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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert Written by Ann Herro
Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
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If the place you call home is mobile or manufactured, it may require a special type of insurance. Mobile home insurance, or manufactured home insurance as it’s sometimes called, is designed especially for your type of dwelling. This type of coverage is somewhat unique since mobile homes carry a slightly different set of risks than traditional homes. Whether you own a mobile home or a modular home that’s been built in a factory but constructed onsite, you’ll want to be sure you properly protect it. Finding the best Massachusetts mobile home insurance policy for your specific situation can be a challenge. Make things easier by using the expertise of a local independent insurance agent. Contact a member agent in our network today.

Facts about Massachusetts Mobile Homes

  • There are about 24,117 mobile homes in Massachusetts, which make up about 1% of all housing units in the state.
  • Massachusetts ranks 48th in the U.S. in percentage of mobile homes.
  • Only one in every 100 mobile homes is ever moved due to the cost of moving the structure, relative to the value of the home.

What Massachusetts Mobile Home Insurance Covers

Before you seek Massachusetts manufactured home insurance quotes, learn what this type of insurance is and what it covers. Because mobile homes are usually built with lighter materials and then transported to a site, they are at greater risk than those built on a concrete foundation. Mobile home insurance is crafted with that in mind and covers you accordingly. Depending on the type of Massachusetts mobile home insurance policy you purchase, the coverage can help protect you financially in the event of damage or a catastrophe. Your independent agent can help you determine which type of coverage is necessary.

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Get Mobile Home Insurance

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Why You Might Need Mobile Home Insurance

Though you can’t predict if an unfortunate event will cause damage to your home, you can be proactive with Massachusetts mobile home insurance in place. Personal property coverage will help protect you in case of a natural disaster or fire. Policies can also offer coverage for damage to your home from vandalism. Certain policies also ensure you’re covered in case of burglary or theft. They can also provide protection against any liability you have as a homeowner. In this way, mobile home insurance is similar to homeowners insurance. However, it’s categorized differently due to the structural differences and type of materials used when constructing manufactured homes.

Finding the Right Mobile Home Insurance for You

Realizing your need for Massachusetts mobile home insurance is usually easier than actually finding the right policy for your needs and budget. The type of policy you need might vary from the needs of another mobile homeowner based simply on your ZIP code, your home’s size and age, and what coverage you’d like included.

If you choose to work with an insurance company directly, be aware they’ll only be able to present their own products. An independent agent, however, can share with you a number of different Massachusetts manufactured home insurance quotes and help you compare them all. This means you’ll have more options in addition to the potential for available discounts. An agent is an experienced industry professional who can help you make this important decision to protect possibly your greatest asset. Enjoy friendly customer service and the personalized assistance independent agents provide. 

Contact an agent today and soon you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’re doing all you can to preserve your mobile home.

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