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As the second oldest town in North Carolina, New Bern places an emphasis on its history. It was the first town to celebrate George Washington's birthday and held a ball with his presence. This town is notable for the Tryon Palace, which was the first capital in the state. 

When you're one of 29,590 residents who own a home, you'll need the right coverage. An independent insurance agent can help with policy and price. Get connected with a local expert and start saving.

Homeowners Insurance Costs in New Bern, NC

Personal data and loss history can be improved for a better insurance rate. Carriers will give favorable pricing when you have a good standing with them. Let's look at the average homeowner's premium:

  • National average: $1,211
  • North Carolina average: $1,086

When you're looking to cut costs, you'll need to work on the items you can control. While there are specific areas that can be adjusted, you can't change things like weather or crime rates. Below are a few factors you can review to get started:

  • Improving your credit score
  • Filing fewer insurance claims
  • Updating your roof, electrical, plumbing, or heating

By bundling your home and auto insurance with the same carrier, you'll save big. Insurance companies like it when they have all your business, and it shows. You'll get an average savings of 30% or more on policies. 

Liability Insurance in New Bern, NC

If you have low liability limits, you could be at risk. Coverage can be increased on your home policy as well as by obtaining umbrella insurance. Homeowners liability will help pay for a loss resulting from the following:

  • Bodily injury to others
  • Property damage to others

Umbrella coverage will pay for a loss that exhausts your primary liability limits on your home policy. It kicks in with coverage starting at $1,000,000. This is usually an inexpensive policy and worth the premium.

Will You Have Insurance for a Burglary in New Bern, NC?

Burglaries happen anywhere and could cost you if you're without adequate coverage. It's good to review your current policy for gaps to ensure you have enough protection. In the meantime, look at the burglaries per 100,000 households below:

  • National average: 376.00
  • North Carolina average: 599.90
  • New Bern average: 658.80

Your personal property and medical payment limits are the most commonly used when a break-in occurs. If you have the right home coverage, you won't need to worry about replacing your belongings. Another thing to make sure of is you have a full, updated inventory of all your items. 


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Catastrophes in New Bern, NC, and Your Insurance

To avoid total financial devastation, get coverage for a catastrophe. Your homeowners policy should have protection for common disasters in the area. Take a peek at the top exposures in New Bern, NC:

  1. Hurricanes and tropical storms
  2. Burglary and other property crimes
  3. Flooding and water damage
  4. Severe storms and lightning damage
  5. Wildfires and residential fires

Why you need flood insurance:

One item your home policy won't pick up is flood damage. When you have flooding, you'll need a separate policy in place to cover a loss. Consider obtaining FEMA-approved flood insurance to have proper protection.

Does Your Airbnb Have the Right Policy in New Bern, NC?

When you own an Airbnb in New Bern, you'll need a policy that's more specific than standard home insurance. In order to protect things like revolving third parties and your interest as the owner, a different approach is needed. Landlord insurance will help cover a loss, so you don't have to. 

It protects your investment when you're not able to be there. This policy accounts for vacancies and loss of use coverage. When your property is out of commission due to a claim, landlord insurance will help pay the bills.  

How an Independent Agent in New Bern, NC, Can Help

If you're tired of looking for home coverage on your own, consult with an independent insurance agent. North Carolina paid $1,379,438,000 for property damage claims in 2016. When you want to avoid financial ruin, consider working with a trusted adviser. 

An independent agent has access to several carriers, giving you options on coverage and premiums. Since they do the shopping at no cost to you, you'll save big. Get connected with a local expert on to start saving.

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