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With hundreds of miles and thousands of acres of ATV trails, Kansas is an off-roaders paradise. Whether you take a leisurely ride at Eisenhower State Park or hit the moguls and motocross jumps at Green Acres MX, you'll need a comprehensive ATV insurance policy. It's the only way to ensure that your machine is up and running after swift repairs, and to protect your finances from paying to treat injuries or defending yourself against lawsuits.

Before you search for ATV insurance quotes, however, there are several factors to consider.

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ATV Use in Kansas

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission:

  • Since 1982, 144 ATV riders have been killed in KS as a result of operating their ATV.
  • 36 people died in Kansas from ATV crashes between the years 2007 and 2011 alone.
  • Among those killed on Kansas trails and ditches, 34 were children aged 16 or younger.
  • ATV injuries are most common in white men aged 18 to 30 years; they usually occur in rural areas, and 80 percent of injuries are to the driver rather than to a passenger. 
  • Although only 15 percent of ATV riders are children, they account for 27 percent of ATV injuries and 28 percent of deaths.

Does Kansas Require Me to Carry ATV Insurance?

Although Kansas law does not require you to carry ATV insurance, it is still a good idea to find a policy that will protect you from lawsuits and help you recover quicklly following an accident. Kansas law does require the following for ATV riders:

  • All ATVs must be titled.
  • ATVs may not be operated on any interstate or highway or within limits of cities of the first class.
  • ATVs may not be operated on public roads between sunset and sunrise unless equipped with a headlight and taillight.

Local governments may have additional regulations you must follow, so always check your city and county laws regarding ATVs before you ride. Some privately owned ATV parks may also require certain things before you can hit their trails, including proof of ATV insurance.

Why Is ATV Insurance Important?

ATVs are fast and higly maneuverable. That's what makes them so fun to ride in the  wide open spaces of Kansas, but it's also what makes them so dangerous. ATVs can be risky – for riders, passengers, and those around them – and ATV insurance is designed to help cover the costs associated with a mishap or incident, as well as theft. ATV insurance helps you recover financially so that the cost of repairs, injuries, and even lawsuits do not end up being more than you can manage out of pocket.

When you are in an accident that results in injuries or damages, your insurance agent can help you start the claims process and get compensation.

The most comprehensive policies also protect you from a lawsuit should a passenger or another rider sue you for any harm you cause them while operating your ATV.

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What Does ATV Insurance Cover?

Most insurance providers will give you several options to choose from when you build your ATV insurance policy. The most common features include:

  • Liability coverage: This policy option covers you in the event you injur another person and help pay for their medical treatment. It will also cover your legal fees and court costs should you face a lawsuit regarding your ATV use.
  • Collision coverage: This helps pay for repairs to your damaged ATV after an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This option helps pay for repairs or replacement should your ATV be damaged by a severe weather event or vandalism, or if it gets stolen.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: This covers your costs if another rider causes an accident and does not have the insurance to pay for your expenses.

Some insurance companies also offer ATV insurance policy options that cover your gear and other accessories you have installed on your ATV.

Can I Find Coverage for My Particular ATV?

When ATVs first started appearing on Kansas trails and ditches, they were of the three-wheel variety. Today, ATVs come in all shapes and sizes and you can find an insurance policy that fits your particular make and model. Most Kansas insurance providers will cover the following ATVs and more:

  • Three-wheelers
  • Four-wheelers
  • Six-wheelers
  • Eight-wheelers
  • Side-by-sides
  • UTVs

What Will My ATV Quote Look Like?

Most Kansas insurance providers use a number of factors to calculate your unique ATV insurance quote. Since no two riders are the same, no two ATV insurance quotes will be identical. Here are some of the details insurance companies will use to determine your quote:

  • Your driving history: Riders with clean driving records will receive lower quotes than those with multiple tickets or violations.
  • Your ATV: The make and model of your ATV and whether it is classified as an on-road or off-road vehicle will affect your ATV insurance quote. The more powerful your ATV, the higher your quote will be as the risks increase.
  • How often you ride: The frequency of use will is also be factored into your quote. If you only use your ATV ocassionally, your quote will be lower than someone who rides on a daily basis.
  • Your covered riders: The age of the riders you wish to cover will also affect your premium quote. The younger the rider, the higher the quote.
  • How you use the ATV: If you off-road for pleasure, your quote will be lower than someone who races their ATV in competition.

Different insurance companies will use different factors in determining your quote, so it is always a good idea to shop around and compare multiple quotes. Some insurance providers will even offer you a discount for completing an ATV safety course, so be sure to ask if you qualify for any cost savings.

Where Can I Find ATV Insurance?

As an ATV rider, you may enjoy taking risks, but none are so costly as off-roading in Kansas without insurance. Whether you ride a three-wheeler, UTV, or four-wheeler, knowledgeable independent insurance agents on the Trusted Choice®network are always here to answer any questions you may have, suggest coverage options for your ATV, and even assist you in filing a claim.

They have years of experience working with Kansas insurance providers, enabling them to find you a number of quotes from a variety of companies. Contact a Trusted Choice agent near you today to find the most comprehensive ATV insurance quotes at the best rates.

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