Massachusetts Commercial Vehicle Insurance

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Today, there are many different types of business vehicles hauling goods, materials, and people during the workweek.  Whether you run a limousine service or haul flowers in Massachusetts, you're responsible for transporting valuable items each day as a business owner. Protect your investment in your vehicles and your cargo with Massachusetts commercial vehicle insurance.

If you aren’t exactly sure what type of coverage your business needs, contact an independent insurance agent. Your agent will help you analyze the various risks your business faces based on important aspects of your commercial vehicle use. An independent agent can compare multiple Massachusetts commercial vehicle insurance quotes to find protection within your budget. Contact an agent today to get started.

Common Types of Commercial Vehicles

Choosing a Massachusetts Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy

Commercial auto policies come with several options and coverage amounts, so it's a good idea to assess your business needs before investing in this kind of insurance. Policies that cover multiple drivers over long distances will work well for a moving company but aren’t necessary for a florist with two delivery SUVs. Sometimes, it can even be difficult to know whether you really need a Massachusetts commercial vehicle insurance policy at all. 
If the bulk of your business transportation is conducted with a personal vehicle, it's a good idea to carry Massachusetts commercial vehicle insurance, not just personal auto coverage. It always helps to speak with an agent to get a better idea of what insurance option will be ideal for your business venture. You may need to answer a few questions for your agent, including:

  • What kinds of vehicles are used? Trucks? Cars?
  • What type of company do you own?
  • Who owns the commercial vehicles?
  • How many people drive the vehicles?
  • How often do your employees drive these vehicles?
  • What kinds of goods are you transporting?
  • Do you transport people?
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Find Commercial Auto Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Are My Coverage Options?

Commercial truck and car policies are similar to a personal vehicle policy. An insurance package with an optimal amount of coverage for many business owners may include the following:

  • Liability: If you or an employee cause an accident, your liability policy will cover:
    • Bodily injury to other people
    • Property damage occurring to another person
    • Legal fees
  • Medical payments: This will cover medical expenses for you and your employees as well as any passengers.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist: If an uninsured or underinsured motorist hits you, this coverage is designed to provide compensation for damages to your car and any medical care you might need, up to your specified limit. It will only apply to you and your employees.
  • Collision: If your vehicle collides with another car, the damage is covered.
  • Comprehensive: This covers damage sustained from “other than collision” accidents. This could be anything from a hail storm to vandalism.

Need Massachusetts Commercial Vehicle Insurance Quotes?

You can spend weeks on end doing internet searches and making cold calls or you can contact an independent agent in our network. This network includes over 22,000 member agencies in 27,000 locations nationwide. There may even be a local independent agent right in your neighborhood. Your agent can find a suitable Massachusetts commercial vehicle policy for you and can also help insure the rest of your business.

If you want an insurance agent who will advocate for you, contact an agent. Unlike “captive agents,” our agents have the ability to compare multiple policies from top-rated insurers in order to find the coverage you need. For personalized assistance, contact an independent agent in our network.

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