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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert Written by Ann Herro
Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
Written by Ann Herro

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Made of dark, funnel-shaped clouds, and associated with violent, damaging winds, tornados are potentially destructive forces of nature. They are one natural disaster that doesn’t discriminate and can occur in any state, including Rhode Island. In fact, you might not realize that over a dozen tornados have occurred in the state. Unfortunately, tornados are an expensive disaster. They have the potential to destroy your car, home, and all other personal belongings. Having the proper Rhode Island tornado insurance offers the protection you need in case a tornado does hit your state.

In reality, there's not usually a "tornado insurance policy" that exists - usually coverage for wind damage and destruction is included in your homeowners insurance policy for windstorms. The key is to make sure your homeowners insurance has the right coverage at the proper limits for your needs and risks.

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Rhode Island Tornado Facts

  • The 1986 Rhode Island tornado produced nearly two million dollars in damages.
  • Rhode Island ranks 40th for risk of death by tornado.
  • Tornados in Rhode Island have caused 8 deaths and 23 injuries.
  • Due to its high population density and property values, Rhode Island ranks 5th among states in potential losses due to a tornado.

Because Rhode Island is not a state with the highest risk of tornados, homeowners are sometimes unprepared for this type of disaster. Cities near the coast may be especially vulnerable to waterspouts turning into tornados. If a tornado does become severe, your property, valuables, and loved ones could be at risk.

Why Rhode Island Tornado Insurance Is Necessary

Because tornados are possible in every state—even Rhode Island—you’ll want to evaluate your need for insurance coverage just as someone would in "Tornado Alley" state. Just like the hurricanes that occur on Rhode Island’s coast, tornados can cause damage to your home and other personal property without warning.

The most recent tornado to visit Rhode Island damaged only trees; however, past tornados damaged structures, injured people, and even caused deaths. The state is densely populated, which means the potential for more destruction and injuries is high if a twister lands. If you don’t want to leave your home unprotected in the event of a severe tornado, you’ll need to have the right homeowners insurance coverage.

What Rhode Island Tornado Insurance Covers

When seeking insurance coverage for a potential twister in your area, you’ll want to ensure each policy provides the protection you need. Tornado damage is actually covered under most homeowners policies as "windstorm damage" - which covers tornadoes, straight-line winds, and strong thunderstorms. Be sure to review your current policy, or any potential policy for the certainty you’re adequately protected.

Some Rhode Island tornado insurance coverage includes your personal belongings and relocation assistance, in addition to structural damage. If you’re currently a renter, review your renter’s policy to determine what kind of coverage you already have or possibly need. Also, since a tornado can damage or destroy your vehicle, be sure to review your auto policy since you’ll need comprehensive coverage for this type of damage.


Save on Tornado Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Your Best Option for Rhode Island Tornado Insurance

As you likely realize by now, the possibility of a tornado in your home state brings with it a hefty responsibility to properly protect your home and other property. Deciding on your best option for insurance is not an easy decision since it involves evaluating your needs, reviewing policies and comparing Rhode Island tornado insurance quotes. It’s often overwhelming to navigate your way through the insurance-buying process.

One resource available to you is that of a Trusted Choice® member agent. These independent agents represent multiple top insurers which means they’ll have more coverage options available to you. They also bring with them years of experience in the industry; a valuable quality that nicely complements their committed, professional service. As you reflect on your need for Rhode Island tornado insurance, consider contacting an independent agent to help ensure you have just the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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