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Beautiful natural attractions like Lake Erie, Conneaut Lake, and the Allegheny River make Pennsylvania an ideal place to have fun with a PWC, or personal watercraft. The speed and portability of most PWCs make them a great addition to a lake-side vacation. But because of how little boating experience many PWC operators have, accidents are not uncommon. You can protect yourself from the liability and medical expenses of a PWC accident with Pennsylvania PWC insurance.

An independent Trusted Choice® member agent can show you what kinds of coverage are available, and can help you compare Pennsylvania PWC insurance quotes. Contact a local member agent today to get the PWC coverage that will protect your finances while you play.

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Save on Personal Watercraft Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Pennsylvania PWC Regulations

In order to legally operate your PWC in the Quaker State, you will have to observe the following rules:

  • You must be at least 12 years old
  • Keep a Boating Safety Education Certificate on hand while operating the craft
  • Wear an approved life vest
  • Register your PWC as a boat
  • Attach a whistle or other sound device to your jacket
  • Have a fire extinguisher close, charged and ready
  • Attach the cut-off switch lanyard to your jacket, clothing, or wrist

You are not required to purchase PWC insurance to operate your watercraft in PA, but with the high rate of collisions that involve PWCs, it is a good idea to have it. PWCs run at high speeds, and sometimes tow skiers and wakeboarders. Getting the right coverage in place for your Jet Ski, Sea-Doo or WaveRunner will prepare you in the event of an incident that injures you, your passengers, water skiers, swimmers, or other boaters, or causes damage to other people's property.

A Pennsylvania PWC insurance policy can ensure that some or all of your liability is covered, as well as the costs associated with injuries and property damage. An independent agent can help you find Pennsylvania PWC insurance that fits your risks and budget.

What Does Pennsylvania PWC Insurance Cover?

Watersport liability: This is the most common type of PWC coverage. It ensures that if you are sued over a PWC collision, you will not have to pay all of your legal defense and settlement costs out of pocket. The limits of liability coverage vary. Since lawsuits can be very costly, it is usually best to get as much liability coverage as you can afford, especially if you own a fast watercraft, or if you ride it in crowded locations.

Property damage: This pays for repairs to your PWC when it collides with underwater objects, other watercraft, or anything else that can damage your craft. It also reimburses you for damage from fire, theft or vandalism.

Uninsured or underinsured boater: This coverage ensures that your medical expenses and property damage will be covered if you are injured by a boater without insurance.

Pollution: If your PWC leaks gasoline or oil, you are responsible for pollution and oil spill clean-up. This coverage pays for the damage.

Towing and assistance: When your watercraft is dead in the water, this covers the cost to recover your PWC.

Accessory: Do you have a trailer, wakeboard, inner tube, or other PWC paraphernalia? This covers the cost of damage, theft, and vandalism for your extras.

Types of Personal Watercraft

Stand-up PWCs: Stand-up PWCs are a thrill to ride, and can reach speeds up to 60 MPH. However, because the rider is standing, these types of personal watercrafts pose extra risk of throwing the rider into the water at high speed. Medical expense coverage can ensure that you are protected from the cost of an accident. 

Sit-down PWCs: These sometimes cost up to $20,000. If you own a high-quality sit-down PWC, it may be worthwhile to insure it for the replacement cost, so that you are covered in case of a total loss. It is also a good idea to have watercraft liability and medical expense coverage, to ensure that all your riders and skiers are covered in case of a collision.

Submersible PWCs: These underwater PWCs pose extra drowning and injury risks to the rider. It is a good idea to look for liability and medical expense coverage if you own a submersible PWC. However, coverage for submersibles can be difficult to find. A local independent agent can help you locate an insurance company that offers submersible PWC policies.

Four-person PWCs: These smooth and stable PWCs are a favorite of families with teenage children. Because of the inexperience of the riders, it is advisable to purchase liability and property damage coverage for your multi-person PWC.

No matter what types of PWCs you own, or the accessories you use with them on the water, a local member agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you find the best Pennsylvania PWC coverage for your property and riders.

How Much Does Pennsylvania PWC Insurance Cost?

The average cost of PWC insurance is around $300 per year. However, your rate will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • The size and speed of your PWC
  • Your experience as a PWC operator
  • Your driving record
  • The type of coverage you choose, and the limits you set
  • The amount of your deductible
  • The accessories included in your coverage

Insurance companies also take into consideration how much motorboat training you have, where you will use the PWC, and any safety courses you complete. A local agent can help you compare Pennsylvania PWC insurance quotes and find any available discounts.

personal watercraft

Save on Personal Watercraft Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Find Pennsylvania PWC Insurance Today

Many insurance companies can provide PWC policies, with a wide variety of costs and coverage options. An independent agent in the Trusted Choice network has relationships with many insurance carriers, and can find the policy that fits your needs best.

Contact a local agent today to start comparing Pennsylvania PWC insurance quotes that fit your budget and get coverage for your favorite personal watercraft.

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