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The Red River State Recreation Area, Lac qui Parle State Park, and Lake Shetek State Park are the three best RV parks in Minnesota. RV travelling, and even full-time RV living is becoming increasingly popular all over the state and the entire country. No matter how you use your recreational vehicle, getting the right Minnesota RV insurance is critical.

There are many different types of RVs, and different families have different coverage needs depending on how the recreational vehicle gets used. Your local Trusted Choice® member agent will help you sort through your options as you compare Minnesota motorhome insurance quotes from various companies. Instead of visiting a captive agent who can only offer you limited policy selections from one company, why not visit an independent Trusted Choice member agent who can shop the best companies in your local area? Contact an agent today to get started.

  • 1 in every 12 U.S. vehicle-owning households owns an RV
  • RV ownership has grown 38% since 1980
  • Three primary types of recreational vehicles are towable, motorized, and conversions

RV ownership in this state is popular and growing. It is important to find the right policy for your needs. Evaluating your current coverage and shopping for the best plans on the market are good ways to make sure you’re getting the best value for your insurance dollar. Use our independent agent matching system to find the best insurance plan in your area. You tell us what you’re looking for, and our technology will recommend the best agents for you. Any information you provide will be sent to only the agents you pick. We do not sell to third parties.


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Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

How Much Does Minnesota RV Insurance Cost?

  • Estimated cost of Class A motorhome Insurance: $1,000 - $1,300
  • Estimated cost of Class C RV insurance: $800 - $3,000
  • Estimated cost of trailer or 5th wheel RV: $170 - $1,000
  • Insurance from an RV rental company: $15 - $75 / day

Many factors will go into the final premium price of your policy. This is one reason why a good insurance agent can be so helpful. It is impossible to estimate your premium without knowing something about your vehicle and the way you plan to use it.

First, there are several different types of recreational vehicles. Here are some common types of motor homes.

  • Class A: May be constructed from commercial trucks or full sized busses
  • Class B: Sometimes called van conversions; they are like vans, but have been altered to provide living space
  • Class C: Built on a truck chassis with an attached living section
  • Truck Campers: Can be placed on a truck bed temporarily
  • Trailer Campers: Might be popup campers or a one of a variety of different types of rigid walled units designed to be pulled behind a vehicle.

Besides the type of motorhome, costs could depend on how you use your vehicle. If you use your RV to camp a few times a year you will probably choose different options than if you enjoy a full-time RV lifestyle.

You may be able to earn Minnesota motorhome insurance discounts that are similar to any MN car insurance discounts. These could include price breaks for a safe driving record, taking driver’s safety classes, storing your RV in a secure area, or bundling multiple policies with one company.

What Does RV Insurance Cover in Minnesota?

As you begin to understand your insurance needs for your recreational vehicle, it can be helpful to know what a typical policy will cover. The following are some basics you might find in a typical policy.

  • RV insurance (sometimes called motorhome insurance) may provide liability coverage in case you damage somebody else’s property or cause someone injury in an accident. Liability coverage is required in some states, and your agent can help you understand your local laws.
  • A policy may also cover the cost of repairing your RV if it is damaged. Be sure to examine your policy to see what kind of damage is covered.
  • You can also purchase comprehensive insurance that will insure you against loss or damage caused from storms, theft or vandalism. This can also cover the items you keep inside of your vehicle. It may also broaden your coverage against damages caused by non-collision mishaps.
  • Some Minnesotans take their motorhomes outside of the state, and some even travel to Canada or Mexico. If you use your vehicle to travel outside of Minnesota, especially in another country, be sure and ask your agent what kind of coverage you need.

Save on RV Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Compare Minnesota Motorhome Insurance Quotes

Minnesota RV insurance needs and requirements can be particularly complex. Most RV owners do not want to become insurance experts just to buy the right policy at an affordable price. A local Trusted Choice member agent can help you compare Minnesota motorhome insurance quotes from a variety of local insurers.

Your agent will also help you determine your coverage needs, understand legal requirements, and provide you with friendly service for years in the future. Contact a local Trusted Choice network agent to get started right away.

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