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The capital and largest city in Massachusetts is the only state capital with an ocean coastline.  In Boston, boats are a common sight, dotting the local marinas and harbors that flank the city. The Head of Charles Regatta, which occurs in Boston each year, is the world’s largest two-day rowing event, attracting competitors and spectators from around the world. Boat ownership comes with certain risks, not only to your boat but to you and your passengers as well. It's important to get the right Boston, MA boat insurance in place to protect your investment. Contact a local independent insurance agent in our network today to get the personal assistance you need to assess your risks and find the right coverage for you.


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U.S. Boating Accident Deaths

  • Two-thirds of boating accident deaths are due to drowning
  • 90% of victims were not wearing life jackets
  • Alcohol is a significant factor in 21% of deaths

Who Needs Boston Boat Insurance?

There are many different types of vessels on the water, both on the ocean and on inland rivers and creeks. If your boat is a canoe or kayak, you may have a certain amount of coverage in your homeowners policy, and may or may not need a policy devoted to specifically covering it. For more expensive and more powerful watercrafts, however, Boston boat insurance can be an excellent investment that will provide financial protection against loss or damage to the watercraft itself, damage to other people's property, as well as injuries that you, your passengers or others may experience.

Top 5 Types of Boating Accidents

  • Collision with a recreational vessel
  • Flooding/swamping
  • Collision with a fixed object
  • Grounding
  • Water skier mishap

Save on Boat Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Types of Boat Coverage Do You Need?

Your Boston boat insurance policy will need to cover a range of risks so that you are financially protected for a range of possible mishaps. For example, you may need coverage in the event that:

  • You cause an accident that harms others or their property
  • Another boater causes an accident that harms you, your boat or your passengers
  • Your boat is damaged by severe weather
  • Your  boat capsizes or sinks, and requires recovery, towing and/or fuel spill clean-up

Some of the options you will typically be able to choose from when you meet with an independent agent will include:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability: This coverage protects you when you are responsible for other people's injuries and/or property damage, whether through fault or negligence.
  • Physical damage: Similar to the "collision" portion of an auto policy, this portion of your boat insurance can cover damage to your vessel.
  • Medical payments: If you or a passenger on your boat is injured, hospitalized or killed in a boating accident, this optional coverage can provide compensation for medical and funeral costs.
  • Fuel spill clean-up: When an accident results in a fuel spill, you are responsible for the costs of clean-up. This optional coverage can help pay these costs.
  • Towing: You will typically have the option of both on-water and on-land towing, which can be exceptionally expensive in the event that your watercraft is disabled.
  • Fishing tackle and equipment: If you've invested in expensive tackle, navigation instruments or other equipment, you may want to cover them against damage or loss.

The exact coverage options available to you will depend on the insurance company you work with. An independent member agent in our network has access to multiple insurance companies and can help you evaluate a number of different policies that may meet your needs.

How to Manage Your Boat Insurance Costs

You might be able to reduce your premiums by certain means as well, if you take a boat safety course, for example or install fire extinguishers and a radio. Also if you use your boat only occasionally or in safe waters for leisurely pursuits, like freshwater fishing, this can affect your costs. More obvious things like the size, cost, and type of boat will also influence premium charges. If you have a very powerful speedboat, it's likely you are going to pay more as the risk and extent of damage increases.

Compare Boston Boat Insurance Quotes

There are a number of potential hazards out on the water, from rocks, floating debris and reckless boaters to extreme weather conditions. Many of these are beyond your control, but you can be prepared to recover financially with Boston boat insurance. An independent agent in our network can help you review coverage options from several different insurance companies. By comparing options and Boston boat insurance quotes with a knowledgeable agent, you can select the right policy for your needs and budget. 

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