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Written by Candace Jenkins
Written by Candace Jenkins

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Reviewer: Jeffrey Green
Reviewed by Jeffrey Green

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Bloomington Illinois Farm Insurance

Bloomington, IL, has over 77,934 residents and counting. Illinois is on the top ten list of largest farming communities in the US, and If you own a farm in Bloomington, you'll need proper protection.

Fortunately, an independent insurance agent can help find farm insurance at an affordable price. When you're trying to get a policy that won't break the bank, look to a professional. Connect with a local expert to start saving.

What Is Farm Insurance?

Your Bloomington, IL, farm insurance policy is tailored to your specifics. Since there are many different farm types and sizes, coverage is customized. Carriers use some of the following factors to rate your policies.

  • How many acres is your farm?
  • What are you farming?
  • Do you have livestock?
  • Do you have crops?
  • Do you rent out your land?
  • Do you use chemicals?
  • What are your operations?
  • Do you sell any products?
  • Is the public allowed on your farm?

Whether you own a hobby farm or a massive commercial farm, carriers all look at the same things. They measure the amount of insurance you'll need by your risk exposures. Similar to business insurance, you'll have a lot of varying factors.   

What Does Farm Insurance Cover?

Farm insurance can cover a lot of different farm types. The primary foundational coverages are the same across the board. Check out the below coverage options for your Bloomington, IL, farm.

  • Farm dwelling: This covers the farmhouse itself against a covered peril for replacement and repair. 
  • Farm personal belongings: This covers your personal belongings such as furniture and clothing when a covered loss occurs.
  • Barns and other farm structures: This covers your other structures used for farming, such as pole barns, silos, and sheds.
  • Farm property: This can be anything from machinery to tractors and more.
  • Farm liability: This covers claims against you as the owner and other household members for bodily injury or property damage.

Your farm insurance needs to have foundational pieces like any policy you own. To cover your property and provide liability is general insurance protection. From there, you can add more policy options as they pertain to your operation.

How Much Does Farm Insurance Cost in Bloomington, IL?

The price of your farm insurance is individualized. Premiums are set based on key items that carriers factor in when quoting your coverage. Take a look at the below risk factors carriers look for when deciding costs.

  • Number of acres
  • House replacement cost
  • Other structure replacement cost
  • Products that are sold
  • If you have any employees
  • If you have any livestock
  • If you have any crops
  • Your insurance score
  • Local weather
  • Local crime
  • Past claims reported

Disaster facts that impact farm premiums in Bloomington, IL

  • The number of natural disasters in Bloomington: 9 
  • Major disasters declared in Bloomington: 6 
  • Emergencies declared in Bloomington: 3

The leading causes of Bloomington, IL, disasters

  • Storms: 4 declared disasters
  • Winter storms: 3 declared disasters
  • Floods: 2 declared disasters

While you can't tell what your exact premiums will be without getting quotes, you can still be aware of what carriers look for when rating. Your costs will be different from the farm down the street because you're different. Insurance companies use outside elements as well as your personal data. 


Save On Farm Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Farm Insurance vs. Crop Insurance

If you grow crops for a living, you may be surprised to find you don't have coverage. When you rely on your primary farm policy for crop protection, you could be missing an essential piece. For insurance, you'll need to purchase one of the two kinds of crop policies in Bloomington, IL.

  • Multiple peril crop insurance: The federal government finances coverage.
  • Crop-hail insurance: This is offered by private insurers.

This policy will have coverage for the replacement or reimbursement of your growing crop. If you are at a loss due to the agricultural market dipping and now you can't sell your product, crop insurance will help. When a natural disaster occurs, and there is damage, crop insurance pays for the replacement.

What Are the Requirements for Farm Insurance in Bloomington, IL?

In 2019, Illinois had 1,958,191,000 property claims reported alone. If you're without the right insurance for your farm, you could be at risk. Deep financial ruin is a possibility when you're not adequately insured. 

In Bloomington, IL, you are not mandated by law to carry farm insurance. If you have a lienholder or mortgage, they will require proof of coverage. When you choose to forego optional coverages, like livestock insurance, you'll be responsible for any loss that may occur.

How Can I Buy Farm Insurance in Bloomington, IL?

Farm insurance in Bloomington, IL, is necessary to have a profitable and well-protected operation. Without proper coverage, you could be financially devastated or worse. To ensure you are getting sufficient insurance, speak with a trusted adviser. 

An independent insurance agent has access to several carriers, giving you options on policy and pricing. They do the shopping for you so that you can relax. Connect with a local expert on for quotes.

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