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Whether you live in any one of Nevada's mobile home communities, or your manufactured home is on it's own piece of land where you enjoy the peace and quiet of desert life, your home and its contents are worth protecting. If you are looking for new coverage, or have just realized your homeownership dreams and are about to move in, mobile home insurance is a must-have.

Before you search for mobile home insurance quotes, however, there are a few things to keep in mind.

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What is Mobile Home Insurance?

Because mobile homes differ significantly from traditional, site-built homes, insurance companies customize policies just for them. While traditional homes are built upon foundations at the home's location, mobile homes are manufactured in a factory and transported to the site where they are usually attached to the ground using anchors. Mobile homes are also constructed using much lighter-weight materials than traditional homes. Due to these difference, mobile homes are at higher risk of damage due to severe weather and fire and insurance policies must reflect those differences.

Manufactured homes, while still built in factories, are usually secured to a foundation, much like traditional homes. Most owners of these types of dwellings are able to secure standard homeowners insurance policies.

Why is Mobile Home Insurance Important in NV?

If you are still paying the mortgage for your Vegas area home, you are probably required to carry insurance on it. Most lenders make mobile home insurance obligatory until the loan is paid off, no matter where your Nevada home may be.

Even if you own your mobile home free-and-clear, you want the protection only an insurance policy can offer in the event a guest or visitor injures themselves while on your property. You also want to be able to recover from the losses of severe weather, fire, and in the event you experience a break-in. You don't want to have to pay for a new roof, or replace all of your electronics out-of-pocket, when the unthinkable happens.

What Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover in Nevada?

The coverage options for mobile home insurance are much like those offered in a standard homeowners insurance policy. Most Nevada insurance companies offer the following coverage options for mobile homes:

Liability coverage: This can help protect your finances in the event you are sued as a result of an injury to a guest, visitor or delivery person. It can help pay your legal fees during the lawsuit process.

Property damage coverage: This can help pay for repairs to your mobile home in the event of severe weather, fire, theft, vandalism or any other covered incident. You want enough property damage coverage to completely rebuild or replace your mobile home in the event it is destroyed.

Contents coverage: Also called personal property coverage, this can help pay for repairs to or replacement of the belongings you keep inside your mobile home, such as furniture, appliances, electronics and jewelry. The amount of coverage you can buy is typically limited to 50 percent of the home's value. For example, if your Nevada home is worth $100,000, you will be able to buy $50,000 worth of contents coverage. If you own more than $50,000 worth of belongings (perhaps a valuable gun, art or jewelry collection), you may want to consider additional riders to your insurance policy to be certain you are covered in the case of loss.

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Get Mobile Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Will My Mobile Home Insurance Quote Look Like?

Although you most likely saved considerably on the purchase of your mobile home compared to a similar, site-built home, mobile home insurance is typically more expensive. An insurance policy for a $200,000 mobile home will have higher rates than one for a $200,000 site-built home because of the higher risks of damage. Unlike traditional homes, mobile homes also depreciate in value over time. Not all insurance companies are alike, however, and that's why it's important to shop around for coverage and quotes. Most Nevada insurance companies will take the following into account while determining your mobile home insurance quote:

  • The value of your mobile home
  • The age of your mobile home
  • The location of your mobile home
  • The coverage options you choose
  • The deductible you choose

A more valuable, older mobile home in a high-crime area will have higher quotes than a newer, less valuable mobile home in a safer neighborhood. It's a good idea to speak with an independent insurance agent who can help identify your insurance needs.

Where Can I Find Mobile Home Insurance in NV?

You have worked hard to purchase your home and the valuables you keep inside it. That's why you want the protection of an insurance policy.

Knowledgeable, independent insurance agents on the Trusted Choice network can answer any questions you may have, suggest coverage options, and even assist you in filing a claim. These agents have years of experience working with Nevada insurance companies, enabling them to find you a number of quotes from a variety of providers, ensuring the policy you buy will offer the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Contact a Trusted Choice member agent near you who can help you find the perfect mobile home insurance policy that meets your needs and budget.

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