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Written by Meg Stefanac
Written by Meg Stefanac

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Albany, GA is one of the state's most thriving metropolitan areas. Residents enjoy living in a place with rich historic roots, community pride and immense economic and entertainment options. It's unsurprising that many families flock to this southwest Georgia city to set down roots. But as many others have experienced, these homeowners face numerous risks from property damage due to break-ins. 

Receive all-inclusive Albany home insurance with a Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent. Our local agents aren't tied down to one carrier and can compare quotes among numerous carriers, giving you options within your price range. Protecting your home and family with comprehensive insurance shouldn't be complicated — let us guide you through the process until you feel knowledgeable and secure.

  • National yearly premium average: $1,034
  • Georgia yearly premium average: $975
  • 23rd most expensive premium in the U.S.

Are you aware of how your homeowners insurance policy was calculated? Specific details should come into play, including your home's age, location and building materials; your personal claim history; and potential risks, like pools and trampolines. Georgia may have lower than average premium rates, but you should be thinking about what's right for your unique situation. Trusted Choice agents will work to find you a policy that fits your own needs — something customized that fits in your financial budget.

Use our independent agent matching system to find the best insurance plan in your area. You tell us what you’re looking for, and our technology will recommend the best agents for you. Any information you provide will be sent to only the agents you pick. We do not sell to third parties.


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Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Second and Vacation Homes in Albany

Albany's close proximity to Florida and Alabama and to beautiful scenery create an ideal spot for second or vacation home purchases. But these secondary homes are prone to greater risks, since it's likely they'll be vacant often or rented out by guests. Because of this, your second home needs just as much, if not more, insurance protection. Let a Trusted Choice agent walk you through your options when it comes to these getaway properties.

Number of Thefts in Georgia

  • National number of burglaries: 37,814
  • Georgia number of burglaries: 82,258

Georgia sees an overwhelming number of home burglaries and break-ins. You can install a security system and leave porch lights on, but incidents happen without warning and can cause devastation to your family, both emotionally and financially. Ensure your Albany home insurance covers property damage, like broken windows and stolen personal property, so you are protected after a burglary. Trusted Choice agents can discuss coverage limits and specific details so you know exactly what you're protected against.

Number of Catastrophes in Georgia

A shocking 892 catastrophes struck the Peach State — 23 of which were tornadoes — causing $9,040,000 in property damage. Considering one in 15 homes has a claim each year, you need comprehensive coverage against unwelcome, unforeseen damage from Mother Nature. Whether your home suffers from a damaged roof or flooded basement, a comprehensive Albany homeowners insurance policy should compensate you for necessary repairs in a timely manner.

What Are the Risks in Albany?

While Albany homeowners need to know the risks they face when it comes to weather and natural disasters, the biggest hazards include burglaries. As a metropolitan area, the city is more prone to break-ins and home thefts. Talk to a Trusted Choice insurance agent about preventative steps you can take and how homeowners insurance can give you peace of mind against the unexpected.


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Compare Albany Home Insurance Quotes

Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents are locally based and knowledgeable about the risks you face as an Albany homeowner. Purchasing the right homeowners insurance can be confusing, but getting questions answered and talking through coverage options with a Trusted Choice agent will help you feel more comfortable. Make an informed decision and receive customized, affordable Albany homeowners insurance today.

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