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Rhode Island Renters Insurance – What to Know

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Even if the roof over your head is not your own but you are paying someone for the privilege of being there, a home is a home. And while your possessions are not in a home that is your own, those possessions still have value to you – financial, sentimental, or something else. And even those people with things other than homes could have a desire to protect what they own from potential loss or damage. Rhode Island renters insurance can help you safeguard your bottom line when you're a tenant.

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Rhode Island Rental Data

  • The median monthly rent in Rhode Island is about $550.
  • Monthly rent took up at least 24 percent of monthly household income in nearly half of all households.

Rhode Island Renters Insurance: What It Is

You might think of Rhode Island renters insurance as a homeowner’s policy without the home or the structure. If you are renting a home, a townhome, a condominium, or apartment, renters insurance is available to you in order to protect your financial assets. Should something happen to your possessions that you brought into the unit you are renting, you will be protected. You may not have many financial assets, but what you do have could be impacted if your home becomes victim to a fire, burglary, or flood.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover and for What Events?

Rhode Island renters insurance protects your assets by compensating you for the value of your possessions that are lost, stolen, or damaged in a covered event. Your possessions include everything you brought into your rental, including dinnerware, electronics, computers, clothes, jewelry, furniture, and other items. If you have things that are of particularly high value, like fine artwork, diamond jewelry, or collectibles, you may have to purchase an additional rider for each valuable item.

When you get Rhode Island renters insurance quotes, it will be important to understand the types of events that each policy covers to ensure that the most probable events you may experience are specifically addressed. These include fire, theft, burglary, flooding, or some other event that is beyond your control. This insurance can also provide for you if, due to your negligence, someone visiting you at your rental is injured. Your landlord should have your structure insured, as well as everything that was in the rental before you moved in.


Ready to Save on Renters Insurance?

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

The Cost of Renters Insurance and How to Find Quotes

Rhode Island renters insurance tends to be very affordable because it covers only the possessions inside the rental and not the structure itself. While rates will vary by company and by other factors like ZIP code of the rental, total value of possessions, and types of security measures at the rental, you could find rates under $50 a year. Of course, rates will elevate if you have a lot of designer clothes or expensive jewelry.

When you are ready to find Rhode Island renters insurance quotes, you could look up several company websites and get quotes about a basic policy. But these sites don’t usually know you or your particular collection of possessions. To get accurate quotes on a policy, where you are not getting too little or too much coverage, it is generally more efficient and cost-effective to meet with your local agent who is a member of the Trusted Choice® network. Your agent can take an inventory of your belongings to get an accurate value, then will do all the research to find you quality quotes based on the appropriate amount of coverage for your particular situation. To get the best service on renters insurance, contact your local Trusted Choice network-member insurance agent today.

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