Located in the heart of the United States, Nebraska’s terrain is largely treeless prairie land. This state is a major producer of corn, soybeans, beef and pork. Residents of the Cornhusker State enjoy hot summers and cold winters, and this allows them to engage in many outdoor recreational activities. If you are a Nebraskan, you may own a lot of property that you want to insure, like a home, vehicle, boat or snowmobile. You may also have a family that you wish to protect with health and life insurance. With so many insurance needs, where can you turn for advice?

An independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network is here to help. Agents have relationships with several top-rated insurance providers and can use these relationships to find you suitable policies at competitive rates. There are currently 294 member agents with offices in Nebraska, and the state ranks 6th in the nation for its agent-to-population ratio. This makes it easy to find an agent conveniently located near you. Contact a local member agent today to obtain more information about Nebraska insurance policies.

Independent Agents Give You an Advantage

There are two distinct types of insurance agents. When you are looking for Nebraska insurance, you can choose to work with either a captive or an independent agent. The differences between the two are significant.

  • Captive agents: These agents are limited in what they can offer because they work only for one big-name insurance company. This means you will have to comparison shop for policies and rate quotes from other insurers if you want to be sure that you are getting a suitable policy at a reasonable rate. Because they only work with one specific insurance company, these agents have a limited ability to customize policies to meet their customers’ individual coverage needs.
  • Independent agents: These agents, on the other hand, work for you, not for a specific insurance company. They have relationships with several different top-rated providers and can use these relationships to find you appropriate policies at competitive rates. They are able to build customized insurance packages that meet your unique coverage needs. When you get your insurance through an independent agent, you can have all your policies conveniently handled through one office and one agent.

All agents in the Trusted Choice network are independent. Contact a member agent near you today to learn more and to get help with all of your Nebraska insurance coverage needs.

Find the Right Nebraska Car Insurance Policy

Whether you are insuring personal or commercial vehicles, you are required by Nebraska state law to carry liability insurance coverage. Nebraska’s minimum coverage requirements are currently set at 25/50/25, which means you must carry a minimum of:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per injured person
  • $50,000 in total bodily injury liability if more than one person is injured
  • $25,000 in property damage liability coverage for any third-party property damage

Failure to carry this mandated insurance can lead to fines of up to $500 and suspension of your drivers license. The state of Nebraska exempts vehicles with dealer plates and those with 30-day plates from this insurance requirement.

State-imposed liability limits were designed to protect drivers from the high costs associated with property damage and medical care in the wake of an accident. In most cases, these amounts provide enough coverage, but accidents that involve serious injuries or fatalities can easily exceed these limits. For this reason, many Nebraskans elect to purchase higher amounts of liability coverage.

In addition to liability coverage, you can purchase additional insurance. Some of these coverage options may be required by your lender if you have financed the purchase of your vehicle. These options include:

  • Collision insurance: This provides coverage for damages to your car or truck that result from a collision, regardless of fault.
  • Comprehensive insurance: This provides coverage for non-collision related loss or damage to your car or truck. Covered damages include fire, severe weather events, falling objects, floods, vandalism and theft.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist insurance: This provides coverage for damages or injuries you sustain in a collision if a responsible third-party lacks the necessary insurance coverage to fully manage the costs. Compensation for damages caused by hit-and-run drivers is included with this coverage.
  • Personal injury protection insurance (PIP): This provides coverage for medical care to treat injuries sustained by you or your passengers in a collision, regardless of fault.

Whatever your Nebraska car insurance needs, you can easily find a suitable insurance policy with the help of an agent in the Trusted Choice network. These agents understand personal and commercial vehicle coverage needs and, as residents of Nebraska, can ensure that your policy meets all state requirements. Contact a local member agent today for more information and a variety of Nebraska car insurance quotes.

Get the Right Coverage for Your Nebraska Home

Residents of this Midwestern state deal with many severe weather events including tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and extremely cold winter temperatures. All of this can lead to damage to your home. Fortunately, you can protect yourself against extreme financial losses by purchasing a suitable Nebraska homeowners insurance policy.

Homeowners insurance provides two basic types of coverage: property coverage and liability coverage. These two factors can give you peace of mind knowing that you are not at risk of losing what one of your most expensive and important investments.

