Kansas is home to many historic sites and trails. The Lewis and Clark and Pony Express National Historic Trails and the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site are some highlights of this state's landscape. As a Kansan, you may have a home or apartment, a vehicle, boat or ATV and a family that needs healthcare. You may even own your own small business. Managing these responsibilities can be overwhelming, but a Kansas insurance policy can help make sure your investments, health, and business are all safe. Fortunately, finding the right policies does not need to be difficult.

As a resident of Kansas, you can turn to an independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network for help with all of your insurance coverage needs. These agents work with several top-rated insurance companies and can obtain a variety of Iowa insurance quotes for policies designed specifically for you. Kansas has 473 Trusted Choice member agents to meet the needs of its 2.9 million residents, and ranks fifth in the nation for its agent-to-population ratio. You should therefore have no trouble finding a member agent conveniently located near your home or business. Find a local member agent today to get started in your search for the right Kansas insurance policies.

Why Choose an Independent Agent?

A lot of people assume that all insurance agents are alike. This is not the case. When shopping for Kansas insurance policies, there are two distinct types of agents you can work with: captive agents and independent agents.

  • Captive insurance agents: These agents work for a specific big-name insurance company. They are required to sell you only the products and services offered by their parent company, which have very little room for customization.
  • Independent insurance agents: These agents work with a variety of top-rated insurance companies. They are free to comparison shop and pick out the policies that could best fit your needs at a competitive price. When you work with an independent agent, your agent is working for you, not for an insurance company.

All agents in the Trusted Choice network fall into the independent category. Each has taken a pledge to provide exceptional customer service and honest ethical advice. Contact a local member agent today to discover how an independent agent can help you with your Kansas insurance needs.

Find the Right Kansas Car Insurance Policy

The state of Kansas requires that all car and truck owners, whether personal or commercial, properly insure vehicles. In Kansas, the state-mandated minimum liability insurance limits are 25/50/10, which means you must carry a minimum of:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per injured person
  • $50,000 in total bodily injury liability if more than one person is injured
  • $10,000 in property damage liability coverage for any third-party property damage

While these limits may seem high, a serious accident with multiple injuries can easily exceed these limits. For this reason, many Kansas residents opt to purchase higher liability coverage amounts.

In addition to liability coverage, the state of Kansas requires its drivers to carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and personal injury protection (PIP).

  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage: This provides insurance for the cost of damages or injuries you sustain in a collision caused by a driver who lacks the necessary insurance to fully cover the costs. Damages caused by hit-and-run drivers are also included in this coverage.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage: This provides insurance for the cost of injuries sustained by you and your passengers resulting from a motor vehicle accident, regardless of fault.

Finally, Kansas residents have the option of purchasing supplementary coverage for vehicles. While this additional coverage is not required by law, it may be required by your lender if you have financed the purchase of your vehicle. This coverage includes:

  • Collision coverage: This provides insurance for the cost of damages sustained by your car or truck in a motor vehicle collision, regardless of fault.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This provides insurance for the cost of damages sustained by your car or truck that are not the result of a collision. This includes damages caused by fire, water, falling objects, severe weather, theft and vandalism.

When it’s time to purchase an insurance policy for your car or truck, you can turn to an agent in the Trusted Choice network for help. These agents can find a variety of competitively-priced policies at that are suitable to protect you and any others in your family or your business who may be driving your vehicles. Contact a local member agent today for more information about personal or commercial Kansas car insurance policies.

Be Sure to Adequately Cover Your Kansas Home

Kansas homeowners are vulnerable to forces that may damage or destroy homes. Situated in "Tornado Alley," this state sees its share of severe weather. Other catastrophes, such as residential fires, have the potential to completely destroy your home. Fortunately, you can protect your finances and investments with a suitable Kansas homeowners insurance policy.

Whether you need traditional homeowners insurance or a condo, mobile home or even a renters insurance policy, it's a good idea to research the amount of coverage you need to protect yourself from major costs. The three main coverage components that make up a home insurance policy include:

  • Liability coverage: This provides coverage if you are sued for third party bodily injury or property damage suffered at your home. Liability coverage includes any associated court costs and legal fees you accrue in your defense. Homeowners liability coverage also covers you for charges of libel and slander, and some policies cover damages and injuries caused by children and pets.
  • Contents coverage: This provides coverage if the contents within your home are damaged by a fire, severe weather event or theft. It includes coverage for everything from carpeting and appliances to furniture and clothing. Some items, such as family heirlooms and antiques, may require an additional rider to be fully covered. It typically does not cover damage from flooding events, however. A flood insurance policy can be purchased separately in most cases.
  • Structure coverage: This provides coverage if the structure of your home and detached garages are damaged. Heavy winds, hail, lightning, tornados and residential fires can all cause expensive damage or even a total loss. Be sure to purchase structure coverage in an amount sufficient to completely rebuild your home if it is destroyed in a catastrophe.

Contact a local member of the Trusted Choice network to learn more about Kansas homeowners insurance and to discuss appropriate coverage amounts. A local agent will be able to help you find a competitively-priced policy that meets your coverage needs.

Do You Own Your Own a Business in Kansas?

There are more than 200,000 small businesses in Kansas. Many represent sole-proprietorships and freelancers but more than 60,000 have employees. If you are one of the many entrepreneurs in Kansas, you have probably invested a lot of time and money into your business. Why not protect it with a suitable Kansas business insurance policy?

