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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
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A mobile or manufactured home can be an ideal dwelling for many homeowners. A mobile home is more affordable than a site-built house. It is easier to take care of than a traditional home. These homes are also mobile, so in many cases, they can be transported to other locations if you move. Even though these homes are different than conventional houses, you still need to protect them from damage and ensure your finances are protected from liability claims.

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PA Mobile Home Facts

  • Mobile home units in PA: 251,551  
  • Percentage of mobile homes in PA: 4.9%
  • Percentage of total U.S. mobile homes: 2.9%

What Is Pennsylvania Mobile Home Insurance?

Whether you live in a site-built home or a manufactured home, your house is likely your most valuable asset. That's why you need to protect a mobile or manufactured home the same way you would protect a conventional home. Most homeowners insurance and mobile home insurance consists of two main categories of coverage:

Property Coverage:

  • Property damage: Covers damage to your home from weather events, such as hail and lightning, and accidents, such as fire or a tree limb falling on your house
  • Personal property: Property coverage also extends to your personal belongings if they are damaged or stolen

Liability Coverage:

  • Homeowners liability: Protects you if someone is injured on your property and you are held responsible for it; provides legal defense and payments of claims if necessary
  • Medical payments: Takes care of the medical expenses of anyone injured on your property
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Mobile Home Insurance vs. Modular Home Insurance

For the most part, modular homes will be treated as site-built homes for insurance purposes. Modular homes are created in a factory in parts, then shipped to a location and permanently anchored to a foundation.  Because of the permanence of the foundation, insurers look at these homes as less risky to insure than mobile or manufactured homes.

Normally, mobile and manufactured homes are anchored to the ground with soil anchors, which are augers that look like large screws. These augers are screwed into the ground and then attached to the sub-flooring of the mobile home with mobile home straps. This anchoring is not as secure as a foundation and leaves the mobile homes more exposed to damage from severe weather, such as high winds.

For this reason, mobile and manufactured homes are considered riskier to insure than a home built into a foundation. Also, the construction materials used in mobile homes are not always as strong as the materials used in site-built homes. Typically, mobile homeowners do not own the land under the unit.  If you live in a mobile home park, you can be susceptible to a fire spreading from a nearby unit. All these added risk factors can increase the costs of your Pennsylvania mobile home insurance premiums. 

Mobile Home Insurance vs. Homeowners Insurance

There are two key differences between Pennsylvania mobile home insurance and standard homeowners insurance.  These differences have to do with the way these homes are made, and the way they change in value over time.

First, a mobile home is more likely to incur structural damage than a site-built home due to the construction materials and the anchoring mechanism. Therefore, Pennsylvania mobile home insurance has to take into account the relatively high likelihood that manufactured homeowners will file claims for structural damage.  On the other hand, a site-built home built onto a foundation has a lower likelihood of major damage or total loss from weather events.

Second, a mobile or manufactured home depreciates or loses value over time, not unlike a vehicle. As the value of your manufactured home decreases, your insurance rates could change. On the other hand, most site-built homes tend to hold their value or appreciate or increase in value over time. Owners of traditional homes have to make sure to adjust their insurance coverage over time accordingly as the home builds value.

Pennsylvania Manufactured Home Insurance Quotes

As you can imagine, the cost of Pennsylvania mobile home insurance can vary based on the value of your home and belongings, so it's important to get a quote customized to your situation.  When you're searching for Pennsylvania manufactured home insurance quotes, it's important to make "apples-to-apples" comparisons.  This can be hard to do when there are many factors at play.  It's a good idea to keep an inventory of the contents of your mobile home, as well as detailed information about your residence, it's the purchase price, and your personal data close by as you're working with agents.  Agents and underwriters use this information to craft a policy that will fully cover your home and your personal property.

An independent Trusted Choice member agent can compare multiple insurance companies and mobile home policies for you. Your agent is a great resource as a knowledgeable insurance professional who works with several insurance companies, not just one.  When you work with a member agent in the Trusted Choice network, you'll find that it can be easy to get a policy that matches your needs and budget. Contact an independent agent to get started.

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