  • Property Coverage: This provides compensation for loss or damage to your home and its contents after a covered event. Most policies automatically include coverage for fire, wind-damage, hail, lightning, extreme freezing temperatures, falling objects, vandalism and theft. You may be required to purchase additional riders to cover damages caused by floods, tornados and earthquakes. Property coverage is broken up into two components:
    • Structural coverage: This provides compensation if the structure of your home is damaged or destroyed. This coverage usually includes surrounding structures such as detached garages and storage sheds.
    • Contents coverage: This provides compensation for loss or damage to your personal property. Extremely valuable items, such as jewelry, heirlooms and antiques, may require additional riders order to be fully covered.
  • Liability coverage: A liability claim against you can lead to unmanageable financial losses unless you have insurance coverage for it. Nebraska homeowners insurance shields you from:
    • Bodily injury or property damage claims: If someone is injured or suffers property damage while at your home, this will provide coverage for medical costs and property replacement.
    • Charges of libel and slander: Most home insurance policies provide coverage if you find yourself on the wrong end of libel or slander lawsuit.
    • Damages or injuries caused by children and pets: Many home policies will provide coverage if your pet bites someone or if your child breaks someone’s window while playing ball. These events do not have to occur on your property.
    • Court costs and legal fees: Even if a case against you is thrown out, court costs and legal defense fees can add up. Fortunately, liability coverage includes compensation for these expenses.

Speak with an agent in the Trusted Choice network today to learn more about Nebraska homeowners insurance and start comparing rate quotes for policies that are right for you.

Do You Own a Business in Nebraska?

As of 2008, residents of Nebraska owned and operated more than 106,000 small businesses. While many of these businesses were set up for self-employment and freelancing purposes, more than 42,000 offered employment to others. If you own a small business in this state, you may want to consider protecting it with a suitable Nebraska business insurance policy.

Business insurance can protect your commercial venture from financial losses brought on by unexpected problems. An insurance policy can often mean the difference between a company’s success and failure. Agents in the Trusted Choice network work with several different insurance providers and can build you a customized business insurance policy that can fully meet the needs of your company. This is perhaps the reason that Trusted Choice member agents write more business insurance policies than any other brand.

Commercial insurance provides a variety of coverage options to protect your small business. Some of the most commonly purchased options include:

  • Liability coverage: There are a multitude of different business liability coverage types. Some are tailored specifically to certain industries. The most frequently purchased liability types include:
    • General liability coverage: This provides coverage if a third-party is injured or suffers property damage while at your business.
    • Professional liability coverage: This coverage is also frequently referred to as "errors and omissions coverage." It protects your business if it or one of your employees is sued for malpractice, negligence in duty or for providing advice, guidance or services that cause the customer to suffer a financial, physical or personal loss.
    • Product liability coverage: This provides coverage if your business is sued for producing or selling faulty products that lead to injuries, illnesses or property damage to others.
  • Business property coverage: This covers the property purchased, and owned by your business, including computer and production equipment, office furnishings and décor, merchandise, materials and inventory. If you own the building in which your business is housed, it's a good idea to include coverage for the building’s structure as well.
  • Lost income coverage: This provides your business with a continuation of income if a covered event forces you to temporarily halt sales or production.

If you have been considering a Nebraska commercial insurance policy for your small business, contact an agent in the Trusted Choice network today to learn more about your many coverage options. You can start comparing policies and rate quotes today.

Protect Your Loved-Ones with Nebraska Life Insurance

Nebraska’s residents live an average of 79.8 years and the state ranks 15th in the county in terms of life expectancy. Lives can sometimes be cut short by unexpected problems such as accidents and severe illnesses. How would your loved ones fare financially without you? It is not an easy question to think about, but it is an important one.

A Nebraska life insurance policy can give you peace of mind by ensuring that your family will be well cared for in the event of your death. There are two very different types of life insurance policies from which to choose, and each has its inherent pros and cons:

  • Term life insurance: This type of policy provides coverage at a low rate, but for a limited time, or term. The policy will expire when the term is up. The benefit is that you can plan to have coverage for your family during the years that they need it most. These policies have no cash value.
  • Permanent life insurance: This type of policy is significantly more expensive. So long as you continue to stay current on our premiums, you can maintain this coverage for your entire life. These policies accrue a cash value, and you can elect borrow against it or even cash in at any time if you have the pressing need for cash. Another benefit of this type of policy is that it enables you to lock in a low rate while you are young and healthy and keep that rate as you age, even if you are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