No two businesses are the same and companies in different industries face different risks. Business insurance companies understand this and so do agents in the Trusted Choice network. These agents work with several different insurance companies and can easily build you policies that make sense for your business’s coverage needs.

Agents can work with you to ensure that you are properly coverage for:

  • Liability risks: Businesses are vulnerable to lawsuits. While your personal finances may be protected if your company is set up as a corporation or LLC, the business itself can suffer a financial hit after a liability lawsuit. There are several different forms of business liability insurance. An agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you determine which are right for your company.
  • Property loss: If your business suffers property loss or damage because of a covered event, you can receive the compensation necessary to rebuild, repair or replace the damaged items. A Trusted Choice member agent can help you find coverage in an amount sufficient to fully protect your business assets.
  • Employee injuries: If an employee is injured on the job, you may be responsible for covering any necessary medical costs. You can include workers compensation as a part of most business insurance plans or you can purchase it as a separate policy. An agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you find the most cost-effective solution.
  • Loss of income: If your business needs to temporarily stop sales or production because of a covered event, a business insurance policy that includes loss of income coverage will ensure that your business continues to receive income sufficient to pay employees, monthly bills and expenses.

Contact an agent in the Trusted Choice network today to learn more about Kansas business insurance. Let a local member agent build you a variety of custom policies that are right for your commercial enterprise.

Protect Your Loved-Ones with Kansas Life Insurance

On average, Kansans live 78.7 years, making this state 27th in the nation in terms of life expectancy. Accidents and illnesses do happen, and they can sometimes cut a life short. Fortunately, you can protect the financial health and well-being of those you leave behind when you have a suitable Kansas life insurance policy.

There are two distinct types of life insurance policies, and there is no one right or wrong option. An agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you understand the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Term life insurance policies: These polices are in effect for a specified length of time, or term. Once the term is up, the policy expires.
    • Pros: These policies are significantly less expensive, so you can purchase higher amounts of coverage at lower rates. They provide coverage at the time in your life when you need it most.
    • Cons: The policies hold no cash value. In some cases, when your term policy is up, it may be difficult to find another affordable life insurance policy.
  • Permanent life insurance policies: These policies are in force for your entire life. They also built a cash value over time. You can lock in a low rate while you are young and keep that rate for your entire life.
    • Pros: These policies have a cash value and do not expire. If you need to, you can cash out your policy early and collect its accrued value.
    • Cons: These policies are far more expensive than term policies, so you may have to spend a lot to get coverage to protect your family’s financial future.

If you are thinking about purchasing life insurance, speak with an independent agent near you today. These agents work with several different top-rated insurers an can make sure that you are getting your Kansas life insurance policy at a competitive rate.

Do You Need to Find Affordable Kansas Health Insurance?

As of 2008, nearly 10 percent of all Kansas residents were living without health insurance. With the passing of the Affordable Healthcare Act, these numbers are expected to drop. Residents who do not receive subsidized health insurance through employers will be able to purchase health coverage through an exchange. Additionally, you cannot be turned down for coverage because of a pre-existing condition, as had been the case in the past.

Agents in the Trusted Choice network can help you understand the new laws and how they benefit you. These agents can also help you find a health insurance policy that is affordable.

Find a local agent now to discuss your many options and questions you may have, such as:

  • What is the difference between an HMO and a PPO?
  • Can I save money by opting to pay as I go instead of purchasing a policy?
  • What types of preventive care are covered by these plans?
  • Should I set up an HSA (health savings account), and if so, how will it benefit me?

An agent in the Trusted Choice network can answer these and many other questions you may have about health insurance coverage in Kansas. Contact a local member agent today for more information.

Do You Have Enough Kansas Tornado Insurance?

When many people think of Kansas, they immediately picture the iconic image of Dorothy’s house being carried off in a tornado in the classic movie The Wizard of Oz. Tornados do present a threat to residents of this state. Kansas tornado insurance can cover your home, auto, and other belongings from all the threats that cyclonic winds can bring

If your home is in the path of a tornado, you could lose everything. Most homeowners insurance policies cover damages caused by tornados, not all.  In order to get adequate Kansas tornado insurance for your home, you may have to purchase an additional endorsement, or "rider." An agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you ensure that your home insurance policy covers you against these twisters. Your coverage should include:

  • Structure coverage: This insurance protects the outside of your home, your garage, and other items in the exterior. It's a good idea to learn about the difference between replacement cost coverage and actual cash value (ACV) coverage, which takes into account depreciation.
  • Contents coverage: If you do not have enough contents coverage for your home, you may find yourself paying a lot of money out of pocket when replacing your lost and damaged items. An agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you review your policy limits to ensure that you have all the coverage you need if a tornado causes you a total loss.

You can protect other property as well. If you own a vehicle, boat, ATV, RV or other recreational property, you can insure it against tornado damage simply by purchasing insurance policies that include comprehensive ("other than collision") insurance. Contact a local Trusted Choice representative today to ensure that your Kansas property is fully coverage against the damages a tornado can cause.

Find Great Rates on All Your Kansas Insurance Policies

Independent insurance agents in the Trusted Choice network can help you with all of your Kansas insurance coverage needs, whether personal or commercial. These agents work with several top-rated insurance providers and can build customized policies that meet your unique coverage and budgetary needs.

Trusted Choice member agents are dedicated to providing customers with the utmost in customer service. All member agents have signed a pledge of performance in which they vow to provide excellent customer service and honest, ethical advice. Contact one of the nearly 500 agents with offices in Kansas today to learn more.