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Indiana is not an exceptionally expensive place to buy or rent homes. This affordability is probably why Indiana has well over twice the national average of rented homes. If you live in IN, you are nearly twice as likely to be renting as you are to own your home, statistically speaking. Renters have just as much a need for insurance coverage as homeowners. 

Landlords and rental property owners are responsible for carrying insurance on the structure of the rented home, as well as the grounds and any appliances in the unit you live in, but without an Indiana renters insurance policy on hand, you’ll have no coverage for your belongings. An independent insurance agent from our network can help you understand your risks and will provide the best Indiana renters insurance quotes on the market.

  • Median property value: $94,900
  • Median property taxes: $1476
  • Median rent: $689
  • Percent owned: 35.8%
  • Percent rented: 64.2%

Protect Yourself from Theft or Loss

The same things that can happen to homeowner can still happen to you as a renter. Fire, flood, burglary, and accidents can happen to anyone. There are likely plenty of valuable items you and your family own that you wouldn’t want to see lost or destroyed without the possibility of replacement. For this reason, it’s important to carry the right Indiana renters insurance for your needs, budget, and risk factors.

Another major motivation for getting Indiana renters insurance is the potential for personal liability claims. If someone is injured in your apartment or rented home due to negligence on your part, or your dog bites the mailman, you could be held legally liable for costs associated with treatment and recovery. This sort of liability can quickly mount up into thousands of dollars when medical, legal and compensation costs are taken into account. 

Paying that sort of expenditure could ruin you for life if you’re responsible for paying out of pocket. Renters insurance protects your personal finances from major exposure when the unexpected happens, whether that be a fire, break in, or someone is injured at your place. Consider your needs and risks when you compare Indiana renters insurance quotes.

Renters Insurance Can Be Affordable

Indiana renters insurance is relatively affordable for most people. Compared to the average homeowner, renters insure a lot less in terms of potential expense and the risk is much more confined. Why not let an independent agent in our network hunt down some Indiana renters insurance quotes for you to consider. You might be pleasantly surprised how easily this coverage can fit into your budget.
According to official statistics, the average premium for a renters policy is less than $200 annually. For just a few dollars a week you can get the coverage you need to rest easy in your rented home. You might even be able to negotiate the costs down even further if you can show, for example, that you have taken extra safety precautions, or your apartment has safety features like fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and a controlled entry system.

Ask about a pre-payment discount, reductions for being “claims-free,” or bundling all of your policies with one provider. Exactly where you live will also influence your premium. For example, you may pay more to cover an apartment in a high-crime, inner-city neighborhood than you would for a rented home in rural Indiana.

How to Get Renters Quotes

As an Indiana resident, you should educate yourself a bit about the risks you face from a renters perspective. The Hoosier State is the 8th most likely state to be hit by a tornado and it has a much higher than average incidence of violent crime. Like most places, there are massive variations in risk depending on exactly where you live.

You want to purchase the right coverage for your rented home, so make sure you do some comparison shopping first. There are lots of factors insurance companies will look at when they issue you a policy, so it can be advantageous to speak to a knowledgeable professional about your situation before you buy. If you compare coverage and premiums from a few reputable insurance companies before you buy, you’re more likely to purchase the best Indiana renters insurance policy for your needs.

An independent agent in our network can help. These agents work with several insurance companies and can provide a variety of Indiana renters insurance quotes for you to compare. You’ll have an insurance professional on your side who works right in your neighborhood – so you can be sure your needs are being met. 

Contact a member agent today to gain peace of mind and the perfect renters insurance for you.

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