No matter which type of policy you select, the earlier you buy life insurance, the less expensive your premiums will be. Policy rates are determined by many factors including, but not limited to:

  • The type of policy and the coverage amount you choose
  • Your age and health status at the time you purchase the policy
  • Your and your family’s health history
  • Your occupation
  • Your use of tobacco; smokers pay significantly higher premiums than non-smokers

If you are interested in learning more about Nebraska life insurance, you can turn to a Trusted Choice member agent for help. These agents can help you determine which type of policy is best for you and how much coverage you may need. These agents can work with several different insurance providers to find you a variety of competitively-priced policies from which to choose. Contact a local member agent today to learn more.

Are You Looking for Inexpensive Nebraska Health Insurance?

With the passing of the Affordable Healthcare Act, Nebraska residents who do not receive health insurance benefits through employers will need to purchase policies on their own. Newly created exchanges and marketplaces allow you to take advantage of group-rate discounts.

Prior to the passing of this act, older residents and those who suffered from pre-existing conditions were frequently turned down for health insurance on the private market. This forced many of the country’s sick into bankruptcy. Fortunately, anyone can now purchase affordable healthcare and cannot be turned away, regardless of health status.

If you are currently shopping for a Nebraska healthcare policy for yourself and your family, you probably have a lot of questions. Agents in the Trusted Choice network have answers. These agents can help you find an affordable policy that provides the coverage you need to maintain your health and longevity. These agents can also help you understand:

  • The difference between an HMO and a PPO
  • The benefits of setting up a health savings account, or HSA
  • What is included in the different tiers of coverage, and the pros and cons of each
  • How you can benefit from tax incentives when you purchase your health insurance policy

Contact a Trusted Choice member agent near you to learn more about Nebraska health insurance and you and your family can start enjoying the benefits of preventive healthcare today.

Are You a Nebraska ATV Enthusiast?

Nebraska has several public ATV parks with scenic trails for off-roading adventures. If you are one of the many residents in the Midwestern state that owns one or more all-terrain vehicles, you may want to consider purchasing a comprehensive Nebraska ATV policy for your vehicle. Doing so can protect your finances from liability and can provide coverage for you cherished vehicle.

ATVs, including quads, 3-wheelsers, side-by-sides, and UTVs, have a dual purpose. Some people use them for work while other enjoy them for the sheer adventure and entertainment they provide. Regardless of how you use your ATV, riding is not without its risks.

Nebraska ATV insurance is not required by law unless you will be operating your vehicle on a public road, street or highway. You may, however, be required by some ATV parks to show proof of liability insurance before you can hit the trails. Whether or not it is mandatory, ATV insurance can prove very beneficial if you are involved in a collision. Coverage options include:

  • Liability coverage: This provides compensation for medical costs and property damage suffered by a third-party if you are responsible for a collision while operating your ATV.
  • Collision coverage: This covers the cost of repairs if your ATV is significantly damaged in a collision, regardless of fault.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This will compensate you for loss or damage to your ATV if it is stolen or damaged due to a variety of covered events, such as fire, extreme weather, falling objects, flooding, and vandalism.
  • Personal injury coverage: This will cover medical costs if you or your passengers are injured in an ATV collision, regardless of fault. If your ATV is not designed to carry passengers or if your passenger load exceeds the ATVs limit, you will not be able to collect this coverage for your passengers, so be sure to stay within the guidelines of the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Trailer insurance and roadside assistance: This can protect your ATV and the trailer used to transport it when you are hauling it to and from the trails and parks. If specialized towing and assistance is needed, your roadside assistance will foot the bill.

Contact an agent in the Trusted Choice network now to learn more about this coverage and you can start comparing Nebraska ATV insurance quotes today.

Find Great Rates on All Your Nebraska Insurance Policies

Whether your Nebraska insurance coverage needs are simple or complex, an independent agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you find the right insurance policies to meet them. These agents work with a variety of highly-rated insurance companies and can find you the right policies to meet all of your personal or commercial insurance coverage needs.

Trusted Choice member agents are committed to providing the best possible customer service and honest, ethical advice. They can answer your insurance-related questions, explain your many coverage options and will make sure that you understand the details of your insurance policy before you make a purchase. Contact one of the nearly 300 agents with offices in Nebraska today to discover how a member agent can help you find great coverage at an affordable rate.