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The third most populous city in Texas is the hub of a vast metropolitan area also referred to as the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The famous home of the Dallas Cowboys also hosts major technology, defense, energy, diverse manufacturing, financial services and life sciences companies. Your business insurance needs to cover you in this major U.S. business center in which commercial enterprise risks are always changing.

In 2013, Dallas’ business sector was fueling the local economy and helping it lead growth in the U.S. Solid business performance and solid Dallas, TX business insurance go hand-in-hand. A local independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network can help you manage and mitigate your business risks. These agents are able to help you assess your business requirements and compare Dallas commercial insurance quotes from multiple companies. Local Trusted Choice network commercial agents can also offer personal service before and after your purchase of coverage.

The Local Business Profile

  • The DFW metropolitan area has 19 Fortune 500 companies and 13 privately held companies with over $1 billion in revenues.
  • The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex has over 10,000 corporate headquarters, the highest concentration in the U.S.
  • The metropolitan area has more shopping centers per capita than any other US city. This attracts shoppers from all over Texas, other parts of the country, and all over the world.

This city is one of the economic anchors for the metropolitan area, Texas, the southern state region, and even the entire country. The Dallas Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is part of a large cluster of innovation centers in the area. Private centers such as the IBM Innovation Center support the business community directly and indirectly. Small businesses can also find support from the North Texas Small Business Development Center hosted by El Centro College. Companies doing business in state-designated enterprise zones may be eligible for tax rebates on materials and equipment, as well as other tax breaks.

Dallas, Texas Business Insurance Costs

  • Small business professional liability yearly cost estimate: $500 to $2,500
  • Small business general liability yearly cost estimate: $500 to $15,000
  • Health insurance estimate: $500/ individual to $12,000/family

Both large and small city businesses have unique insurance requirements. While insurance costs are increasing, the creative packaging of insurance provides more opportunity to mitigate risks across multiple policies and insurers and lower costs. Local boutiques may be most concerned about property damage and product liability, while area doctors will need affordable professional liability (malpractice) insurance. Technology companies may need multiple policies to cover risks ranging from general business to coverage of security and cyber hacking and espionage risks. Business insurance costs will depend upon the business type, business size, regulations, and other individual factors.

A local Trusted Choice member agent will help you find sensible, affordable coverage for your business.

Types of Dallas Business Insurance

No two companies will need exactly the same type and amount of business insurance. Your small company may rely on a simple policy package from one company. A large company may need to select different policies from different companies. For communications giants in the Telecom Corridor, such as Alcatel and Ericsson, that manage communications infrastructure and regulatory and business risks, a one size fits all approach will never work.

Some of the risks you may need to cover include:

  • Property damage from fire, storms, accidents, and vandalism
  • Liability in many forms, including product liability, accident/injury liability, libel, malpractice and professional liability or “errors and omissions”
  • Fraud, embezzlement, extortion, or theft
  • Cybercrime and data loss

Group Employee Benefits in the City

The "Silicon Prairie" is home to 43 percent of the state’s high tech workers, and the competition for these workers is stiff. Employee benefits and perks are key tools used by the technology and other sectors to attract and retain workers. Expanding small businesses often strive to offer their employees group insurance benefits. Large companies need to review their current coverage from time to time to see if they can find better alternatives. Group employee benefits might be another kind of Dallas business insurance you want to learn more about. Your local agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you compare group life and health insurance and other types of benefits.

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Major employers such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and EDS work closely with insurers to design the best insurance coverage to manage their risks. As a large and growing commercial center in the state of Texas, the United States, and the world, business risks are always evolving in Dallas. A local Trusted Choice member agent can provide you with one central source of professional policy advice, Dallas commercial insurance quotes, and personal service.

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