What Happens if Someone Steals All My Four-Wheelers and Snowmobiles out of My Shed?

Does home insurance cover theft, or do you need to have ATV or snowmobile insurance? How does that work?
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Reviewer: Jeffrey Green Reviewed by Jeffrey Green
Reviewer: Jeffrey Green
Reviewed by Jeffrey Green

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Snowmobiles parked outside a shed. What happens if someone steals all of my 4-wheelers and snowmobiles out of my shed?

As a homeowner, you want to be sure all your property is protected, whether it’s stored within the home or not. So what happens if someone steals all of your four-wheelers and snowmobiles out of your shed? Who’s responsible for this mess, anyway?

Luckily an independent insurance agent can answer these important questions for you and also get you set up with the right insurance policy. Here’s how they’d help you get protected against someone stealing the recreational vehicles out of your shed.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Theft of ATVs or Snowmobiles?

According to insurance expert Jeffery Green, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover any motorized vehicles, including snowmobiles or ATVs, even if they’re stored at your home. You’ll need separate policies to cover these vehicles. An independent insurance agent can help you get set up with all the coverage you need to protect all your belongings.

What Kind of Coverage Do I Need for My Special Vehicles?

The coverage you buy might depend on which insurance company you get it from. Some companies offer separate, special ATV insurance and snowmobile insurance policies, while others have general off-road vehicle policies that could cover both. Regardless of what the coverage is called, you’ll need this extra policy to protect your ATV, snowmobile, or other four-wheeler from various threats, because homeowners insurance won't.

What Does ATV or Snowmobile Insurance Cover?

Whether you need ATV insurance, snowmobile insurance, or off-road vehicle insurance, the coverage provides several important protections for your fast toys. These are:

  • Liability: Protects you in case your vehicle causes damage or injury to a third party or their property. Costs can pay for medical bills, property repairs, and legal defense costs.
  • Collision: If your ATV or snowmobile gets damaged after a collision with a piece of property, object, or another vehicle, this coverage can pay to repair your four-wheeler.
  • Comprehensive: This coverage can protect your ATV or other special vehicle from other threats including hail or fire damage, theft, etc.

An independent insurance agent can help you ensure your special vehicles have all the protection they need against theft and other catastrophes.

What if I Don’t Have Insurance?

Without insurance, you’ll have to pay the costs of replacing your four-wheeler or other vehicle out of your own pocket. Homeowners insurance would cover the costs of many types of property, but not motorized vehicles. That’s why it’s so important to have the right type of coverage for any off-road vehicles, just like you’d have auto insurance to protect your car.

Where Can I Get Snowmobile Insurance?

Snowmobile insurance and off-road vehicle insurance is available from many different carriers. Finding the right coverage will depend on the area you live in, though. Here’s a look at some of the top current snowmobile and off-road vehicle insurance companies in the US overall.

Best Snowmobile and Off-Road Vehicle Insurance Companies Star Rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

An independent insurance agent can help you find the right snowmobile or off-road vehicle insurance policy from one of these carriers, or the one that best meets your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Homeowners Insurance?

Though homeowners insurance may not protect your off-road vehicles, it still provides a ton of critical protection for other things. Here’s a look at some of the basic homeowners insurance coverages.

  • Contents coverage: Property stored within the home and sheds or other external storage units including clothes, furniture, etc. are protected against threats like lightning, theft, and more.
  • Dwelling coverage: The physical structure or dwelling of your home is protected against fire damage, hail damage, and more.
  • Liability coverage: Home insurance also protects you against third-party lawsuits for claims of bodily injury or property damage.
  • Additional living expenses: If a disaster forces you to live somewhere else while your home gets repairs done, any qualifying additional expenses like hotel stays are covered.

An independent insurance agent can further explain the importance of homeowners insurance and all the benefits that comes with it.

Here’s How an Independent Insurance Agent Would Help

When it comes to protecting homeowners against stolen ATVs or four-wheelers and all other incidents, no one’s better equipped to help than an independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents search through multiple carriers to find providers who specialize in homeowners and off-road vehicle insurance, deliver quotes from a number of different sources and help you walk through them all to find the best blend of coverage and cost.

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