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Written by Candace Jenkins
Written by Candace Jenkins

Candace Jenkins is a licensed insurance advisor with over a decade of experience. She is also a writer and loves to write on all things insurance. Candace writes for on a continuous basis and is here with the facts about all your insurance inquiries.

Anchorage Alaska homeowners insurance

Anchorage, Alaska, is known for its creative scene, with local artists and musicians making it their residence place. Surrounded by glaciers, wildlife, and natural beauty, this town is sure to inspire.

If you own a home in Anchorage, you'll want to protect it with insurance. A local independent insurance agent can find the coverage for your homeowner needs. 

What Is the Price of Homeowners Insurance in Anchorage, AK?

When you know how the carriers determine your insurance costs, you can better prepare. Let's take a look at rating factors used by the insurance companies:

  • The replacement cost of your home
  • Year, square footage, and materials of your home
  • Your credit score
  • Your loss history

Your home insurance premiums will be individualized to your specifications. This means that each person will have a unique rate. Take a look at the state and national average costs to get an idea. 

Homeowners insurance average premiums:

  • National average: $1,211
  • Alaska average: $959

With Alaska coming in as only the 37th most expensive state to have home insurance, your rates should be reasonably low. Contact your independent agent to find out what your homeowners insurance will cost.

Burglaries in Anchorage, AK, and Your Homeowners Insurance

If you are a victim of a home burglary, you'll want a policy that supplies the best coverage. Anchorage's crime rates will affect your insurance costs. Take a look at the number of burglaries per 100,000 homes:

  • National burglary average (per 100,000 households) - 376
  • Alaska burglary average (per 100,000 households) - 539.6
  • Anchorage burglary average (per 100,000 households) - 708.2

The city of Anchorage is quite large, with over 294,356 residents. This is part of the reason the burglary rates are higher than in other towns. With more people, there is usually a higher rate of crime. Whether you live in a mobile home, condo, or mansion, the local crime impacts everyone's premiums. Connect with your independent agent to see how your insurance costs affect you. 


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Catastrophes in Anchorage, AK, and Your Homeowners Insurance 

Your homeowners insurance should have coverage when you need it most. Catastrophe and severe weather can strike at a moment's notice. To have proper protection, your home policy needs to be right the first time. 

Most common natural disasters in Alaska:

#1  Severe storms and lightning

#2  Wildfires and residential fires

#3  Flooding and water damage

#4  Burglary and other property crimes

#5  Ice storms and freezing

If you don't know what your Anchorage home policy will cover, it's time to get advice from an expert. Contact your local independent insurance agent to get the coverage you need. 

Why you need a separate flood insurance policy in Anchorage, AK:

The third biggest threat in Anchorage, AK, is flooding. When your home sustains just one inch of water, you could have over $25,000 in damage. Unfortunately, your primary home policy excludes coverage for any harm resulting from a flood. Here is how to get flood insurance in three easy steps:

1. Have your independent agent pull your flood zone. 

2. Have your agent quote flood insurance with FEMA-approved carriers. 

3. Select the best flood insurance option presented.

Your home is likely your largest asset. Make sure it has the protection it needs. Contact your local agent about flood insurance. 

Homeowners Liability Insurance in Anchorage, AK

A lawsuit could arise due to a variety of factors where your liability coverage would respond. Most insurance carriers, lenders, and landlords will require liability insurance. Take a look at some liability claim examples:

  • A friend slips and falls on your property and sues for injuries
  • A tree falls on your neighbor's car, and they sue for property damage
  • Your child is accused of bullying another party on social media, and they sue for damages

Your family needs adequate protection for all that could go wrong. When your primary home policy isn't enough, an umbrella insurance option is good to have.

Umbrella liability insurance: 

Adequate insurance protection is needed when you own a home. Umbrella insurance will provide additional liability coverage above and beyond your home and auto insurance policies. A more significant insurance claim could exhaust your primary policy limits, and this is when your umbrella policy would apply. Contact your independent agent for information on liability insurance.

An Anchorage, AK, Independent Insurance Agent

A home is a large investment that should be protected wisely. An Anchorage independent insurance agent can help find coverage at a fair price. 

They work with multiple carriers, saving you time and money on homeowners insurance. Go to to find a local agent and start better coverage today.

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