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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert Written by Ann Herro
Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
Written by Ann Herro

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Tornados are one of the most unpredictable natural disasters that occur today. Despite the extensive research that’s been collected, victims normally only have a few minutes warning to get to safety. While the majority of tornadoes touch down in the Great Plains, tornados can happen everywhere. In fact, every single U.S. state has experienced a tornado at some point.

Insurance is meant to protect you from the unknown. Massachusetts tornado insurance can be a smart investment to protect you when the winds get high and the rains start to fall. But where do you start? Consider working with an independent insurance agent. Your independent agent can compare Massachusetts tornado insurance quotes to find coverage that complements your current homeowners policy. Find an agent right in your ZIP code today.

Massachusetts Tornado Facts

From 1951, the state has experienced:

  • 157 tornadoes
  • 109 fatalities
  • 1,559 injuries
  • The highest number of fatalities was 94 in 1953
  • The highest number of injuries also occurred in 1953 with 1,223
  • The tornado with the widest path spanned 1,000 yards and hit in 1986

Save on Tornado Insurance

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The Recent Outbreak

Just as the weather was starting to warm in the Northeast, Massachusetts experienced deadly twisters. By the end of June, four tornadoes had been reported in the state. The storms affected close to two dozen communities and left Springfield severely damaged. The storms tore off roofs and ripped trees out of the ground. Three people were killed and close to 200 people were injured.

The worst tornado was an EF3, which hit Springfield. 500 buildings were destroyed and the damage exceeded $140 million, most of which consisted of personal and commercial property. The tornado hit the metro center of Springfield, which is one of the most densely populated parts of the city. After the tornado, clean up began. Insurance claims poured in, rising from 5,000 to over 8,000 in the wake of the storm. Massachusetts has experienced 8 EF3 tornadoes since the 1950’s. To protect your home from the extensive damage this kind of storm could cause, consider Massachusetts tornado insurance.

Finding Massachusetts Tornado Insurance

To find out just how much coverage you already have, refer to your homeowners policy. Tornados pack powerful winds that can literally blow your house away. To rebuild is costly, but if your home is insured at replacement cost value, it’s much easier. Actual cash value may not cover the total rebuilding cost and your out-of-pocket expenses can quickly balloon to an unreasonable number.

The contents of your home also need protection from the destruction tornados can cause.  You may want to consider insuring them at replacement-cost value to get the best bang for your insurance buck. If you own expensive jewelry, collectibles, or artwork, make sure you have special endorsements for them in case they are destroyed as well. If you need a new homeowner policy or specific Massachusetts tornado insurance, contact an agent. An independent agent can pinpoint coverage gaps in your current policy and identify affordable ways to get the coverage you need.

Affordable Massachusetts Tornado Insurance Quotes

Our agents understand that cost is a concern when updating your homeowners policy. Living without the right amount of insurance can be a costly mistake when severe weather damages your home. When you work with an agent, you have a reliable insurance guide. Your member agent can compare policies and quotes from multiple sources to find a policy that suits your needs and your budget. 

Contact an agent for assistance with all your Massachusetts tornado insurance needs.

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