Cosmetologist Insurance

How to Find Cosmetology Insurance

Cosmetology covers a wide range of fields. Each professional has individual insurance needs. Whether you work for yourself or within a salon or medical spa, it’s essential to have the right insurance coverage to protect your personal financial assets and business reputation. You’re a professional who can find the right hair color to complement someone’s skin tone or just the right kind of moisturizer to calm a rosacea flare-up. Let an independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network find cosmetology insurance made for you.

Trusted Choice independent agents are reliable insurance guides who can help you understand your commercial insurance options. Unlike “captive” insurance agents, independent agents can compare quotes from multiple highly-rated insurers to find cosmetology insurance coverage at the best prices. Find an independent agent right in your neighborhood to get started today.

Cosmetology Professions

  • Hairdressers
  • Beauticians
  • Barbers
  • Estheticians
  • Small salon owners
  • Nail technicians
  • Make-up artists

Why Do I Need Cosmetologist Insurance?

Your job is to help clients look their best. No matter what the request is, whether it’s a new hair color or facial treatment, you must follow a process to get the desired results. When you become a professional cosmetologist, there’s a process that you need to follow to ensure that you’re protected.

Part of that process is obtaining the necessary training and licensing so you can legally practice your craft. Another part is obtaining cosmetology liability insurance. It may even be required in your state.

Without insurance, you must pay for third party bodily injuries and property damage, even legal defense and court ordered settlements out of your own pocket. You could be out of work after an expensive court case, even if you were cleared of any wrong doing. Cosmetologist insurance is the best way to protect your personal assets and the future of your career.

Start with Cosmetologist Liability Insurance

There are two types of liability insurance that professional cosmetologists are wise to purchase:

General liability: This is going to cover physical accidents like slips and falls or property damage. For example, if you a treatment you gave your client causes harm, you could be held liable for the medical costs. If you have insurance for cosmetologists, your client would simply need to make a claim with your insurance company.

This coverage also protects you in case a client’s property is damaged. In certain cases, a hairdresser or esthetician may make a house call, especially for a special event. If your hairdryer causes a small fire in the bathroom sink or a product spills on sensitive hardwood floors, your insurance can cover the damage.

Professional liability: This is similar to malpractice insurance carried by doctors and nurses. If someone claims that your negligence caused them bodily injury or emotional harm, you could face business ruin if the damage is extensive and you aren’t covered. Medical expenses are costly, but your cosmetologist insurance can pay up to your coverage limit.

If an injured party makes a claim with your insurance company and decides that it’s not enough to compensate for the injury, cosmetology liability insurance will assist you if you’re sued. Your insurance company may appoint a lawyer and cover additional defense fees.

How Much Cosmetology Insurance Do I Need?

While the owner of the salon or spa has professional liability insurance, you may still be required to have your own insurance policy if you're renting space. If this isn’t a requirement, it’s a wise decision to purchase insurance anyway. You have to understand how your policy protects you to make sure you're getting the amount of protection you need.

Liability policies will have an annual aggregate amount, which is the maximum amount your insurance company will pay per year. Average coverage amounts are between $2 and $3 million. Per occurrence coverage averages at $1 or $2 million. Setting the right coverage depends on how much risk you face and what you can financially handle. In a society fraught with law suits, $1 million may not go as far as you think.

Finding the Right Coverage for Your Cosmetology Business

If you’re ready to protect your professional future, speak with an independent agent about how much coverage is right for you. Member agents in the Trusted Choice network have signed a Pledge of Performance and are dedicated to customer service.

An independent agent will work with you to analyze your risk factors and personalize a cosmetology insurance policy just for you. Member agents can get quotes from a variety of top-rated insurers, so you'll be able to see competitive prices for the insurance you need before you buy. Contact a Trusted Choice member agent today and get started.

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