MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE: Only two wheels, same great coverage

Motorcycle rider wearing proper gear

The open road should be the only thing on your mind when you’re on your bike this summer. Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agents understand that anything can happen, and can answer questions you may have about protecting your bike, yourself, and anyone else. Here are a few things to consider when adding or renewing your motorcycle insurance:

Discounts anyone?

Multiple bikes on one policy, your length of experience in riding, and graduating from a training course can give you immediate discounts. In some northern states, motorcyclists are also offered “lay up” policies, in which coverage can be suspended during winter months; however, be aware, some cost-savings may not be worth incurring the risk of a loss that is not covered. You may save $75 on a premium, but incur a five-figure loss. For instance, if your bike is stored in your garage during the layup period, someone steals it and runs over another person, and the injured person sues you, you would more than likely have no coverage with a lay-up endorsement.

Hopefully this information can get you started, but contact your local Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent for more information on the right coverage for you.


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