by getting all these files together first. Give your Commanding Officer (CO) a heads-up that you’re shopping, too. In some cases, a simple phone call from a CO can replace paperwork. 
  • Talk with an independent insurance agent: The more your agent knows about you and your family, the more money they can save you. Tell them your age, occupation, and marital status. You could also qualify for extra discounts, so be sure to give your agent any information about you that may be relevant, such as if you have other insurance policies with the same carrier.
  • Compare your options: After a little research, your agent will bring you multiple insurance quotes. They'll help you make an informed decision about which policy and discount combination makes the most sense for you and your family's needs.

Getting set up with military and veteran home insurance discounts is easy, especially when you enlist the help of an independent insurance agent. Just a simple phone call can help you start saving quite a bit of money on your premiums.

How Much Will a Military or Veteran Home Insurance Discount Save Me?

Your total savings from your discount depend on many different factors. One of the biggest factors is the insurance company you get your policy through. While some insurance carriers offer military and veteran home insurance discounts for a rate of 15% or so, other carriers might offer higher or lower percentages. An independent insurance agent can help you find the insurance company that offers the best military and veteran home insurance discounts combined with quality coverage.


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What Other Home Insurance Discounts Might I Qualify For?

There are plenty of other home insurance discounts you might qualify for on top of your military or veteran discount. Qualifying for these discounts depends on your unique situation, and the discounts offered often vary by carrier. But keep a look out for these other common home insurance discounts:

  • Security discounts: Homeowners will likely be offered a security discount for homes with a security system installed.
  • Sprinkler discounts: Homeowners will probably be offered a sprinkler discount for homes equipped with sprinklers.
  • Low claims history discounts: Homeowners with low to no claims history with their current insurer for a set period of time can often earn a nice discount.
  • Bundling discounts: If you have more than one type of insurance through the same company, such as home insurance and business insurance, you're likely to qualify for a nice bundling discount.

You might qualify for all or none of these discounts or several others that didn't make this list. An independent insurance agent can help you find and add all the home insurance discounts you're eligible to receive.

The Benefits of Working with an Independent Insurance Agent

Your time is valuable, so why do all the hard work yourself? Independent insurance agents stay on top of the industry and all the latest discounts, so you don’t have to. That enables them to help find the right coverage for you at the right price. 

And they’re not just there at the beginning, either. If disaster strikes and you need to file a claim, they’ll be with you every step of the way, helping you meet deadlines and maximize your benefits. Now that's convenient. 

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