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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert Written by Ann Herro
Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
Written by Ann Herro

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The Capital City of Minnesota is a thriving cultural center that is home to a children’s museum, a science museum and many other cultural attractions and schools that make St. Paul a wonderful place to live in. New home buyers, long-time residents, and those moving from one home to another all have one thing in common, which is the need for excellent coverage that protects their home investment. How do you find the right coverage for your household?

Use our independent agent matching system to find the best insurance plan in your area. You tell us what you’re looking for, and our technology will recommend the best agents for you. Any information you provide will be sent to only the agents you pick. We do not sell to third parties.


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Cost of St. Paul Homeowners Insurance

  • National yearly premium average: $1,034
  • Minnesota yearly premium average: $1,140
  • 12th most expensive premium in the US

The factors that affect the actual premiums you will pay include a number of things like your home’s actual location and ZIP code, as well as the size, age and value of your home. When comparing quotes, you also want to be sure and discuss details with your agent such as how much coverage you want for your personal belongings, as the amount and type of personal property coverage you buy will also affect your premium.

A good way to determine the amount of personal property coverage you need is to take a complete inventory of what you own, whether on paper or with pictures and video. These are all of the items you will need to replace in the event of a total loss, such as a house fire, so it’s important to be thorough. If you have any particularly expensive items or collections, you can list these items in addendums to your policy, called “riders.” By purchasing additional coverage, you can be sure that you are prepared in the event of disaster or a burglary.

Number of Thefts in Minnesota:

  • National average for burglaries: 37,814
  • Minnesota number of burglaries: 22,713

What Are Your Home Risks in St. Paul?

Standard home policies provide coverage for some amount of theft, and you will need to determine whether the standard amount is adequate for you. For example, a typical policy will cover the depreciated value of your items, not the full replacement value. It is always a good idea to fully understand your policy and know what is and is not covered. If you feel you need more or different coverage, an independent agent can help you evaluate additional options.

Number of Catastrophes in Minnesota vs. the US:

  • National number of catastrophes: 19,033
  • Number of catastrophes in Minnesota: 407
  • National number of tornadoes: 1,233
  • Number of tornadoes in Minnesota: 24
  • National property damage from weather: $5,511,270,000
  • Property damage from weather in Minnesota: $47,550,000

Since St. Paul lies on the banks of the Mississippi River, floods are also a concern for St. Paul residents. However, it is important to know that your St. Paul homeowners insurance policy will not cover flood damage. Flood insurance is available from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) through independent agents. As a note of caution, you don’t want to wait until there is a flood warning to buy your flood policy, as there is a 30-day waiting period.

Home Safety in St. Paul

Interestingly enough, while St. Paul is well known as one of the “most livable cities” in the U.S., it also has its share of home safety concerns, including crimes and home fires.

The good news is that anything you do to thwart crime and break-ins at your home can also help you reduce the cost of your homeowners insurance. So be sure to let your agent know if you install a burglar alarm or other home safety devices such as a fire sprinkler system.


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

St. Paul Insurance for Second Homes

If you own a vacation or rental home, or any second home that may be vacant from time to time, your coverage needs will be different than for average homeowners that only need to insure a primary residence. Many Minnesotans own second homes and cabins on lakes farther north, and use these homes for weekend getaways in the warmer months, as rental properties, or both. Be sure to talk with a local independent agent about the right coverage for your vacation property.

Find the Best St. Paul Homeowners Insurance

To get the help you need to choose the right coverage for your home and vacation properties, find a local independent agent in the Trusted Choice network right here in town. A local member agent can help you compare St. Paul home insurance quotes from several different companies and help you choose the right amount of coverage for your personal belongings. Your agent can also be an excellent resource when you are choosing the amount of liability coverage you need to protect your assets.

Contact a member agent to get started reviewing your St. Paul homeowners insurance options today.

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